Roblox is an online virtual world, created and operated by Roblox, Inc. The platform offers both a building game for users to create new custom game levels and browse user-built content, and an online community where players can collaborate with other users to play Roblox games. On December 10, 2016, registered more than 10 million unique monthly visitors, an increase of nearly 250% in the preceding 12 months. As of August 2020, Roblox has 164 million monthly active users, with more than half of these users being children under 16. With mobile app versions for Android and iOS, and a web version, Roblox also offers AR and VR compatibility. Games on Roblox, called «experiences», have a common theme, are equipped with a narrative, and are playable in a 3D environment. Each experience has a background, plot, characters, items, and scenes that are all scriptable with Lua, the programming language used on Roblox. Each scene can include virtual objects that are animated and interactive, such as avatar-controlled characters, cars, avatars, and in-scene items. In addition to pure virtual items, experiences on Roblox can include physical items and real-world items such as furniture, items, decorations and clothing. The items are accessible to players through an item catalog, which is updated at the end of each week. Gameplay on Roblox is designed to be collaborative, with many interactions, quests, and goals playable cooperatively or competitively with other players. Roblox games are typically scored or ranked based on the player’s performance, which may earn the player points or coins. These points may be used to unlock items or other experiences. Roblox points are not used to pay for in-game items, with the exception of the Robux virtual currency, which is purchased for real-world money. Users who pay for their experiences with money can opt to purchase Robux with their real-world money to unlock additional features. Robux can be exchanged for other in-game items, and some experiences are purchasable with Robux as well. One of the first commercial video games on the site was Lego Island, released in 2008. Other early games included the Portal series by The New York Times best-selling author of «A Game of Dwarves and Dragons», Mark Twain, and the adventure and puzzle game Spooky Buddies. It is the most played Roblox experience with more than 25


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If you’re not already using Roblox, then you need to. Sign up with a free account and you’ll be able to: — Create your own games with the world’s most popular game development platform. — Play games made by thousands of developers. And play them all on your phone, your computer or even your TV. — Use your voice and motion to play Roblox games using any device! — Play with friends while they wait for you to come back! — Roblox has over 40 million players on the site. — It’s free to download, free to play and free to create (well, you might have to pay for some building tools and materials). [Special offer] Hey everyone! Take $100 off the yearly subscription if you sign up today. For A Special Limited Time only: If you subscribe to Roblox for just $100 per year and join now, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the $1,000 per month offer. Plus you’ll never miss out on monthly updates, exclusive events, and so much more. Use this special offer only for this month. Following the Roblox Terms and Conditions, all new accounts created must be paid with a valid credit card, and all current and previous billing information is verified. If you have difficulties with the payment process you can set up a payment method for a limited time by filling in your information on the sign up page. If you cancel your payment by setting up a new payment method, the current payment method will be used after 8 hours. Credit card information will be required for all annual and monthly billing. No payment information is required for memberships purchased through gift certificates. You can use an external payment method or simply enter credit card information to pay for your account. Make sure that you have entered the right billing information or the right payment method and not that any of them is expired. If you want to use an external payment method, enter your payment method or credit card number. You can see the type of payment method on the left side of the credit card input. If you have both your credit card and the same information saved on your account profile, you won’t be redirected to the payment page. But we will try to prevent this. Your preferred payment method will be selected automatically. With the payment section on the right side, you are able to select which


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