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He was born on February 4, 1962 in New York City, New York to . Dean Brady (Thomas) and . On a normal Tuesday in Chicago, two men, Earl Devereaux (James Woods) and his brother, Rudy (Peter Boyle), are driving down the ramp of an underground parking garage. On the way, they pass a man walking along the ramp, who is dressed in a suit and holding a briefcase. Both men stop to stare, but the man in the suit is shot and killed by gang member Michael Enright (D’Onofrio), who then takes the briefcase. The two men try to take the case to a locker room, but a gang member, Slim (Gonzalez), soon arrives and takes it from them. Enright later tosses the briefcase into the moving ramp, which knocks Rudy out. As Rudy recovers and tells Earl and Slim about the case, Earl takes them all to a junkyard. There, he tells them that Rudy’s wife, Sondra (Allie Grant), has been kidnapped for $2 million in ransom. They go to his home to find that Rudy has been shot in the head by Enright. Back in Chicago, Slim is seen with Enright and another gang member, Mike (Tolcher), who also wants to get into a gang. Mike and Slim are abducted by Enright and his associates, and Enright beats up Mike’s gang. The next day, Enright’s gang kidnaps Sondra, because Enright wants to kill her so that he can inherit her money. But he soon realizes that he has not yet gotten the money. Slim and Earl later come to the junkyard, and Slim and Rudy talk with them. They go to the hospital and find out that Rudy is still alive. Rudy later meets with Enright and Mike, and Enright tells Rudy about the women. Rudy tries to beat up Enright, but Enright shoots him in the stomach and tells Rudy’s gang to leave. Rudy then tells his friends that he has lost $2 million. He also sees Enright getting ready to strike them with a baseball bat. At the same time, Enright gets ready to kill Sondra. Sondra then sees Enright beating up Rudy and runs away, but Enright catches her and abducts her. . The movie tells the story of Rose (Grenville) and her close relationship with Eddie (Fellowes), who died six years ago 3da54e8ca3