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If you need help, ask your fellow players. Most of the Roblox cheats are already known, but I will list some of them here. Please consider sending me a PayPal donation if you like this website. If you want to support the efforts of this website, donate money or premium membership. Also check out our Patreon page. Thanks for being part of the family! Let’s say you want to create a custom background for your game room, a wallpaper that will serve as a playroom. It’s got to be motivating for the younger ones, I mean what’s not to like? In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to use Photoshop, you’re going to learn a quick way to make custom backgrounds for Roblox. Perfect if you want to share a fun story with your friends. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 1. Okay, so you see this photo, and it’s a photo of a sunset right? So you want your game room to have a sky effect, right? It’s gonna make your game room even more fun. So get Photoshop, open it up, and let’s start from the beginning. The good news is that it comes pre-installed. Okay, so what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna go into the «drop-down menu», and in the drop-down menu, we’re gonna select «filter». So you’re gonna see a bunch of different tabs here. Okay, the first one «Color», the next one is «grayscale», next one is «Blur», okay, so you can see there is a bunch of different options for blurring. So here I will just select «image», so we’re gonna blur the whole image. Then we have different filters here. Now let’s actually find a sunset photo and select «wet plate» here, so what’s gonna happen is that’s gonna blur that really well. Then you’re gonna see a circular blur here, okay, just make sure you make a circular blur, that’s the best way to make a sunset image of yourself. You wanna make sure you get the shadows on the bottom. Then you have here «spots». So you wanna get the clouds right in the middle. That’s really good, that’s what I like to see. So next is the last option here, and it’s gonna be the biggest impact on the sunset.


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At this moment, there are more than 6,000,000 downloads. Please be aware that all the resources in this game are free. The seller/developer,lialfaro and staff, does not post media files here, or any other files on the internet. Credit: This is a free Apk store. This is a hacked version of Roblox with a patch on Unlimited Robux. Robux is the main currency in the game and can be used to purchase different item types. Some of the more common items you will see are Avatars, Particles, and Powders. Credits:- It’s a store where you can purchase Robux, e.g. with in-game currency. People upload the IAP. But we have put a lot of effort in here. Your Robux will be safe. This is a thread where the Robux Service is discussed. Please pay attention to the rules. The /r/Roblox Service is running out of Robux for the first time in 4 months. In-game currency goes up, but this has been discussed before. We’ll see! We want to hear your feedback! The /r/Roblox Service is running out of Robux for the first time in 4 months. In-game currency goes up, but this has been discussed before. We’ll see! We want to hear your feedback! Now, here is how I got my first free Robux. After 4 months and a few updates, we are running out of the Robux. The game is fully functional and we can sell a lot. Please do not ask anymore about the credits! As soon as Robux go down, all those will be gone. Because it is offically closed, we can’t fix it now. You’ll get a message in the Robux Store. It will tell you how you can claim your free credits. Credits are Robux that were stolen from us. When you get a message in the Robux Store, you can verify your free Robux. You can delete it after that. 1. First Login to your Roblox account 2. Go to the Robux Store. 3. Complete the following steps: a) Click on «I own Roblox Credits». b) Find your username and click on «Verify credits». 4


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