You got a new mobile device or tablet and wished to try out all the apps and games you’ve heard people talking about, but you found yourself unable to do so, either because they are not supported by your manufacturer or they are regionally restricted. Alternately, you may have wanted to use an app that was not listed in the Google Play Store. These situations are not as dire as they may seem, as you still have the possibility of manually installing apps on your device. For this precise purpose, you can resort to a program such as Pure APK Install, a lightweight tool that can quickly set up an Android app on your phone, with little effort entailed. Practical and novice-friendly GUI With regards to its looks, the utility is quite straightforward and easy to handle, so even if you are not the savviest computer user, you can still benefit from its functionality, without a problem. The main window allows you to browse for the APK or XAPK format file and load it from your system; at the same time, you can drag and drop the file onto Pure APK Install’s surface. Swiftly install games and apps on your Android device You should bear in mind that it is generally not recommended to install Android apps from unknown sources on your device, as it can jeopardize its security. However, should you have an APK or XAPK file from reliable sources, you can store on your computer and use Pure APK Install to get it on your device. You will need to connect the phone or tablet to the computer and load the targeted Android app into Pure APK Install, and then select the destination: your device’s internal memory or an SD card. Afterward, the tool will take care of the rest, allowing you to enjoy them on your Android, in little to no time. A lightweight utility for manually installing APKs and XAPKs on Android devices In conclusion, Pure APK Install is a useful and intuitive piece of software that you can rely on for setting up Android apps and games on your device, even if they may not be available for you due to regional restrictions or inaccessibility from the manufacturer.


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The Pedals are the world’s best: percussion guitars. Easy to use, Pedals does not only allow musicians to play with electric instruments, but also with acoustic instruments (drums, piano, viola, vibraphone, harmonium, etc.) with the help of the loops they offer. In order to facilitate handling all the musical possibilities created by this program, you can create groups for your songs and songs within groups. Two ways to play your content: either by control keys or via a complete performance mode. Do not let the idea of a guitar change into an acoustic one. Simply turn on Pedals, connect a guitar, and you are ready to play. Use the extensive range of custom loops and access all the features of the guitar. Pedals has an intuitive interface, complete with a large floating drum pad. It is possible to preview the loop, mute it, adjust pitch and volume, configure the tempo and record the performance. Furthermore, you can play your song with different instruments, modify the instrument’s instrumentation, and create a feedback effect. After playing your song you will be able to edit in details such as volume, hold and tremolo, among others. In conclusion, if you are interested in using a guitar with an electric player, you need to look no further than Pedals. You will find no comparable software to be easier to operate. SkyDrive can sync all the computer files from your various devices (Home, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc.) onto the web, thus creating a single place, where you can access your data anytime, anywhere. In other words, you have a central storage place where you can share files, edit them and collaborate on documents, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, audio files and more. This is a cloud-based service, which means that you will not store any files locally. Instead, the application will do all the complicated tasks on your behalf. If you use more than one device, you need to have all the applications installed on the devices. Otherwise, this mechanism will fail. SkyDrive is a web service, so your browser is required in order to use it. SkyDrive is available on all Windows platforms. A free application for installing, but you will need a Microsoft account to manage your data Much like the Safari browser, this program is free, but you will need an account on Microsoft’s cloud service, the Windows Live ID. The account can be created

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The «Pedals» section includes a number of different plug-ins. The first plug-in we found of interest was called «Time Warp Delay.» This plug-in has an interesting knob, «Time Warp,» which plays with the delay of the signal. «Distortion» is an effect that is very useful for adding more color to your sound. This plug-in has some parameters that give you access to the most common distortion effects: you can boost, reduce, squish, crunch, limit and others. «Flanger» is a style of filtering that comes in different forms, with the possibility of adding a pitch effect in addition to the usual spectrum warping, high-frequency ringing and low-frequency clipping. «Fuzz» is a useful plug-in that allows you to add a wide variety of sounds to your track. It allows you to use the simple envelope, the ADSR, and the LFO. «Phaser» is a type of signal processing that allows to simulate the movement of the sound. It can be applied to any control point, including volume, EQ or dynamics. «Predelay» is an effect that includes the possibility of a reverberation effect. It’s necessary to mention that none of the plug-ins requires a license to be used. Slice Audio Video Pro can perform video and audio editing tasks. It supports MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP2, MP1, MP3, AC3 and DTS audio formats and both DVCPRO and HDV video formats. We like the options available in this software. You can find them at the top of the main window. Choose the software interface; this is the first tab on the main window. You can also add new effects, playlists, screensavers and profiles. Examine audio files and produce a new one Examine audio files. Save and convert to a new file. Customize presets Customize presets. Check the source path and duration of the video and audio tracks. Browse video files. Browse audio files. Separate audio and video files. Movie Maker is a video editing software that allows to combine audio files, images and video. You can add text, also. You can perform specific actions during the process of editing; for instance, you can delete or duplicate clips, or split a single clip into several clips. You can also preview your video clip on the preview window,

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iOS 8.4 or later iPhone 5S or later iPhone 6 or later iPad Air or later iPad mini 3 or later iPod touch 6th Generation or later You will need: A Mac A USB 2.0 or Lightning cable An iOS device Download the app ScreenShot: Feedback: Please send us any feedback or bug reports at We