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Honda Crashed, He Wrecked A Deathtrap And If You’re Ready For More A sketchy Honda supercharged Civic Type R is ready to go in a Spartanburg, South Carolina dragstrip.Who should be featured on the 10:44:00 mark. Using a little torque converter and an unlocked gearbox. Subscribe and We’ll Tell You More… Don’t Miss More Farts: Honda-Sponsored Drag Racing Car Crashed, Wrecking Out a DeathtrapHello, my name is Michael Today’s guest article is written by my coworker, Jon. This is our first article together so let me introduce to you Jon! Jon is a young adult author with a background in finance. He spends his days leaning over his desk coding and writing, which is all well and good, but a lot of his spare time is spent teaching himself how to write stories. Originally from Indiana, he has lived in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, London and most recently, New York City. He is currently working on a humor novel about a drifter cat in a dystopian world. Welcome Jon and let’s get going! How did you get into writing? I started writing short stories as a kid, because I had a hard time wanting to read them. I created my own genres and characters, even though it meant not getting as many page turns as I wanted. However, it was an escape. As I got older, I started writing longer fiction. I’d write two or three chapters at a time until I was done. I stopped editing the drafts because I wanted to have my ideas on paper, whether they were terrible or great. I wanted a way to see them in their raw state, and it was inspiring. Like what you see? Don’t forget to Subscribe and activate your email in the box to the right to get new content sent directly to your inbox. How did you choose the novel you’re currently writing? At some point during my schooling I needed a break and I wanted to write something fun. I played through a bunch of games like Borderlands, Harry Potter and Ingress and settled on Ingress because I could play on my phone and literally write anywhere. During my breaks, I’d walk around and watch people, get inspired and think of an idea. Eventually, I had one and I d0c515b9f4

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