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Kglassartbookfreedownload Note :- This article will help you to download kglassartbookfreedownload and related software.Andrew Rosenberg, senior fellow at the Center for Science and Democracy in the War on Terror, joins Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer to discuss the militarized homeland strategy to keep the United States safe and protect the profits of the military-industrial complex. Rosenberg says President Barack Obama is continuing the Bush “flexible response” approach by ordering the U.S. military to be “reassigned” to domestic security. “It’s very much a militarized, ‘guerilla’ approach to national security. It’s reminiscent of the Cold War, where every country claimed they were only responding to a foreign threat,” he says. “You could have an Osama bin Laden in my basement, and I have to send 25,000 troops to fight him.” The memo Rosenberg refers to was released by the Pentagon in October, and since that time, more than 1,000 troops have been deployed to the U.S. southwest with those troops “focused on domestic matters.” Speaking of Obama’s “civilian surge” plan, Rosenberg says the president is pushing it as a symbol of his commitment to change within the military and increase the ranks of civilian leaders in order to break through the “political culture” of the services and allow civilians to have a say on defense spending and policy. “It’s an attempt to break through and not to change much,” Rosenberg says. “Obama’s changes are really limited, which is why they’ve been so under-reported.” Rosenberg also notes that the Obama administration is attempting to make the case that the military could play a role in protecting against white supremacist and domestic terrorist attacks. This, he says, could be a “grand and bold” strategy, but not a realistic one. “The state of policing is actually very, very weak,” he says. “We have 8 million federal agents, plus another 3 million local police, sheriffs and marshals. They’re all under-trained, under-funded and severely under-resourced.” He also says the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder “

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