Escape from Deathmark Dungeon (EfD) is an “VR LARP” where you must survive 48 hours within a fantasy environment. You might have a variable number of minutes before you die, and even after that you might be able to escape once again, you might reach the end of the dungeon, and if all that doesn’t work out, the opening scene will be restarted with a new group. Within that time period you are required to avoid aggressive and magical monsters, as well as rescue other non-player characters that are being held prisoner. Come and join the “escape from deathmark dungeon” and experience a glimpse into the future of virtual reality! ““The game is an amazing ‘nouveau larp.”” Rohad Rezai (Amaze festival’s organizer) What’s Special About EfD? There is a lot of open-endedness and freedom in the game. When the game begins you will be told the map, the starting conditions and the two classes that you will belong to (warrior and wizard). The timeline that the game starts is one of the things that makes it stand out from other LARP’s. Within that 48 hours you will be able to come up with various scenarios and try different strategies. You are bound only by the fact that you have to survive, and it can sometimes be challenging, but mostly rewarding. What’s Included in the Download? The app has a storybook with hints, a manual with a lot of useful tips and background information, as well as various notes and reviews. The Virtual Reality Version Has… A 4.5º FOV HMD Two VR Audio Surround Modes A wide field of view No audio crosstalk in the 6.5ch speaker system A high-end audio system For a more realistic experience you can try out the “telephoto lens” version that will give you a fixed FOV of the real world and experience an entirely new level of immersion. 2x more powerful graphics card 6x more powerful CPU 3x bigger / more space monitors (for reference) 3dMap360: Enter your doom and “Create your own dungeons.” The experience of playing a game like this, especially in VR is that you are transported into a new environment, that you get immersed in. A world where you


VoidOut Parkour Features Key:

  • Play different scenes with both Alice and Bob, or with only Alice
  • Easy, intuitive movement scheme
  • Catch me if you can!
  • Play through long conversations in different ways
  • Sounds, music and animations.


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Virtual Pet series originally developed by SCE and Introductory price and time buy. Consumables for all 8 characters. Voted the best lifetime economic game by Japanese Association of Economic Game developers. With a focus on simplicity, fun and lasting appeal, Vectors + follows the story of a young boy who is trying to take care of a dynamic and fickle pet, whose growth and independence reflect his own development. His interactions with his pet allow him to explore the growing pains of becoming a teenager, and growing his own confidence. Play around the clock for FREE with friends and family. The game combines compelling gameplay, a range of curious elements and engaging graphics, all brought to life with dazzling animation. The game takes place entirely in a child’s room, which is littered with objects and objects found in the real world, items that interact with the player character as it grows up. The sole companion and responsibility of a young boy who plays with his pet, [email protected], a lively and passionate cat who is determined to grow up. [email protected] grow up. Key features: Embark on an adventure with charming and expressive [email protected] and meet him in his daily life. As you play, the game will add new items to your world and your child’s room, and expand the story with a variety of stories and moral themes. Child is the protagonist of his room, and also the place where he interacts with his pet. Multiple save slots to save your game at any time. Play for a long time or a short time and enjoy the game. Guaranteed 60+ hours of gameplay, with hours of additional time spent getting deeper into the game. Choice of story mode with different paths. Complete the story and save the world of [email protected] Choose to give [email protected] a big birthday party or to celebrate his birthday and save the world. Continues while the player sleeps and continues at your leisure. A rich and various collection of characters in a kid’s room to interact with. Join the children and adults who are playing the game together! In good fun, great friends, great fun! Vectors + introduces a new range of play with 8 unique character animations and unique personalities. Play with [email protected] c9d1549cdd


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