Phistory is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to arrange your digital photo album in chronological order. Just browse through the years and arrange the photos the way you want. This way, your photo album will be more organized and easier to browse


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Phistory 1.0.4 PC/Windows

Completely free, Phistory Free Download is very easy to use and simple. Simply look through the years for the years you wish to organize your photos. To be able to do that, you will have to click the photos you want. You can also add a note to each photo. You can view your photo album in a new way, by arranging your photos in chronological order and add a description to each photo. Key features: — Easy to use and simple interface. — Compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. — Organize photos into a neat tree structure, by year. — Easy to explore your album. — Add notes to each photo. — Fully customizable and open to any future feature ideas. Let’s talk Phistory Download With Full Crack! COMPARE Clocks widget by Jerks Reminder widget by Reminder Free Globe Widget by AndersKallin Photo Album Widget by DavideM. Album Widget by vkava Polaroid widget by rembou Circle Widget by TechAir Clock Widget by I3Design Time widget by Aladin Time Clock Widget by CoolClock Time clock by Sumiyo Grapics by TheNultiMachine Visual Clock by Macnese Video Clock by Mikkyl Calendar by DavonArrow Solar wClock by Jesold dateBox Widget by Jesold Custom Widget by Jesold NEW! Like Phistory? Vote for us, we’ll add new features and updates! Ask for an Add-on Feature by Phistory. Ask for a New Addon by Phistory. published:18 Feb 2009 views:50833 The CThunts Santa Tracker Phistory Check it out here: Chunts introduces its revised Santa Tracker Phistory. There are several new and improved features including the addition of more activities, purchase options, and a new monthly calendar of events. This app has enough material and shopping choices to make the holidays more enjoyable. published:05 Dec 2012 views:177 Download 1,500 free java games at for tablets and smartphones. Read out the control’s about game and have a look at the small images. All win entries are added to the content recommender and the best games are added to your game shelf. Try

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*… FotoMania is an easy-to-use but powerful photo management software with over a hundred plug-ins and effects. With its innovative algorithm you can organize your photos in strict chronology. Phistory Serial Key Description: * Chronology table * Scrollable albums * Search by photo * Ability to preview photo by… Phistory is an easy to use tool which helps you to organize your photos in chronological order. You can either arrange your photo album by picking the year in which you had the photo taken or you can apply the auto-detection method and let the software arrange your photo album by their dates of… Phistory is a photo album management software. Let’s say you had some special photos taken over the years, and you want to display them chronologically on your website. Phistory is the solution. By clicking on the button «Add photo» you can upload your photos to Phistory and display them… Phistory is a photo album software. Phistory can help you sort your digital photo albums in strict chronological order. You can organize your photo albums in one click. Phistory will show the photos that took place before and after the currently selected date in the exact chronological… Phistory is a special photo album software. It helps you organize the special digital photo albums containing special photos. Let’s say you have photos of your children on holidays. You organize them by dates of holidays. After finishing organizing the photos you click on the button «Sort… Phistory is a software to organize your digital photo albums chronologically. Let’s say you have been taking photos of a family vacation. You organize them by year and you also want to display the holiday photos chronologically. Phistory lets you do that. By clicking on the button «New Photo»… Handy Photo Album is a free photo album software designed to aid you in organizing your photos in a chronological order. This is very easy to use since the software is designed in a simple «week view». Photo Album Description: * Example view: week view * Select Year * Select Month * Select… Photo-TimeLine is free photo album software which lets you organize your digital photos in strict chronological order. Photo-TimeLine is a photo collection software to help you organize your digital photo collection. Photo-TimeLine creates 2f7fe94e24

Phistory 1.0.4 Activation [March-2022]

— Easy to use timeline browser and organizer — Browse your photo folder and arrange photos chronologically — Sort by date, year, caption, exif data, people in photos, and more — Sort photos by size, resolution, filename, dates, and much more — Ability to hide photos in a folder — Create and edit smart links to arrange your photo collection — Share your photos on social media (Facebook, twitter, and Google+) — Import and export photos — Document all the changes you make in the timeline, and export all the changes you make to a CSV file (will be sent to your email) — Display photo information such as date, file name, and comment when you hover over the image — Embed the Phistory timeline in your own site using the provided HTML code (requires PHP and MySQL) — Works on Windows and Mac OS X — A list of all the history functions: More than 100 FREE phone numbers and data packages for 1 year (1Gb (Internet World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 128Mb (Usersdata World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 30Mb (UsersPhone World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 20Mb (UsersCall World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 10Mb (UsersCallWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 5Mb (UsersData World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 20Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 25Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 30Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 25Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 20Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 15Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 10Mb (UsersDataWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 5Mb (UsersData World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 5Mb (UsersData World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 5Mb (UsersData World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 5Mb (UsersData World) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 5Mb (UsersCallWorld) DATA+ 20 mins call)= 10Mb (UsersCall World) DATA

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More than 100 million people use Photo Albums, why not have an automatic presentation of your photo album? Phistory is a small, free utility that converts your favorite photo albums in chronological order, all you need to do is to just browse through the albums (year-wise) and you can have a nice presentation automatically. Not only Photo Albums, but you can use Phistory for any timeline ordered list, such as Your Books, or Your Songs, or Your Notes, etc. Phistory Features: 1. Backpack for FTP and File Sharing Be your own FTP server to upload or download media files Fast and secure FTP, SFTP, SCP, FTPES, FTPS, WebDAV File Synchronization, Data backup, Transfers, and whatever you want. BackupNow is your own personal FTP Server at your home or small business. It’s the ideal file sharing and media storage platform. BackupNow is the best tool to backup your data, images, music, documents, movies, and other files to a remote FTP or SFTP server. BackupNow is your own mobile FTP server for use with USB storage devices, MP3 player, phone, MP4 player, tablet, notebook, and more! BackupNow is secured with FTPS and WebDAV, so you can protect your important files with a password. BackupNow is easy to set up and configure, and can be accessed through any web browser. BackupNow has two handy features — BackupNow Remote and BackupNow Media Manager. You can create automatic backup of photos from an SD-card camera to FTP server. The program also has two features, Remote download and Media manager. This is what you need to add to your Hard Drive. basket for desktop reciept With the PHP Reciept Basket you can create online reciepts. If you want to have your own reciept system you can create reciepts online and print them or do e-mail deliveries. The reciepts are printed as html-pages and are designed for faxless reciepts. Cron Cloud Backup Simple, reliable, and cost effective, a cloud-based backup system is the best solution for protecting your data. Cron Cloud Backup is a simple, secure and dependable solution to protecting your data from disaster. It offers a secure alternative to continuous

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