Adding supplemental security measures when creating new programs in order to make it very difficult for anyone to get their hands on the code is very important. It is also a task that can be quite complex and difficult to carry out, unless a set of appropriate tools are available. There is a good number of encryption utilities which can be used by developers and among them one can try PEncrypt. This is a very small application that aims to make Portable Executables (PE) more secure with minimal efforts. An important advantage of this tool is the fact that it doesn’t have to be installed, so it can be deployed from any storage device the user decides to carry it on and it will still work properly. The minimalistic interface is bent on practicality, so PEncrypt will get the job done without too much efforts. The selection of the target file is pretty straightforward and there is also a neat feature that makes it possible to create a backup of the executable chosen for processing before the actual encryption takes place. Before proceeding to the encoding part, users might want to take a look inside the ‘Options’ area and choose the protection methods hat will be applied. Most of those features are available for older versions of Windows, so users can try on more modern iterations of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system the options which are not marked ‘9x/ME Only’. Thus, PEncrypt enables users to input the desired number of encryptor layers, activate camouflage jump to decryptor, anti application level debuggers, as well as use polymorphic encryptors. The settings created for the older OS editions include anti-dump, anti-SICE and kill debug regs, anti-ICEdump’s/TRACEX and also destroy PE header.







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Utility for creating or modifying Portable Executable’s encryption, so that the code will be more difficult to detect and replace. The following describes how to generate the executable.exe file and the memory map before the actual encryption: Open the ‘Engine’ tab and then choose the executable file that will be used for processing. As a default, PEncrypt will search for the.exe file to encrypt in the Windows directory. If the executable file chosen for processing is not located in the Windows directory, this feature is disabled and the command line utility is sent to search for the file on the file system. It might take some time to complete the search for the program, and while it’s still going on the user might want to do something else, so he/she will be given the option to cancel the operation. Select the ‘Mount Point’ option and choose a directory where the program will be located after being generated. If not selected this option, the engine will use the same directory where the executable file that was used for processing is located. Users can select an additional mounting point for the generated executable file. This option is displayed in the ‘Program’ tab and will be added to the work area as soon as the work is completed. If the user doesn’t want to mount the file, he can simply skip this option. If the option ‘Use mount point’ is selected, the executable file will be located in the directory chosen for the ‘Mount Point’ option. In the ‘Options’ tab, the user can choose the variable number of encryption layers that will be used for the generated program. Users can choose a default number of layers, or they can use a dynamic system that will encrypt the code and a layer-level on the fly, so it is done if at least one layer has been created yet. This type of mode enables the users to choose the number of encryption layers depending on the number of layers that the engine has already created. Thus, after each layer has been encrypted, a layer-level encryption will be applied to the program. The default encryption key is 100000000 (32-bit) or 100000000 (64-bit). The ‘Options’ tab displays information about the applied anti-debuggers for every layer, anti-debug related commands will be stored in this section. The ‘Options’ tab can display information related to the chosen anti-debuggers and debugging related commands. The ‘

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PEncrypt is a portable applications that runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista without installation process. It encrypts programs made for older versions of Windows. PEncrypt uses symmetric encryption (anyone who has the encryption key can decrypt the file) and expects to replace the entire contents of the original file after encryption. This is an effective method of encryption, but has some implications. Encryptor files are much larger than the original program which means the application is less suited for portable devices with limited space. Also, the amount of space required to decrypt (unencrypt) a program is substantially more. The downloadable version contains a help file (en.txt) which has a few nice details. Impressions: PEncrypt is a very simple and fast application, so it is always nice to find tools that can come in handy when the time calls for something simple. Some have called PEncrypt’s encryption as simple, but this is a polite way of saying it is «naive». That has nothing to do with the capabilities of the program. The program does what it is designed to do, and it does it at a very fast pace. PEncrypt is a method of self-encrypting software that is a first to its category, but that is not all. The method is more than simple in this case, because it aims to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows, and with the most popular operating systems. There is a helpful tool to create new encryptor files, and there is also a built-in data recovery program to rescue the resulting file if things go wrong. While the program does not claim to be a safe method of encryption, there is a free help guide to help users get started. The free version of this software is limited to five encryptions, one support call and one help request by email, but that is all. The full version, which comes with all features, will set the user back $10.00. If users want something very simple to use and prepare a PE file for portable storage, then this software is a good option. Conclusion: If users are looking to create portable PE files or to have a more secure delivery process for programs, then PEncrypt is a good program to use. Not only that, this software makes it possible for programmers to create more secure programs. PEncrypt was built with security in mind, but it doesn’t go out of its way to stop people from doing 2f7fe94e24

