The following is a complete list of the five commandments of dating that we would like to keep for yourself (and your future partner) in mind. Read these to both set the proper dating precedents and stand tall when you feel yourself about to crumble. 1. Don’t pick up with strangers Put your phone away. Ignore text messages, emails, Facebook walls, and last night’s wasted conversation. This might sound counterintuitive, since one of the major incentives to breaking up with someone is to distance yourself from them, but let’s face it, it’s not like that’s actually happening. Taking your phone away is just one part of the digital-detox process. It might be difficult to resist the temptation to check your email or see who friended you on Facebook and it’s ok to feel that way. However, instead of being carried away by thoughts of the time you spent on your phone with bad people and forgetting all about how to have a good time, strive to have a good time. This means removing any temptation to text your ex, check the rumor mill of who might have seen your most recent face-plant, or stalk your ex through their social circles. The benefit of this is twofold: not only will you be able to maintain your social connections, but you’ll be in a position to build a reputation of being a fun, trustworthy person who actually enjoys being in the company of others. This way, your ex will always have something to remember you by, and who knows? Your date might even want to call you? 2. Don’t call a date at 2:45 am I know you’re very lonely. Why else would you bother showing up at your ex’s or your worst friend’s door in the middle of the night? Perhaps because you’ve been tempted to pick up the phone and yell at a stranger, «I am so lonely, I need a hug.» Stop that. That is never cool, and you never want to hear the story later. You just want to be with someone, be it a potential date, a long lost friend, or a coworker. The fact that you can’t seem to go a day without a blue streak of being lonely should be more than enough reason to put away your phone and take a drive, or whatever you normally do to relieve your loneliness. 3. Don’t ever show up to a first date without a plan There’s nothing worse than an impatient or tone-de
1. You’ve Got a Good Sense of Humor It’s a lost art, but it’s a must-have in a potential romantic partner. If you can’t laugh at yourself and your friends, you probably haven’t got many friends. Make sure you’re able to laugh at yourself, and you’ll have no difficulty being on others’ wavelengths. 2. You’re Good With Money No, not just that. Money comes up pretty often in a relationship, and if you’re like a lot of the people we have dated, you’re probably fairly good with it. You’re comfortable having a conversation about finances, and you can remain calm under pressure. If you’re worrying about how you’ll survive the end of the week, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to focus on, or even attend, that all-important date. 3. You Hate Spiders They’re creepy. Gross. When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate them the way I do now. There was one in my room for a long time, and then some crickets got into the house and they all ended up in the bedroom. We found them, I got rid of them, and that was that. I don’t understand why people think they’re OK to keep. The final scene of The Butterfly Effect saw Milla Jovovich’s character, Alex, being stalked by a spider. She happened to catch it, and threw it outside. At the end, Alex reflects that had she not taken the spider outside, she’d still be sitting in her apartment trying to figure out what the spider said about her. It was a powerful movie moment—and one that we’ve all been living through since that fateful day. 4. You Go Out a Lot Well, if you’re with someone, that’s not going to be the case. If you’re looking for a relationship, you’ll want to avoid going out every weekend (or four times a week, or one weekend a month) until you find your perfect match. A healthy relationship will make you want to hang out with your partner, so you shouldn’t find it discouraging. If you don’t want to do that, then take a few lessons on going out. 5. You’re Confident in Your Intellect It’s OK to admit it: you’re smarter than most people you meet. When I met my boyfriend’s best