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You can get Photoshop at websites such as `` or by accessing the programs via a CD. You can also acquire a copy of Photoshop from any major electronics store. Photoshop is also available as part of your subscription to Adobe’s Creative Suite. After you subscribe, you have access to Photoshop as well as to Adobe’s other image-editing tools, including Adobe Elements. ## Editing Photos in Photoshop The following sections walk you through the steps to create and work with a batch of images. This process works with any of the modes available, but it’s especially useful for creating GIF animations.

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More than one-half of all images are created with Photoshop. Counted on to make your photos look and be a lot clearer and easier to use. Elements and Photoshop has been around for so long, but many people might not know how to use it or what they are even doing with it. Here is a quick glance at what you can do with this application. You can edit photos and videos Paint Brushes Just like the Professional version, you can paint with tools like the Pencil, Brush, Round and Scratch tools. You can change the color and you can set a combination of colors, textures and others. The Pencil tool The Pencil tool is the simplest way to draw. When you click it, it creates a line. The Brush tool Brush tool allows you to paint shapes, lines, scribbles, and many other elements in the photo. You can create a custom brush by simply drawing strokes in the tool. Photoshop brushes are made from many separate layers, and many different Photoshop brushes are stored in the Library. You can change the color and you can set the hardness of the stroke (fuzziness). Stroke hardness You can edit your strokes by changing the colours, curves, and other options. The Round tool With the Round tool, you draw circles and other shapes. The Scratch tool With this tool, you can draw your desired lines, curves, paths, and shapes. With the Scratch, you can draw any path. You can copy and draw upon paths, curves, and other elements. You can set the destination path, a path name, a name for a layer to use in the destination, and many more options. Round tools Round tool is a simple tool that allows you to draw a circle and other shapes. On the left side of the tool, there are dots or little circles that let you draw a circle in any direction. Smudging tools Pencil, Round, Scratch, and other tools have an option called «Smudge» that allows you to fill your stroke with a colour. You can change the colour and you can change the blending modes (overlaying, colouring, etc.). Smudge brushes The Smudge brush is a simple brush that can be used to sm 388ed7b0c7

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