Light-invoice, as the name really spells out, is an application dedicated to those in need of creating urgent invoices that look professionally-edited, mostly for companies but also for individuals, provided slight adjustments are made. The application is one option from an array of many similar applications, and it does boil down in the end to preference, as the features it offers are not really that different from what the competition has to offer. The menu is organized, but not really special Opening the application will definitely not surprise you much. One must agree that it's quite well-ordered. You'll find what you're looking for exactly where you'd expect it to be. Aside from that, there really isn't something you could point out and admit as being quite different from similar programs. It's not necessarily a bad thing since apps like these run on a somewhat fixed formula. Input your company data and even add a logo for a more pro look. Edit settings such as currency to be used, phone numbers to be printed and even allow for a QR code to be added to your invoice. Add expenses, incomes, and taxes After setting up your company, simply add the gist of your operations. If you have lots of incomes and expenses, make sure you register each appropriately, adding the individual or the company you have to shift money towards. Add a QR code for more accessibility, and have your invoice registered with a unique ID for safekeeping and storing. You can use it to take care of internal company expenses and it will still be as useful as any other similar software. Light-invoice is an application that will not surprise you too much. There are a few aspects that make it stand out, such as the interior organization of the menus or its accessibility. Aside from that, there is nothing to lose in trying this software, just don't expect any revolutionary elements or features. It works well and it offers what it advertises, and by all means, this is a good thing.







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Light-invoice is a new system to convert your important documents, eg email to invoice, light-invoice will help you do it in efficient way, will speed-up your work, and reduces your workload, be the light invoices that people need no longer worry about how to add invoice. It is a easy way to convert invoice template to your email automatically. It is simple to use and intuitive. Light-invoice is suitable for any kind of business owner, manager and personal user. Light-invoice is clean and efficient. Light-invoice gives you enough time in your business to focus on your work. Light-invoice makes invoice more visible in the eyes of people. Light-invoice enables you to customize your invoice template to your needs Light-invoice is compatible with all mail software. Light-invoice can read and convert plain text email into invoices. Light-invoice is so powerful that you can convert email, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and even PDF into invoices in the way that makes the most sense. Light-invoice is easy to use. Anyone can work with the program. Just drag and drop your email into the template window. Light-invoice then converts it to a very professional invoice that you can download and send to the recipients. Light-invoice is free of charge. Light-invoice is so powerful and so complete that you simply cannot afford for you to not be using it. Light-invoice has no hidden charges so there is nothing more than that to pay. Light-invoice includes a one-year free trial period. Light-invoice lets you use the product for one year. This way you can see how it works for yourself and will be able to use it on your personal and professional emails. Light-invoice is a powerful invoice converter. Light-invoice can convert more than 200 templates. This means that you can be sure that with Light-invoice you can find an invoice template that exactly meets your needs. Light-invoice is a Free to Use application. Light-invoice is so powerful and so complete that you can use it for as long as you like. You don’t need to pay any money to use Light-invoice. Single and multiple image files can be imported into Light-invoice. Besides normal photos, you can also import your address book, image libraries, and any

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Create professional invoices for your company, and more importantly for your clients. Manage your invoices even when you’re not at your computer. With this application, you can easily create, edit and complete invoices with just one click. Open, modify, print and share them in a secure way. If you work with multiple clients and companies, create and manage your invoices from different locations.COMEDY At the Comedy Trainwreck, you will experience a modern, multi-cultural format of stand up comedy – where you will discover some of the best political stand-up comics the world has to offer. Our Comedy Trainwreck is staged twice per month at the Centre for Comedy Theatre ( and features the cutting edge and dynamic live performance and TV series, The Comedy Gurukul (, as well as renowned comedians like Jean Tembel, Frances Ma and Lisa Porter. Come be a part of the real deal, at the Comedy Trainwreck. Wednesday 11 April — *Free Open Mic Wednesday 14 April — *$5 Pay what you want Friday 17 April — *$10 Pay what you want *Open Mic, *Pay what you want, Pay $5 & $10 for $10 — do not turn up with a $1 you will be charged the $5 or $10THE Challenge of Remaking Christianity with India & Pakistan! Blog by: Description Today, Christianity is a challenge. Where is the church? Where is its heart? Where is the love and heart of Christ? How can we once again become a major influential force on the earth? The world is changing. Emerging economies are stretching Christianity’s boundaries. How can Christianity keep pace with people’s needs? Is there a place for the gospel in the 21st century? In the heart of old world powers that seek to dominate us- the voice of God is far from the reaches of the church. It’s time to re-imagine Christianity and re-purpose it for the 21st century. In this book, Dr.Bakhtiar Khasam brings to light a way of re-imagining Christianity that is both timeless and relevant for today. It is a call to action to re-imagine Christianity, to re-imagine Christ, and to re-imagine the church. Christ�

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