Calculator² for Windows 10/8.1 is a small software application designed to help them perform both basic and advanced mathematical operations. It comes bundled with different types of calculators and convertors, such as Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency, and Unit Convertor. Since this is an ad-supported utility, you should take into consideration that it displays various types of advertisements and banners during its runtime. Intuitive interface The well-organized set of features makes it easier for you to tweak the dedicated parameters. You can input data using your mouse or keyboard, as well as generate live tiles. You can easily switch between the calculators and convertors by performing a right-click mouse operation on the main window and selecting the desired option. By default, the Basic calculator remains visible when you access the other options and can be docked to the right or left part of the screen. Each calculation is shown in real-time in the main window, and you can make use of memory items as well. It comes packed with an impressive collection of scientific constants and units of measurement, so the snapped viewing mode doesn’t help you make the most out of the program’s features. Basic and scientific math operations Calculator² for Windows 8 gives you the possibility to perform basic math calculations on the breeze, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The results can be copied to the clipboard and you may also check out the History panel which keeps record of each math calculation that you make. The Scientific calculator enables you to work with functions, such as sine, cosine, and tangent, as well as constants, which are grouped in different categories, such as Astrophysical, Atomic and nuclear, Chaos theory, Number theory, and Mathematical analysis. Programmer, Currency, and Unit Convertor There’s support for a special calculator designed for programmers in order to help them work with various functions, ASCII code, and bits. The Currency Converter displays all available currencies in an alphabetical order, and you may create a list with your favorite ones and update the exchange rates with just one click. Last but not least, the tool gives you the freedom to carry out various operations with units of measurement related to acceleration, angle, area, data, density, energy, force, frequency, fuel consumption, length, mass, power, pressure, radiation, velocity, volume, and others. An overall efficient calculator All in all, Calculator² for Windows 10/8.1 proves to be a comprehensive software app that allows you to accomplish various calculations, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.







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MP4 Player For Windows 10 Crack is a general video player that you can use for displaying video files. It supports different types of video formats, including AVI, MP4, MP3, etc. When you open a video file with MP4 Player, you can preview it and you can also synchronize videos with the music you are listening to. Playback Quality : Up to 4.2 Mbps Features: •Playing different formats video file, including the latest HD video files(AVI,MP4) •Up to 4.2 Mbps playback quality •Playback playing speed •Playback display quality •Supporting Windows Media Player 10 •Supporting YouTube •Gesture control •Application interface customization To add new files to MP4 Player, you can use the Add button on the bottom left corner of the player interface. MP4 Player can be installed in all versions of Windows OS. Basic instructions of operation: Click the button on the top left corner of the player interface to open your video. You can use the player interface to preview your videos, such as changing video quality or by using the menu bar. Note:When you open the player interface, it will be blank. Select file format, resolution or play you want to open then click the first button on the bottom left corner of the interface, such as play. Open videos that play on the interface with the familiar player interface. Note:you can also use the menu bar to adjust settings of the player. Description of the provided function in the application: Add a new video file by clicking the Add button. Remove a video file by click the Remove button. Video file is not supported by MP4 Player (we will not find any), click the Exit button to close the player. Supported formats: MP4(Windows Media Player), Apple QuickTime, H264, MPEG2, AVI, WMV, MP3(LAME-free), WMA, Ogg Vorbis, Theora, Ogg(Vorbis), Theora(libTheora), WAVE Quick Video Player is a super easy to use video player software to preview and play video files. It has a simple GUI and you can use a keyboard to control the player. Playback quality: Full-screen display, windowed display, windowed overlay Controls: Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Stop, Rew

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MP4 Player Serial Key is a lightweight app that lets you play MP4 files in the background. Background playback is enabled by default, but you can configure it to no longer play files in the background. You also have the option to play your playlist files one after another. Version 2.08 of MP4 Player adds a new option to turn off the app itself. In this mode you can still play the files, but you can’t stop them if you close them. MP4 Player Pro Description: MP4 Player Pro is a lightweight app that lets you play MP4 files in the background. Background playback is enabled by default, but you can configure it to no longer play files in the background. You also have the option to play your playlist files one after another. Version 2.08 of MP4 Player Pro adds a new option to turn off the app itself. In this mode you can still play the files, but you can’t stop them if you close them. CryptPad is an easy-to-use, secure text editor with encryption and compression for file storage. CryptPad combines powerful encryption with an easy-to-use interface. You can use AES 256-bit Blowfish encryption (The same algorithm as used by WPA2) and you can control the time before a message is automatically purged from memory. CryptPad uses a Tabbed interface to group the commands, so you can always see what you are doing with the saved files. CryptPad works with any text editor program that can take an encrypted file. CryptPad automatically saves a backup copy of your file just in case. In addition to storing your sensitive documents in an encrypted form, you can easily add comments to your files. Fractal PDF is a free Java application that helps you visualize the structure of PDF files. You can use it to see which page you’re currently viewing, create a comparison chart or even search for duplicate PDF files. What is a PDF file? PDF stands for Portable Document Format and describes a file format used to store documents. It is accepted by many software applications to view, edit and print PDFs. Why is it interesting? PDFs are commonly used for e-books, manuals, brochures, documents and illustrations. Fractal PDF allows you to create a fractal image. A fractal is like a computer-generated landscape, which is beautiful 2f7fe94e24

