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Nov 2, 2018 NCO, NCOOM, NCOOMYM, NCOF, NCOFQ, DOM,. Google Charts, and Google Maps. Gantt. connect to create your account, if it does not exist yet. Navisworks 2018 APK (98 MB).. Civil 3D 2017 (2-pack) + Civil 3D 2018. . Download NSF files directly from DELL Support Center site. Change or view information that was sent to or from Dell Support Center. A: Just wondering… what ‘Latest’ version you have installed. I installed Civil 3D 2017/2018 and Web API/UPS on Win10 and it works as expected. You can also install Web API from your Navisworks(nvidia) Application. If you still have some issues, please email the Navisworks Support. — Michael Apex Technical Support Engineer — Civil 3D Software # Release Checklist ## Use the Release Checklist in a Document The [release checklist](./release-checklist.md) is a non-exhaustive, example-driven checklist for the release of a piece of software. This document uses the checklist as a template for organizing and documenting the checklist items. ## Use the Checklist Items in Other Documents The checklist items are organized into the following sections: 1. [Pre-Release Checklist](pre-release-checklist.md) 2. [Checklist for a LTS release](checklist-for-lts.md) 3. [Checklist for a Regular release](checklist-for-release.md) ## Use the Checklist in a Communication Tool It can be useful to link to or embed the checklist in documentation of a communication tool. For example, it can be very useful to include the checklist in commit messages or issue templates in a software repository, such as GitHub or Gerrit. It can also be useful to link to or embed the checklist in emails to customers or clients about the release. If possible, try to embed the checklist as the *only* item in the email. For example, when the checklist is embedded as the first item, the checklist has the maximum likelihood of being read and used. For the purposes of this checklist, a communication tool is defined as any medium that is used by people to communicate about or with

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