The creator of the worlds’ first social gaming network invites you to play games, build worlds, and create anything your imagination can imagine. It is a very user friendly system. And the 24 hour chats are like human interaction. It is very deceptive because there is a system in place to prevent people from having multiple accounts but it still occurs. I have three children under the age of 9 who spend hours a day on this. There is an alarming amount of sexually suggestive content with children. There are ways to create private rooms, but they do not work unless you block off all other players. There is a always room that is free. There are alot of sex and adult features on this site. Almost any game can be made for this site. There is not a way to block advertisements. There are a lot of muiltiple spam accounts. There is a lot of negging and shaming in the chatrooms. They can call the schools and make them cancel parent nights. It is very hard to get kids away from it. There are tons of exploits and glitches. There are some people who are respected moderators who do nothing and even reallife representatives who do nothing. There are a lot of creepers. The female moderators don’t do anything and are embarrased if you find them. They will take away your account for suspected child abuse when you don’t comply with their demands. On the flip side, they love to let children know that they have been caught and that they are taking away your account. They will threaten your children and even tell the parent that you are. They will harass you and say they are going to turn you in. They have ruined my time as a parent as well as my childrens’ time. I tried for the longest time to get them to take my children off of robux. I think the biggest issue is the fact that most people don’t know about it. They don’t have the will power to stop spending in game. There is a huge amount of people that let their kids on that game and that also really eats away at their soul to give their kids that. My son has gotten up to a whopping about $3k into game at one point. It is really sad. For the last month that my account has been in freezers i have been spending 1-10 dollars


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SCAM CODES Roblox Cheat Code: Roblox cheat for home console : Cheat: You get 20 cents! Wallpapers Username Here is how to use Roblox codes and cheats: Roblox cheat for cellphone : Help me!! Help! Some of the ways you can use this cheat code to earn free robux : Cheat : Cheatify Use cheatify for free robux when you are lost in the game. Double Click The Applet Just let the cheat work itself and all your robux will be awarded to you. Roblox Robux Generator Roblox Robux Generator is here to generate tons of robux instantly for you. Let it work on its own. Roblox Confidential Codes Get a robux now for your customized profile. How to get robux : Make sure you take a screenshot of your game and after that press the ‘Hey, hey, hey…’ button to donate to Roblox. Roblox Code Generator Tool Just press Generate and Roblox will generate some codes for you. Cheats : Make some cool stuff with Roblox tools. Roblox Jobs Roblox Jobs : Make some money playing your favourite game. Buy Robux : Which Roblox Codes Below are the tips or cheats that you can use to have a good, smooth, robux-generating experience with your robux generator. Suggested Cheat Code For Roblox If you prefer a specific tip, you can use the button below to edit this page. As you may have guessed from the title, robux and Robux are not the same thing. Check how to get Robux in a post below : FREE Robux Cheat How To Robux Generator Robux Generator How To Get Robux How to Cheat Robux Generator Robux Code Scam, Scam, Scam, Robux Scam. It is best to avoid these cheats as you will most probably get banned. Roblox Codes If you have a Roblox account, the best thing is to


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This post was once for a different thread, so it got mixed up with another post. But since everyone is saying it’s a scam, it might be of use here. I’ve got a Zing Zing disc golf robot online. I don’t know how to get robux and I was wondering if it was possible to get robux for free. I heard about a redstone place that could be automated, but i don’t know how. How does it work? From what I heard, they automate the game. How would you get free robux in your account if it was automated? Also, my best friend is a developer on Roblox. He makes the best games on Roblox. Please check out my my page, if you have the time. Check out my favorite games: -Manicory -vividplace -Munchy Tales He made a few others too that I havent played on the PC yet. But I’ve made a few too. He also helped me make the zing zing disc golf robot. His name is Dan. I’m trying to get robux for free. I’ve been asking around for answers. Anyone can help? I would use this knowledge to help pay off my student loans. I am only a semi-professional. I am still working on that. Well, I will show you the «issue» i got. So to keep it simple, my account was locked when i went to play for a month. It said that I needed a hardware key, and this key was for a toy. I could not get the toy and keep playing at the same time. The key was supposed to be given to me in the mail, it came and then was just another step to wait. I was kinda scared, and I was trying to play around and get my account back. I asked around for answers, and to the best of my knowledge, the most common answers are: -Someone has the key and it was stolen -Someone made the key -Someone played with it and probably it is some other usser’s I did not know the answer. So I ask around, i know a lot about the pc, and I wanted to help! So I ask around, and I ask around about the «key.» You get my point.


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Let’s just say this is still in beta testing stage. It’s gonna be awesome. So download now. Our website ( is temporarily down because it is in development. Table Of Contents: Tips Credits Settings Known Bugs FOH Video and Images Ads in this website are optional and should be disabled. You don’t need to do anything to get the program to work. KNOWN ISSUES: If you’ve played other hacks for Roblox, you will know that they are usually full. That’s what we’re trying to avoid. This program is fully loaded with what you’d normally find in a hack. If there’s any issues with this program, please let us know and we will fix it ASAP! This is a hacked Roblox server so you can only play on the lobby server. Some parts of the game were made to not work in multiplayer so we had to make a modded version to account for that. You also need to install the SDK to view this hack. The Xbox One SDK needs to be installed through the playstore (I don’t know exactly which guide you should follow) and the Playstation 4 SDK needs to be downloaded from here (make sure to get the latest version) before you’re able to install the game. This game requires the version of Roblox to work properly. Do not change this version. Also, there’s no trophy in this hack so you won’t be able to see any in your stats. It is included in the download as well. On the PS4 you can use the shortcut ctrl + d to change the platform to 360. On the 360 you can change the platform with the inventory button as well. Play with a platform that suits you best. Update is avaliable! Get it from the menu in the main menu. ERRORS: You can’t crash the game if you’re playing in multiplayer mode. Nothing will happen to you if you do that. Also, some people have reported that in lower ranked servers the games load slowly. We are trying to figure this out but we need to use more people’s experience to narrow down the problem. If you’re having any errors, feel free to contact us. You need to have the latest version of RoboX Mod installed. 2.2.3 Latest updated version. The interface is a basic one. Here’s the PS4 interface:


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