Whenever users purchase a new computer, they are most likely pleased with its speed, yet its performance gradually decreases with time. There are several methods to perform diagnostics on a PC on a regular basis, and if the HDD is HGST, WinDFT might come in handy. A few preparations required first First of all, it needs to be mentioned that users are required to install .NET Framework 4.0 on their computers before being able to run the WinDFT setup file. Also, the application should not be installed on the primary operating drive. Run a scan process for supported devices The application comes with a user-friendly interface that displays all the compatible detected drives — if it does not correctly detect all the supported devices, a more thorough scan can be performed. Also, when you plug in a device that is not supported, WinDFT displays a warning message and does not list the hard drive. Get in-depth details on your drive WinDFT can also be used to explore the SMART status of a compatible drive by simply double-clicking its corresponding entry. A wide range of attributes are displayed, including spin up time, raw read error rate, seek time performance, device temperature, spin retry count or load cycle count. Make your disk drive as good as new Furthermore, this software solution includes a few additional tools that can be used to perform several types of tests — if multiple drives are selected, the tests will be run for all the devices in order. The Utilities section can also be accessed for erasing the MBR or the entire disk with the click of a mouse. When deleting the MBR, only the partition is removed, whereas the Erase Disk option writes 0s to the entire drive, so it takes more time to complete this action. In conclusion To sum it up, WinDFT can be of great assistance to all those who want to determine if their HGST drives have errors or if their integrity has been compromised. Coming equipped with a friendly interface, anyone can easily get accommodated and operations are performed flawlessly.







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By placing an optical drive into the USB port, WinDFT acts as a scanner. The application verifies if the HGST drive has experienced any damage and clears all the detected problems in a very simple way. The user can choose from different drives and the tests are performed in a few simple steps. If all the tests are completed successfully, the software displays a test report that lists all the errors and problems that have been discovered. This test report provides detailed information, including your drive model, serial number, measurements, manufacturer, problem description, as well as solutions to the issues. This tool also offers several options: “Erase data on all drives” will clear all the data on all the selected drives, the “Erase MBR” option can erase the Master Boot Record, and the “Erase HDD” can erase the entire drive. The other part of the software is called the Management and Performance section. It allows checking the SMART attributes of the selected drives and disks. There are also two tools in this section that are used for clearing SMART attributes or testing the drive. Finally, in the Utilities section, users will find an easy-to-use application that checks all the information concerning the selected drive. Also, there is an option to remove the MBR of a selected drive and then detect all the partitions. Summary: File size 12.5 MB Date 2015-10-10 Price Free Requirements Windows XP/7/8 WinDFT (HGST Drive Fitness Test) Crack Key Features: Automatically and easily checks for all errors on the selected drives and disks It is important for users to know that HGST drives won’t only have certain problems detected, as this may confuse users with error messages that they don’t understand. For example, HGST does not report on any problems with the physical unit, but the internal firmware may. Thus, it is recommended that users trust the results of the application completely and that they perform a deeper analysis of the errors they encounter. A clean and simple interface that can be conveniently used and does not require any training Even though this software solution uses a simple interface, the user is given plenty of options so he can choose the type of tools that will be most helpful and convenient for him. Because no matter what type of operating system the user uses, all can have a good experience with

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WinDFT is an easy to use and easy to install software application that checks the health of your hard drive. WinDFT provides an easy to use interface and quickly and conveniently checks your hard drive for errors. WinDFT shows the status of the hard drive using the four diagnostic reports. These reports include the status of the BIOS, the drive firmware, the hard drive and the physical hard drive itself. It provides the specific error identification numbers in each area. WinDFT is included on the HGST Drive Fitness Test Advanced Edition disc. * Available on the HGST Drive Fitness Test Advanced Edition disc. The HGST Drive Fitness Test Advanced Edition disc is delivered inside an HGST package. ** Unless specified otherwise, the Express Edition of WinDFT is not available on the HGST Drive Fitness Test Advanced Edition disc. Supported Features: You can use the following features with WinDFT: — Test the health of the hard drive hardware. Test the health of the hard drive firmware (BIOS). Test the hard drive itself. Test the physical hard drive. Test the power supply. Test the power cable. Test the power connector. Test the power cable, hard drive and power connector. Test the power connector and hard drive cables. Test the hard drive and power cable for power surges. Test the power connector and cables for any intermittent problems. Test the power supply for high or low voltage. Test the power connector and cables for low voltage problems. Test the power cable for intermittent problems. Automatically disable the hard drive. Automatically reboot the computer. Check the MBR. Check the hybrid MBR. Check the system drive. Check the virtual drives. Remove the hard drive from the system. Disable the system by default. Disable the hard drive. Install the WinDFT software to the hard drive. Reset the BIOS. Install a new firmware. Reset the BIOS to the factory settings. Reset the drive. Reset the system. Reset the volume. Remove the drive from the system. Boot from a software diskette. Update or repair the Windows Driver Store. Update or repair the Windows Flash Storage Service. Run b7e8fdf5c8

