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This site is not affiliated with Torrent-Funk. Copyright Policy: All content included on this site is free to be downloaded and shared by anyone. The site simply presents information and we do not control the upload or download of files.Add two more names to the roster of Democrats who have said they are running for governor in 2018: former New York City Housing Authority Chairman and City Council Member Keith W. Wofford and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Wofford joined his brother, comedian Cedric The Entertainer, in announcing his campaign in a statement on Tuesday, while DiNapoli also confirmed his plans to run for governor in April, during a telephone news conference on WAMC’s «Ask the Governor.» DiNapoli, who ran for New York City comptroller in 2013, is the highest-profile Democrat to say he will run again, but he had already spoken with supporters of his campaign for comptroller the past few weeks. DiNapoli has been the state’s top financial watchdog for the past eight years. In an interview with Newsday on Tuesday, he said that he plans to run for the office again because «people can’t keep doing the same thing and getting the same results.» «If you want, change and you have competition, maybe you get results,» he said. Wofford said he is running for governor because «we need to be fighting the Trump Administration» and working on «solutions, not the symptoms.» «We need to stand for the people. We need to protect the people. We need to protect our rights, our votes, we need to stand up for what’s right for everyone. And I plan to be a governor, and I plan to be the best governor in New York,» he told Newsday. As for the comptroller’s office, which is overwhelmingly Democratic, DiNapoli said «it’s probably still an open race.» «I’m running. I can’t speak for everybody else, and I can’t speak for the people who are going to run against me,» he said. Richard Cahill, chairman of the Nassau County Democratic Committee, said that the wide Democratic field will make it difficult to get the party’s nomination. «We’re going to have a huge field of candidates, so I’m hoping you will help me get the nomination and not the vice president,» DiNapoli said, f30f4ceada