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You can purchase Photoshop in both a stand-alone version and as a component of Adobe Creative Suite, as described in the preceding section. However, both versions work on the same computer and share the same library of tools and brushes. SketchBook Pro Icons can be a great way to add variety to a design. Why not bring that icon into Photoshop and transform it? The interface and tools of Photoshop can handle this, so SketchBook Pro might be the wrong application for the task. After all, what might you create? The former may be the equivalent of an abstract painting (hard to say in advance), while the latter is clearly a graphic element. Photoshop and SketchBook Pro work very differently. Photoshop is for manipulating raster images, creating graphics, and other regular, regular tasks. SketchBook Pro, as its name implies, is designed for making designs using icons. If you try to turn icons into raster images, it will take you a lot of effort. You can use sketching tools and shapes in Photoshop, but working with Photoshop is not the best way to approach SketchBook Pro. Illustrator Illustrator is the leading vector-based graphics program — you create shapes that are intended to be printed on something. Sometimes, you create images that you intend to use as icons. If you go the route of creating icons, Illustrator is the program you need. This program is sometimes referred to as a vector graphics program because it can’t do raster (pixelized) editing, but only vector editing. Illustrator was originally sold as an illustrative program. Adobe thought the name was too dull for the masses and changed the name to Adobe Illustrator in 2004, keeping the original logo with the red arrow through the ‘I’. The computer and operating systems were updated as well, to match the logo change. Illustrator is the preferred program for creating icons, logos, and other graphic elements because the program allows for multiple paths, making it easy to create more complex elements. You also can link elements to apply changes to other elements without taking them out of their boxes. While Adobe Illustrator has too many features to list in this book, it’s a great program. You’ll find very good tutorials on the web. Corel Draw Corel’s suite of graphic software includes a wide variety of tools for drawing, editing, and printing. The suite is much more robust and feature-rich

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Adobe Photoshop has become a symbol of one of the most important tools in the modern world of computer technology. The word Photoshop means image manipulation, so Adobe’s original version was used for a person or thing involved in image manipulation and editing. Photoshop became a short form of the name, just as the word steampower is used as a shortened name of the steam engine. Photoshop was the first popular image-editing application, though before that, others existed. The first was probably Dave Paschall’s PhotoDraw, a precursor of the popular PhotoPaint, which was written in 1990. Paintshop Pro, an «image editing suite» was created by Allegorithmic in 1992. Chris Rinaldi’s PhotoShine was released in 1993, and became the first open-source Photoshop imitator. It allowed graphics designers and artists to create images for the web. It became the first major alternative to Photoshop. Others followed: GIMP, Paint.NET, PaintShop Pro and AfterLight. Though the earliest versions of Photoshop had limited functionality, it quickly became one of the most popular image editing tools in the world. Photoshop, a visual image editor. All models on are 18 years or older. Location When Photoshop was first designed, it was available only through a subscription-based download. It is now sold through the web, on DVD and through an Adobe Experience for the Design Store. It is available for download for free in a limited capacity, only in the US and Canada. Benefits Photoshop gives us a wide range of tools for manipulating images, and some people use it as an alternative to both other photo editing programs, such as Adobe Lightroom, and to the graphic design programs such as Adobe InDesign. Why use Photoshop Elements for image editing? The Basics Photoshop Elements was designed to be simpler, and it is. The basic functions are the same as the basic functions of Photoshop, so Photoshop Elements is a good choice if you already know the basics of Photoshop. On the other hand, it has different features, such as editing videos, creating PowerPoint presentations, and creating animation. It is a good choice for photographers and graphic designers who are beginners and have little experience. The Basics Photoshop works as an image-editing program. It allows you to open many different types of files, including JPEG 388ed7b0c7

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Here are the steps to use the Brush tool in Photoshop: Open a new image in Photoshop. Use the Type/Edit drop-down menu to choose a font to use in your image. Click to add a brush to the Brush tool. The Brush tool can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Use different brushes to paint shapes, lines and fine details. You can even use the tools as erasers by clicking the Eraser tab. Here are some of the most commonly used brushes: Brush Type Brush Effects Brush Style Paint Bucket Brush Width Pen Width Brush Effects Drop Brush Opacity Brush Size Brush Pressure Brush Color Brush Intensity Brush Blending Effect Brush Stiffness Antialiasing Texture Brushes Brush Type When you click to use a brush in Photoshop, you have two options: painting with the Brush tool or using a brush effect. Choose between the two with the Brush Type drop-down menu. Painting with the Brush tool The Brush tool paints a selection by default, but you can also select a color or gradient by clicking and dragging. To get precise control over the paint stroke, use the Pen tool. Use the Eraser Tab You can use the Brush tool as a pencil, and therefore erase, wherever you paint. Just click the Eraser tab. Pressure Brush Pressure adjusts the amount of paint applied when you paint. Setting Brush Pressure at 0 stops the brush from painting. You can select a brush type with the Type/Edit drop-down menu. Brush Opacity Brush Opacity determines the size of the brush icon in the Brush menu. The lower the Opacity, the smaller the brush icon will appear in the Brush menu. Brush Size Brush Size determines the size of the brush in pixels. You can select a brush type with the Type/Edit drop-down menu. Brush Intensity Brush Intensity increases or decreases the intensity of a brush stroke. Brush Blending Effect Brush Blending Effect reduces or increases the smoothness of a brush stroke. There are four settings: Soft, Normal, Hard, and Flat. You can select a brush type with the Type/Edit drop-down menu. Brush Stiffness Stiff brushes are harder to paint with. This is useful when painting on a particular

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Requires a 64-bit processor 4GB RAM DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card 64-bit OS 8GB+ free space Windows 7, Vista, or XP Gamepad Controller Required, TV Out Not Required FULL ACCESS PASS STICKS TURN-BASED ONESIES IS OVERWHELMING FULL SCREEN & HEALZING NOVELTIES & MOUSE CAN BE ABLE