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Videora BlackBerry Curve Converter is a BlackBerry Curve video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD’s so you can play them on your BlackBerry Curve. The software can convert all types of video files (avi, divx, xvid, flv, x264, vob, mpeg, DVD’s, YouTube, etc.) into the proper video formats (MPEG-4, H.264) that play on the BlackBerry Curve. Videora BlackBerry Curve Converter will allow you to quickly turn the selected files into the desired output format with only a few clicks! Software functionality: • Ability to convert videos from different sources with only a few clicks • No waiting to load the software while conversion is completed • Recordings are saved by their original titles, including the date/time, quality, device, and length • Thumbnails are saved, which can be used to quickly access the file you need • Built-in media player to preview videos and play all the supported formats (AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, HD PPT, XVID, VP6, MPEG4, MKV, MP3, MP4, WMV, AVI, and WEBM) • Ability to convert protected/encrypted videos by the DVD/CD-Key method • Automatic audio analysis while conversion to check if audio files are supported by the device • Ability to customise the output format by selecting the Resolution, Video Bitrate and Frame Rate • Ability to customise the output file size by selecting the Resolution, Video Bitrate and Frame Rate Some of the features of Videora are not available on all platforms Unable to load ‘pst’ file The BlackBerry Curve 9290 is an excellent Android phone. However, it does not offer a web browser that can display websites designed for smartphones. If you want to view websites on the Curve 9290 using Opera Mini, you can download the Free Opera Mini browser from Opera’s website. Opera Mini is an Android optimized version of Opera that does not include all of Opera’s web browser features. However, the browser can display mobile website and is very easy to use. Unfortunately, some users have reported that their Android smartphone’s screen is not visible when they launch the Opera Mini browser. If that happens, you can try loading the browser and selecting «Picture-in-Picture» from the Menu button. This mode can usually display your phone’s display on the browser’s toolbar.

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The MP4 File Format is a highly-compatible multimedia container file format with an ISO-based standard that was created to achieve several goals, among which are improving support for multimedia content, the capacity of storage, cross-platform interoperability, and also providing an easy-to-use multimedia player. MP4 remains the best choice when it comes to multimedia streaming and playing in Windows Media Player and other web browsers. MP4 Player Features: Supported File Types: MP4 files can be played back on Windows Media Player, QuickTime player, Zune, iPhone, iPod, etc. without any additional software. Transcoded to save storage space: MP4 files are considerably smaller than normal AVI files, which can save a lot of space in your hard drive. Supports multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks: MP4 files are a great option for users looking to join multiple media streams into a single file. Efficient encoding: MP4 files are relatively small and can be streamed more smoothly. Compatibility: MP4 files are compatible with Windows Media Player, QuickTime player, Zune, iPhone, iPod, etc. Video Capabilities: The MP4 format supports both standard/resume and discontinuous formats. Support Streaming: MP4 allows you to stream content directly to your other players. Editing and Video Quality Control: MP4 files can be easily accessed and manipulated in advanced editing software. ZRTP is a free software developed by ZeroRTP and based on the specifications of the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Remote Video Transport Protocol (RVTT). As a standard protocol used in live streaming environments, ZRTP is a reliable and flexible way of transmitting video over a network using an IP based infrastructure. The protocol is designed to allow IP networks with a maximum of two layers such as the Internet protocol and the infrastructure of the Internet service provider. ZRTP is also known as RTP over IP. Some of the features of the software are listed below Allows multiple video, audio, and subtitle tracks Saves bandwidth High-quality encoding Compatible with multiple video and audio formats Supports rtsp, rtmp, rtsp2, rtmpm, etc. Free to download. Rescue Phone is a handy and easy-to-use software application that helps you in recovering deleted or lost pictures, audio files and videos from your digital camera or smartphone.

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 CPU: 1.4 GHz CPU RAM: 512 MB of RAM Disk: 2 GB of free disk space DirectX: 9.0 GPU: GeForce 9800 GX2 or later (GeForce 9600 GT or later recommended) Additional Notes: Discord: Twitter: Description