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Once Photoshop is installed, you’ll find that it has no end of features you can work with (you’ll get more from the tutorials at the end of the chapter). On The Menu Bar What’s on the Photoshop menu bar is where you would expect to find controls to change the size and position of the canvas. The two types of commands that usually appear in this area are cropping and resizing tools. To access these, click on the Crop and Resize buttons that appear in this menu. The most commonly used of these tools is the Crop tool. You can crop an image into different shapes, including squares, rectangles, ovals, and circles. To use the Crop tool, follow these steps: With the Crop tool selected in the Toolbox, go to the menus and choose Crop from the Crop drop-down menu. This populates the tool’s toolbox with the Crop tool. A place-holder can be used to crop an image to a specific shape. To do this, go to the menus and choose Crop from the Crop drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 1-2. Capture > Crop. This will put the current image into crop mode, which is a special state in which you can crop the image. In Figure 1-3, the image is cropped into a square. Figure 1-2 Capturing a crop with the Crop tool. Figure 1-3 Cropping into a square crop. The Crop tool is great for cropping large images. If your image is too large to cropping to a square or rectangular crop, select the Crop tool, and then go to the menus and choose the Free Shape option. This crops an image to an arbitrary shape you define. The Free Shape tool allows you to crop to any of the predefined shapes, as shown in Figure 1-4. To use this tool, select Crop from the Resize menu, and then in the Free Shape section of the Resize dialog box, click the drop-down menu and choose Free Shape. A shaped rectangle will appear. As you move the mouse, a rectangle with the dimensions of the mouse position will appear in the Crop tool. Drag a new shape into the image. Figure 1-4 Cropping with the Free Shape tool. With this tool, the image you select can be cropped to any

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The goal of this list is to allow users to browse the features and compare them to other versions of Photoshop and similar software. Basic Features Apply all or parts of an image Filter and modify color and brightness Create, edit or convert images Edit & crop images Create basic line-art Apply noise and scratches Modify and improve textures Create professional logos and symbols Create vector art Convert RAW photos to JPEG Optimize images Brightness adjustments Gradient adjustments Luminosity adjustments Curves adjustments Adjustments window Levels adjustments Adjustment layers Auto-levels Adjustment levels Channel adjustments Channel mixer Presets Selective adjustments Hue and Saturation Vibrance Colorspaces and color management Apply image effects Rotate, flip and crop images Draw and fill shapes Create and edit watermarks Create mask and effects layers Create animated gifs Rotate and flip photos Create basic postcards, stickers & quotes Print from camera, scanner and memory card Collage creator File | Save with Photoshop as web use Magic Effects Track Lighting Video editing and effects Frame Editor Render previews from online services Effects added to all layers Mesh effect Resize, crop and distort an image Convert images Create and apply effects Filter and blend images Layers and channels Apply effects and Adjust layers Quick effects Quick fix Richer adjustment Image Adjustment Adjustment panel Ratio Mask Ratio filter Crop image Rotate image Smart select Blur Gradients Panorama Flatten image Gradient viewer Adjust color and brightness Adjust color and brightness Levels and curves Levels and curves Channel mixer and Levels Channel mixer Channel mixer Channel mixer Channel mixer Channel mixer Levels and Curves Levels and Curves Levels and Curves Levels and Curves Levels and Curves Levels and Curves 05a79cecff

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