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Changing your workspace The easiest way to open Photoshop is to open your `PhotoshopWorkspace.lsp` file located in the `.Photoshop CS` or `.Photoshop CS3` folder. If you have the _Photoshop CS Extended (CS6)_ plug-in installed, you can open the workspace, which is located in the `_extended\workspace` folder. Open the file named `PhotoshopCS6Workspace.lsp` and follow the instructions shown in Figure 3-1. FIGURE 3-1: Open Photoshop’s file that stores the settings. You can open several different work spaces for a single application, and you can switch to a different workspace at any time. For example, the Work Space C window shown in the figure is actually the Productivity workspace. By clicking the button at the right of the workspace name, you open the Tools Preferences window, which lists the available work spaces. After working in the Photoshop workspace for a while, you’re probably used to the name of all the various icons on your toolbar, and your Personal Settings (covered in the next section). If you have a mouse or trackpad, you have the Control Panel, which includes the Tools & Options dialog box. You can make changes, from fonts to color, in the personal and workspace-level settings. These settings are located in different dialog boxes and individual settings, as shown in Figure 3-2. FIGURE 3-2: These dialog boxes are where you make all the settings for all the settings. After making all your preferences for printing or layouts, crop tool settings, and so on, click OK to close the dialog box and return to your workspace.

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What’s the best part about Photoshop? What makes it worth having? I think it’s the fact that the software is actually a program for creating photos and videos. Everything that has been invented to do that has led to Photoshop. Designers, web designers, photographers and now even image editors like Photoshop can do a lot of things with photos to make it their own. They can add frame to it, enhance the pictures’ colors, adjust the size and more. It can even act as a canvas to draw on. Many people think that Photoshop takes up a lot of your RAM or disk space and it does if you load it with more than the standard 32 MB of presets. But Photoshop Elements is better than the regular version in that it doesn’t need to be loaded with the presets (I don’t know about the other versions of Photoshop). It is perfectly capable of editing one photo at a time. If you are about to download Photoshop, what would be a good fit for you? Photoshop is very similar to Illustrator and InDesign. It’s the same software, the same program, and they are free. You could use Photoshop for creating logos, ad posters, business cards, flyers, slide shows, and greeting cards. It can also be used for making illustrations, cutting and pasting graphics, and designing games. I think most people who used Illustrator had to learn to use Photoshop, even though Photoshop is basically the graphics program everyone uses. Since it’s a basic program it’s not hard to learn how to use Photoshop Elements. What are your favorite Photoshop features and programs? There are a lot of feature to mention. I liked the action function in Photoshop. I made a lot of activities on Photoshop. I made my own Photoshop actions to do things quickly. Photoshop now also has filters; which is really an incredible thing to have. It will probably save you a lot of time, energy, and hassle. Photoshop is also great for high quality photo editing. What’s your favorite part of Photoshop? What’s the worst? My favorite part is the Actions function. You can set up any action you want. You can have the photo do something if you open it, like say, create a copy of the picture. There are many actions you can do. I made it so that a picture can be saved as a PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD, an OLE file, or a PDF. I like a681f4349e

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6 CPU Cores: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II or greater Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit 4GB system RAM 2 GB system RAM 1280 x 1024 screen resolution 1GB HD space This section contains official information and notices of active projects. It is unofficial, community-generated and is not endorsed by Wizards of the Coast. For official information, please see the wiki. If you spot errors, such as out-of-date information, please report them. Unofficial