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If your only Photoshop experience is running it, you can’t be too advanced. This chapter gets you started on the basics. No matter how good your skills, Photoshop is a huge application, and it will take several hours, even for more experienced users. But unlike a lot of other photo editing software, Photoshop offers ways to make your editing nonlinear. For example, Photoshop includes tools that help you track an object in a photo, use professional compositing and special effects, and much more. Read the next section for more info on going nonlinear in Photoshop. Managing Layers The Photoshop file is a series of linked images. Layers represent different layers of information in the images. One image is in one layer, the next image is in another layer, and so on. You can click a layer to view it in the Layers panel. You can also double-click a layer and create a new layer to merge it with the current layer. The Layers panel is also a working area of your Photoshop window, where you can paint with the Brush tool. You can paint to create a layer; you can paint over existing layers to paint on existing information; you can even paint to create a new image, for example, a layer mask. A layer mask is a separate layer that, when you paint on it, reveals or hides elements of the image. The Layers panel offers direct access to the following features in Photoshop: Layer: This displays the layers in your Photoshop file. You can add and remove layers; if you want to merge them with other layers, you can do so here. Layers Panel: This provides tools that enable you to edit, paint with the Brush tool, and use layer masks. Masks: These are specialized layers that enable you to see areas of images while hiding areas you don’t want to see. You can paint a mask directly on an image, or you can paint over existing layers to create a mask. Paths: Like layers, Photoshop paths are like layers of a maze; you can move around, make masks, and edit directly on paths. You can even save paths as objects. Editing in a Photoshop workspace To edit an image, you must first lay it out in a Photoshop workspace. Although working in a workspace saves you time, you can easily go backward and forth between the workspace and your files. You can Create a new file in

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The latest version of Photoshop comes with a price of nearly $1,000 for upgrade, making it challenging for most people to afford the high-end software. You can still consider going with the old version. We can help you choose the best software based on your needs. What is Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is a popular graphic editor that allows users to edit photos, add special effects and enhance your photos. However, it is not the only alternative to Photoshop. There are some other alternatives that you can choose from if you are looking for a different style of graphic editor. For example, you can get a free version of Photoshop alternatives, of which there are many. Why is Photoshop so popular? Adobe Photoshop is a powerful software for editing photos and graphics. It is one of the most used graphics editing software at home and in the industry. It is the standard for creating professional quality images and videos as of today. It has everything from a wide selection of editing tools to an array of image processing functions. With this powerful software, you can create photo edits that would take you a whole day to create. You can even create your own graphic, branding, or website images with it. It has so many features and functions that you won’t be able to use it without it. Even with the numerous features, it is still the standard for many graphic editors. Basic Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners The purpose of this blog post is to show you some simple ways to edit images with Photoshop. These tutorials include the most basic options in Photoshop. Level 1 The first tutorial will show you how to add and remove background in your images. It will teach you how to select different layers and how to use a rectangular and square selection tool. Level 2 In this tutorial, you will learn how to fill your selection and object with a new background. You will learn how to use a paint bucket tool and how to use the healing brush. Level 3 After editing your photo, you may want to add interesting objects to it. This tutorial will show you how to add text, 3D objects, clipart and basic shapes. Basic Photoshop How to Guides and Techniques Next, we have prepared guides and techniques that will help you improve your Photoshop skills. 388ed7b0c7

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| | — | — | — Brushes used in Photoshop Brushes have four parts: their handle, flow control panel, tone preview, and selection rectangle. The handle is where you use to adjust the brushes’ size and attributes. The flow control panel contains sliders that control the brush’s strokes and opacity. The tone preview displays the palette of colors used to create the stroke. The brush is selected when you have a flow control panel open. The Select Rectangle options are useful for cropping, combining, separating, and inverting objects in an image. You can also use the selection rectangle to change the color and size of the paintbrush strokes. You can access these options using the Rectangle Selection tool or the Selection Brush tool. You can create your own brush by using a brush palette that is stored in the brush presets or a specially designed brush that is saved in the Brush Presets folder. Brushes can be categorized in several ways: **Strokes:** These are the most commonly used brushes in Photoshop. They consist of a brush size, a stroke opacity, a flow, and a size variation. They are the basic brushes that you will use most often to create and modify images. **Highlights:** These are semi-transparent brushes that can be applied to existing strokes to create highlights or shadows, to lighten or darken a stroke, or to combine two strokes. **Compound brushes:** These are brushes that consist of a group of Basic (highlights, shadows, etc.) plus a texture brush. The texture brush contains the patterns and textures that you can use to create special effects. You can also create compound brushes by using the stock brush tool in Photoshop. The Basic setting for the brush control and selection settings is set to default in the Brush Presets dialog box (Figure 5.3). To change the settings for a brush, you can change these settings in the Brush Presets dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.4. Figure 5.3 Figure 5.4 The three most frequently used brush settings are shown below. * * * **Degree Dialer** The Degree Dialer is set to the Basic brush’s default settings. You can change the flow, opacity, and the size variation for the brush in the Brush Presets dialog box. * * * * *

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