TilePipe is an instrument that will help you deliver more easily configurable tilesets for any of your design or development needs, in PNG sequence export or in a Godot-ready format. What is a tileset and why would you need TilePipe? When building 2D games or setups, there is a convenient and popular way of building the instance's scenery from graphical shapes called tiles. Basically, a tile is a rectangular shape that, alongside others alike, is well-structure in a grid; a collection of tiles make a tileset. TilePipe is a tileset editor that allows you to customize your designs' alignment, scalability, and position in the grid. With this application, you can get your single components and arrange them in a structure that can be exported and further used in your development process. Fine-tuning your textures and compositions This program has an intuitive GUI and splits the interface into three main sections — 'Input,' 'Template,' and 'Result.' In the first section, you can upload your texture model, configure the tile generation model (make each tile from 4 quarters or create tiles from a center part), adjust the overlay preset (4, 8, or 13 tiles), and, finally, change the merge and overlap amounts. In the 'Template' field, you can visualize, in a graphical sequence, the tile patterns and the framework of your tilesets. The template image displays numbers over tiles in a clockwise neighbor-bit distribution. The template's type can be adjusted and you can opt for blob, wang corners, RPG-maker, double blob, and others. Additionally, you can input your custom template. Final considerations and thoughts TilePipe lets you customize your layout and input custom tile models or template configurations which, alongside the already existing features, make for an amazing tileset editor and a valuable asset for game designers and/or developers. Equally, the output methods are straightforward, and these include PNG generation or Godot 3.x tileset resource production.







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Download TilePipe: Features and capabilities: — Grid-based Pattern Template — Standardized (Center, Double Blob, Wang Corners, RPG-maker) or Custom Tile Model — PNG Export or Godot Resource — Blob/Wang Corners Overlapping — Merging — Bit Overlapping — In-app, Viewport, or TilePipe export: — Changed settings can be exported — Can display X and Y point values over each tile — Customized Tiles: — Build grid, grid over tiles, and empty — Animation over tiles — Custom Overlays: — Select a Tile Overlay preset: 4, 8, 13, 15, 25, 30 — Customize colors for every overlay — Additional options for creating more complex overlay presets — Weighted overlay: Customize pixels per tile for — Viewport/Export-able — Different color overlays for every overlay preset — Number of tiles that are rendered over the tileset — Transparent over the tileset — Resizing of the tileset — TilePipe interface Can scale the tileset to your needs (or export size) Can import or export from a file’s stream Can access the tileset’s visual settings Can delete, copy, rename, and save/load the tileset Generate tilesets in PNG Sequence export Adjust scene’s scale, rotate, and position Add/remove tiles Add borders to tiles Adjust images TilePipe Stats: • 7.9/10 users rating • 46 ratings Screen Shots: Languages: * English Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS What is new in v0.8.0: • New Borderless tileset available • New Tile Overlay preset available Please post a comment on this blog when you experience any issues or have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for taking your time to review our project! Download TilePipe. We would love to know what you think of this project, so leave us a comment below. Did you find the project useful? Would you like to say thanks? Then please give it an up-vote and make this community effort grow. Any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Enjoy the program and have a great day! — The Team behind TilePipe Maid Chair is an elegant toilet seat chair

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TilePipe is a Godot 3.x plugin that allows you to easily design and customize your own tilesets for games. The program makes you able to quickly generate PNG-based tilesets with an intuitive interface. This tool is a great resource for practicing and studying into the world of tilesets. Interface: TilePipe has a clean and intuitive interface. The user interface has several tabs where you can decide the settings’ configuration and the resource output type. The left side of the interface is divided into 6 main areas: ‘Input’ — This tab allows you to upload and configure your own textures and, moreover, to edit the templates’ input and output settings. ‘Output’ — This tab contains information about the resulting tilesets’ size, structure, and layout. ‘Template’ — This tab allows you to view the tileset template. ‘Settings’ — This section allows you to configure the merge and overlap settings and to tweak the scale settings. ‘TileMenu’ — The TileMenu tab is the output menu of your tilesets. Here you can export a PNG tileset or a Godot-compatible tileset for use in your projects. ‘Help’ — This section contains the user manual with screenshots and instructions. When you first install the software you’ll find a tutorial in the menu to get you acquainted to the interface. Supported file formats: You can use any format which can be imported and exported with the ‘Godot3’ format (which includes PNG, BMP, and KTX). Supported input settings: You can import any image format (BMP, PNG, and KTX) as long as it was created using GIMP, Photoshop, or PhotoPaint. Supported output settings: You can export PNG files, though you can also export tiles in the ‘Godot Tileset Resource’ format and the ‘GODOT Tileset Resource’ format. Special features: You can import/export your own tile models and tile templates. You can also import/export at the same time the texture models and the tileset templates. Received feedback: There is no support for MS Excel/PowerPoint or JPG tiles. Re-make available: This is one of the first tile tools available to the community, and the current version is a fork from the original project by ‘artazuka.’ Known issues: 1. The exported tiles do not always match the expected results 2f7fe94e24

