Connect with us on: Facebook Twitter Website Instagram LinkedIn Website Roblox Corporate Headquarters Blog: Youtube Channel: Twitter Facebook Instagram published:30 May 2018 views:4924 Lance’s most recent creation, «GiantSpaceship,» stars his 7-year-old son and is available for free in Roblox. This short cartoon will remind you of why you love video games. If you want the time stamp on the video, go to my blog: published:30 Jun 2014 views:173 Roblox (formerly Roblox Studio) is a free 3D game development platform, where people can create their own games by programming in Lua or in WebAssembly! These games, known as Bloxels, can then be played by anyone online! Play new games created by the community, or create your own network game! You can now get your game development and programming skills up to speed to create Roblox games! Learn to write games using Roblox’s Lua programming language: Learn how to create Roblox games from scratch: If you are interested in being added in the new Roblox Studio Magazine. Games can be created using the most popular game engine in the world, Unity 3D, in addition to many other tools as described in the magazine! Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games or MOBA


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