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In the following sections, I walk you through the different editing modes in Photoshop and discuss how to use each. I also provide a high-level tutorial for the most common editing modes, and if you want to get more in-depth information on each feature, take a look at any of the many books, magazines, and online resources in print or on the web. Surprisingly, most serious photographers and graphic designers share the same basic image-editing needs. Many of you will edit the same elements, such as the sky and the light, as I discuss in this chapter. Editing modes: Hand Tools and Modifiers Photoshop’s basic editing modes are the so-called big box and small box modes. In addition, if you spend your time tweaking the controls in Photoshop, you may well be using one of the editing modes or modifiers: A big box is an image area that contains everything in the image at once. This is the most common editing mode. A small box is an area that contains only one or a few elements, for example, the sky in an image with clouds and the ground below. This is one of the most useful editing modes. A shape or selection is an area that you create using any of Photoshop’s selection tools to define an exact object, which is then copied or moved to another location in the image. A layer is a basic unit of work in Photoshop. A layer is an image that holds all the other elements in a Photoshop file. You add and delete layers as you work on your project. A soft-edge selection is an area of a photo that you want to be more soft and blurred. A hard-edge selection is an area of a photo that you want to be more clear or sharp. A filter is an effects that you apply over the whole photo or a specific part of the image. A blend is the mixing of images in the overall photo to get the desired overall toning or color in an area. A mask is an edit that applies the desired changes, but for areas within the image that are covered by the mask. A layer mask is a mask that contains a path to change the shape of the mask. You can then use masking to choose areas that you want masked. A mask layer can be any of Photoshop’s various layers, including the Background layer, just like the different layers that you can create with any of the other

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Here are 11 Photoshop Elements features you may not know about. 1. Fix Exposure You can use Exposure Control points in Photoshop Elements to correct bad exposure, whether that bad exposure comes from a bad photo or a bad photo editing program. But before you can correct, you have to get the Exposure Control points, which are the small, colorful circles in the lower left corner of the editor. To get the Exposure Control points, select the image in the program, right-click the image in the program window, and select Image > Adjustments > Exposure. 2. Add or Subtract a Border To add a black border around your image, select Image > Image Boundaries > Add a Border. 3. Add a Gradient To add a gradient, select Image > Image Boundaries > Add Gradient. 4. Add a Drop Shadow To add a drop shadow, select Image > Image Boundaries > Add Drop Shadow. 5. Remove a Border To remove a border, select Image > Image Boundaries > Remove a Border. 6. Sharpen an Image You can increase the sharpness of an image by selecting Image > Image Boundaries > Sharpen. 7. Blur an Image You can blur an image by selecting Image > Image Boundaries > Blur. 8. Create a Stretched Photo You can stretch a photo to create images that are larger than their original size, like banner images. To do this, select Image > Image Boundaries > Stretch to Fit. 9. Create a Polaroid Effect You can transform images by using the Polaroid Effects. To create a Polaroid photo, select Image > Polaroid Effects > Add Polaroid. 10. Rotate a Photo You can rotate images by using the Rotate toolbar. 11. Flip an Image Horizontally You can flip a photo horizontally by selecting Image > Flip > Horizontal. Installing or Upgrading Photoshop Elements Using the old version You can use the Photoshop Elements program by selecting it from the list in the Start menu. You can also download the program from the link above. After the download, click the link to start installing the program. 1. When installing, select the Use an existing program 2. Check the box for a legacy version of Photoshop Elements 05a79cecff

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Q: Changing author name in pdf file i have used PDfrenderer and changed several parts of it. Now i want to change the name on every page (no matter if it changed) for ex. the name should be Jane Doe from every page. The book don’t have to be opened with Adobe Reader and it can’t be removed. I have seen something like that on the internet but i have no idea how to change this. I appreciate any help Thank you! A: To change the name of a PDF file you can use the following in java: try { File input = new File(«input-file.pdf»); FileOutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(«output-file.pdf»); PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(input); Document document = new Document(reader); PdfImportedPage page = writer.getImportedPage(reader, 1); // String.format(«%s %s», name, height) float width = page.getPageSize().getWidth(); double c = width/2.0; String pageName = «My new name»; //writer.setPageName(pageName); com.lowagie.text.Rectangle pageSize = page.getPageSize(); page.setPageSize(pageSize); com.lowagie.text.Rectangle pagesize = page.getPageSize(); page.setPageSize(pagesize.getWidth(), pagesize.getHeight()); com.lowagie.text.Rectangle

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