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WinDFT is a software program that serves as a diagnostic tool for hard disk drives. It allows users to display and analyze the SMART data from your hard drive. It can be used to check if a drive is infected with a virus, if it has errors, whether it is healthy, and how fast it can spin up. It will also determine if the drive is being read, written to, and spun at the correct speed. Product… For those who are using SSD as a part of HDD solution in their computer, Intel’s new X25-E can provide the best performance for such system. But, unless it is verified by the experts, some care needs to be taken, as there is a risk that such SSD drives will not perform as expected. Intel SSD benchmarks Before purchasing such memory, it is advisable to perform a verification check on this unit, particularly in terms of reliability. For this purpose, IFTShack’s OCZ Verification Test has been updated to include the new Intel X25-E SSD. Even though this series of data transfer tests have been designed for SAS drives, they are suitable for other SSDs as well. To run the tests, you will need to download the latest OCZ Verification Test, extract the archive and run the setup. The included software has five tests that include five cycles of sequential transfers as well as random reads and writes. In addition, there are tests for high IOPS (I/O operations per second) and data stability. During the boot process, a «Boot Verification Check» will start and the remaining tests will be performed once the system is up. In the SSD Performance data, the memory is categorized as a standard solid state drive (SSD). The software lists the overall benchmark score, the top-rated and bottom-rated cycles and the average performance of the drive. After running the tests, the system will display the test results as a bar graph, and the analysis will show the comparisons between the X25-E series and other SSDs in a clear manner. In addition, the data can be reviewed in summary, or in a table showing the dates and times. In the operation mode, the OCZ Verification Test will verify the drive as a standard drive without specifying the capacity. For drives with capacities of 2GB, 4GB, 6GB or 8GB, the performance will be specified as the maximum read/write speed. For other sizes, the drives will be labeled as «Un

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HGST has designed the WinDFT program to help users become aware of the condition of their disk drives. If the program detects errors in the drive, it will alert the user. The database tool provided by Microsoft SQL Server management tools (SSM Tools) is SQL Server Agent. This article explains how to perform a SQL Server agent backup, restore, and create log backups. Methods for backing up, restoring, and creating log backups for SQL Server Agent When a SQL Server database is first installed, a SQL Server agent is installed in Windows. SQL Server agent is a tool that provides a set of jobs which includes the following: Database Backups This job is used to backup the database contents. This step is always executed with an «S» from the time it is initially installed. It is not possible to add or remove SQL Server agent jobs (using SSM tools) without first removing S. Database Restores This job is used to restore a backup of a database to its original state. Database Log Backups This job is used to backup the transaction logs of a database. This step is optional. If you have set up transaction log shipping, then you should backup the transaction logs on regular basis. You can also backup the transaction logs by right clicking the log folder and select backup. Configure SQL Server Agent The following example shows how to configure SQL Server agent. The Show Status option is used to view the status of the job (working or not) and the job history. Select the Options icon and set the following options: On Interval — specify the interval at which the job should be run — either daily, weekly, monthly, weekly, on demand, or never. On Schedule — specify whether the job should be run automatically or manually — either automatically or manually. Enable Logging — if you want to see the logs generated by the job. Configure SQL Server Agent The following example shows how to configure SQL Server agent. The Show Status option is used to view the status of the job (working or not) and the job history. Select the Options icon and set the following options: On Interval — specify the interval at which the job should be run — either daily, weekly, monthly, weekly, on demand, or never. On Schedule — specify whether the job should be run automatically or manually — either automatically or manually

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Windows XP or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit) Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz (2 GHz recommended) or better; or AMD Athlon X2 or higher Minimum of 2GB of RAM 2GB of available hard disk space (minimum) Networking hardware: Broadband Internet connection A PlayStation 3 that is already in use for another application or game is not supported. Additional USB ports on your computer, including a USB-to-serial converter if you are connecting to a