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PEncrypt is a small software application that allows developers to encrypt their Portable Executables files in order to make them more secure. It is minimalistic in its design, keeping all the functions running on the background, while it can be used on any version of Windows. Download PEncrypt: In order to download PEncrypt you will need to click on the direct link below: Ask HN: Why is John Carmack working at Redpoint Game studio? — ssclafani John Carmack has a bit of a love-hate relationship with the big publishers.If this is true, is it because he realizes that AAA development on consoles will probably be a huge money sink for little value returns? ====== Crake My 2c: Because it’s a hot market for talented programmers, though there are others who are earning big money elsewhere. —— bradleyjg Because they are willing to pay him the market rate for his experience. —— dbc «He could be working at Spore or Black Eyed Peas, and making the same fat salary.» Not so. ~~~ ssclafani Personally I can see why he would choose to leave. Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know. One thing I would think though is that he could have a lot more fun with challenges of working on an indie project. With a big publisher you’re more of a factory worker. Of course this is just my personal observation. ~~~ dsolomon Not to mention a game that is not doomed to fail. The fact that indie games are a growing phenomenon tells me that they have a lot of potential. ~~~ ssclafani Exactly. He’ll also have the opportunity to experiment with new technologies. I’m sure there are things he wants to learn in order to make the next generation of games. Q: Image Clicked doesn’t fire event I am trying to call a click event on an image which gives me the latitude and longitude from the location of the image. my code is: var flickrMap = $(‘#flickr’); $(flickrMap).click(function(event) { var lat =

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PEncrypt is a program which can be used to securely encrypt MS-DOS applications, Windows applications, Windows services, shaders, 3D games, or any other application that will be stored on a storage device such as CD, DVD, USB. Features: Developers can use this tool to create portable executables which are encrypted, which cannot be reversed by running the program from CD or other storage device Users can choose how many layers will be added and remove existing ones before encoding the target file. The number of layers could be reduced without using the built-in feature. In this case, only the main program is created, which is then added to the volume in the form of a file called shortcut. Users can configure the application so it can be automatically launched when the storage device is inserted in the computer, and can also be configured to be able to run the program from CD or other storage devices directly, even if the application is not present in the first place. PEncrypt’s main advantage is that it is a complete, portable, standalone application. This means that the encryption should take place and the decryption should be as well performed directly from the storage media where the program is created. A powerful feature of this utility is the automatic backup of the target program to a specific volume, so users need not worry about losing valuable data. PEncrypt contains 4 types of encryptors: Polymorphic Encryptors Tunnable Encryptors Driver Encryptors Kernel Encryptors Each type of the encryptors is detailed below: Polymorphic Encryptors This mode generates an executable that may be decrypted by any executable or service. The encryption process can be configured to decrypt any executable or service encrypted with a matching key. By default, the value of the DECRYPTION BY field is set to «all», so the executable being decrypted can be either the application or service that owns the encryption key, or any other executable or service on the target computer. PEncrypt users can specify a regular expression to be used in the DECRYPTION BY field and the application or service to be decrypted can be determined based on its filename. A polymorphic engine can also be applied for kernel-level encryptors. If that is the case, the content of the kernel memory will be encrypted instead of the executable itself. In order to perform that

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