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TilePipe is an easy-to-use PNG sequence editor that’s a tile-based map generator which includes image sorting and layering tools. Basically, it lets you use tilesets without any programming needs, it’s a full-featured tileset-based map generator that supports many predefined alignment presets and a file export option in PNG sequences as well as godot-ready format. The tool offers: —> Automatic image loading; —> Tiled map layout editing; —> Layer and gap selection; —> Appearance edit, scaling and rotation; —> Layers, gaps, and overlap percentage settings; —> Import/export PNG sequences in 3 sizes (XXXxYYY, XXxYYY, XXxYYY) and cover a wide range of scenes (turns, landscapes, rooms, dungeons, corridors, etc); —> Image data stacking / exporting; —> Powerful file batch mode that lets you adjust all your settings and data at once; —> Tiles in all shapes and sizes with any amount of overlap; —> Instance data fields; —> Multiple layouts in a wide range of sizes (XXxYYY, 3×13, 4×13, 5×13, 6×13, etc); —> Export PNG sequences with all fields (config, pos, scale, rotation, data, etc). *Download link:* *Sponsor link:* *AndroKover share link:* -= Infographics Game Concept/Idea =- An immersive experience in a matter of minutes, this tool will help you design interactive scenes that can be exported in Godot 3.x. It lets you design multiple layouts, config your tiles manually, and work with the animation, collision, static, and layer tools. Features: —> Support for all tilesets in PNG; —> Import/export a wide range of tilesets; —> Supports layered tilesets; —> Supports large maps; —> Simple to use, and intuitive; —> Multilanguage, especially English (US) and Portuguese; —> Support for more than hundreds of unique layouts; —> Application built with art assets; —> Plugin system;

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————— TilePipe is a tileset animation editor for creating, designing, optimizing, and presenting your custom binary tilesets. It is also an assistant for keeping track of your work by displaying your sheet in a grid based on your template images. Some key features include: — Resizing of nodes/tiles/models in any way, and alignment (left, right, center) of any set of nodes or models in your tile design/sheet — Rotating of nodes/models in any direction — Merging/overlaying of nodes/models in any way — Choosing between 4-, 8-, or 13-tile textures. You can also choose among 4 quadrants, 8 corners, and 13 «worlds» of 16 tiles (and more). These tiles can be combined for any wanted combination — Automatic/Manual Vector UV unwrapping — You can create an editable auto tile template, or one that is locked (static) — You can rotate or scale tiles to any size — Locking tiles in position — Templates can be rendered in 1, 2, 4, or 8 directions — Tiles can be auto rotated in any direction of your template image (i.e. clockwise, counter-clockwise, and any other with the new position offset options) — Nodes can be adjusted in terms of scale, rotation, and so on — Different pattern tileization options — Node and model resizing — White [blank] nodes also support texturing — BMP/PNG output — You can choose between the original (static) or animated (static, progress) tile rendering — Automatically generate a PNG sequence, or, if needed, a.GOT file — A lot of options for merging, spacing, overlap of tiles, etc. — An efficient Node Editor to work with your templates, tiles, and models on the fly. You can also zoom and rotate in any way. — A 1-page graphic preview for easy comparison of your work and progress — And there’s more… to learn how to use this program you can visit the walkthrough page. — As a request, I would like to enable more different tiling options for auto tile creation. And more formula possibilities for overlaying the generated tiles. And move the align options to the oversize node properties so they can be played with as needed. TilePipe is an instrument that will help you deliver more


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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or higher Processor: 2.0GHz dual core Memory: 4 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 with 2 GB of VRAM Hard Drive: 10 GB Additional: Windows 64-bit (AMD) DirectX: Version 11 Recommended: Processor: 2.4GHz dual core Memory: 8 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD