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Please note that the registration key will be activated automatically when you enter it into the license code. The Jelinek Case: The Story of a Technology-Aided Murder — Tomte ====== patcheudor This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve read in recent memory. I wonder if my kids will be this blase to use technology for their own «murder». This time the poor woman didn’t have her own back up and relied entirely on the’smart’ devices of her boyfriend. Was he just playing ‘cat and mouse’ with her? The scene is so vivid and chilling, it leaves me in a flux and feeling like I want to re-read it over and over. Thank you for sharing. ~~~ Pfhreak It’s been a while, but I remember reading about real cases that involved someone who made another person uncomfortable with their iPhone. An overly- familiar person would push a button, send a message, etc. and then once inattentive, would then leave some sort of clue (blood trail, prints, etc) and sit back and watch as the person being violated tracked them down. Honestly though, I think this (and the sheer weirdness of it) is probably more the sort of thing that scares me the most. ~~~ diego_moita What about «attentive people» handling an iPhone in a public place? —— kccqzy It was already discussed on HN a while back [ The gist of the article is that a mobile phone was used to trigger an electrical current sufficient to kill a defenseless elderly woman. I doubt it would have happened without technology. ~~~ VikingCoder Anyone who says that this has anything to do with technology, is simply lying. It’s absolutely a cultural problem. Tobias Nadler said the exact same!/?p=26971

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