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— Schedule Command-Line Commands — Keylogger Detects Chat programs — No-Tray Icon — Multiple Language Support (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch) — Delivered activity logs via email — Online update — In-built keyword filter — Build in scheduler — Send activity log via Email — Built-in PDF Document Viewer — Take Screenshots — Reads user passwords from Windows registry — Can Log Keystrokes for specific applications like Internet Explorer, Ad-Aware, Firefox, Camalig, Deep Search, Google, Lotus Notes etc. — Can Log Keystrokes for Specific Windows Like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer — Intercepts message windows pop-up windows — Can Log and Email when specific keywords are entered — Logs all the major applications installed in the system — History supports to go back up to one month — Supports: Mac, Windows, Linux Keylogger Features: — Ability to screen shot Windows — Flexible Logging & Alerts — Can be a stealthy tool and run in total stealth. — Can be installed and run quickly without any setup. — Can configure it according to your needs. — Can be connected to a webserver for more sensitive jobs. — You don’t need to install any other software for this. — Remains undetected in the system. — Can log message sent and received. — Can log file operations. — Can log keystrokes for specific applications and specific Windows — Can log keystrokes typed from command-line and shortcuts — Can log keystrokes typed from other software. — Can be configured to be a hotspot. Every Spy Software is reviewed and rated according to several key features. Download the latest version today! You can install Spy software on up to 5 PCs for free. It will be useful to you and to your friends and colleagues, even if they use another operating system. It is updated regularly to deliver the latest features and works, even on compromised systems. We are always here to help you. Spy software is an invaluable part of our knowledge base. We are happy to be able to share it with you. Please take some time to visit this important part of the my Synyster website. Thank you for making this possible.Q: Is the phrase «to be aware» idiomatic here?

ISpy Keystroke Spy

— Recorded clipboard content can be easily saved to file. — Built in command line interface that can be used to capture an unlimited amount of keystrokes. — Split Keystroke log feature allows you to filter the captured information based on date, subject, and keywords. — Print Keystroke log reports for a specified time interval. — Email Keystroke log reports with attachments of screenshots of captured activities. — Create Custom Capture Rules that allow you to activate specific rules on mouse click, key-press, or typed keywords. — Choose between automatic and manual activation of rules. — Scheduling to turn rules on and off with respect to user log in and log out. — Enable/Disable keystroke logging. — Use keyboard shortcuts to be able to quickly turn the filter on or off or to open the main window. — The Data report is an excellent tool to help you track and monitor activities going on on your computer. — Fully customizable report tables to view captured data. — Create an unlimited number of rules (fuzzy/regular expressions) to decide what you want to capture. — Do Not Include Files and Folders from a specific directory. — Possibility to use the search tool to quickly find specific keywords. — Additional search results can be set to show/hide the results. — Use Keyboard Shortcuts to do the searches by a single mouse click. — Rules can be copied to the Clipboard and used to quickly activate the rule. — Exclude any applications from recording. — Exclude a specific application from recording. — Exclude a specific user or group from recording. — Shortcuts to be able to capture or turn the filtering on or off or toggle the rules activation. — Syntax error checking. — AutoSend for the rule definitions. — Easy to use yet powerful interface. — Great usability and performance. — Hide the application window while collecting keystroke activity. — Use the built in Command Line interface to capture information. — Easily view information of captured keystrokes. — Preview and import/export ISpy Keystroke Spy Activation Code data to and from a CSV file. — Filter Activities by: Date, Subject, Keywords, Contact, File, Application, Window, IsActive. — Filter Screen Shots by: Date, Subject, Keywords, Screen Capture, Application, Contact, Window, Window Title. — Filter Activities to a file. — Print a message when 2f7fe94e24

ISpy Keystroke Spy

* Get all keystrokes in stealth mode * Capture screenshots (Email activity log) * Remotely shut down users * Hijack users * Log all keyboard activity * Log all mouse activity * Password Grabber * Push log to website or FTP * Log all keystrokes in any application * Email activity log report * Automatic send message when specific keywords are used * Easy to setup $67.00 LogKeySpy-ProLog 8.10 LogKeySpy-Pro is a tool that can log all keyboard activity, send the log via e-mail and FTP, capture screenshots of all activities and log the mouse movements. It’s a fully featured solution for monitoring all PC activities in stealth and sending the log to the FTP site or e-mail. LogKeySpy-Pro is a stand alone application that does not require any other tools or applications and has a specially designed interface for logging keystrokes in any application. LogKeySpy-Pro is a powerful, easy to use tool for monitoring the activities of all PC users and sending the log to the FTP site or e-mail. It’s a fully featured solution for monitoring all PC activities in stealth and sending the log to the FTP site or e-mail. $67.00 CLSSpy 6.4 CLSSpy is a powerful, simple and easy-to-use application for monitoring and logging all activities that your computer users do. It can capture screenshots of all users on the local network and send them via email or FTP. $67.00 PCVirusCleaner 3.8.5 PCVirusCleaner can clean, fix and repair your files and registry! It also removes files that others have left behind after using your computer. With this unique tool, you can monitor what others are doing and keep your computer safe from malicious programs. This version includes the Advanced Scan and Fix! Use this feature to scan for and repair invalid Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003 system files, invalid or corrupted registry keys and system settings, security settings, wrongly linked files and other problems! No other registry cleaner on the market has a feature-rich report generator for you to view and fix the errors that you have found. Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2003/2008/2008 R2 If you thought you were the only one who had the

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ISpy Keystroke Spy is the most advanced keystroke logging software on the market. There’s nothing else like it. Program allows to log and track every single keystroke typed by any Windows user on a local or remote PC, no matter whether it’s in a standard or Windows application. You can collect all of this information via email using simple in-program messages. This spy also can record various actions performed on your PC, for example, screenshots or videos capture. All these functions are offered at no cost at all. ISpy Keystroke Spy runs in total stealth. There’s no software to install, no registration and no sign of installation. Installation is performed in background. Also, you can view keystroke logs offline. You can read all details regarding your activity in spy’s interface. You may have a possibility to save these logs as text files. ISpy Keystroke Spy’s interface looks really simple and attractive. Nevertheless, everything else is hidden under the hood of the program. It is lightweight and doesn’t take much computer memory. This spy software utilizes a powerful algorithm with a large amount of memory. Moreover, it can collect all keystroke logs generated by computers. This program can control all applications installed on target computer. All of these functions can be performed at your discretion or at the scheduled time. Key features: — You can view all keylogs in spy’s console, read them with spy’s built-in text editor. — You can receive email notifications whenever any specific keystroke appears in your target’s computer. — ISpy Keystroke Spy runs in total stealth mode. There’s no icon or anything else that indicates it’s spying. — You can enter password to activate program, and view all logs — You can define time intervals between backups, you can choose between local and remote backups. — You can view all collected screenshots on the same PC, or transfer them to your email. — You can create unlimited tasks and define time intervals between them. — You can schedule all tasks to run after rebooting and even at a scheduled time. — You can define time intervals between keystroke logs backups. — You can manually or automatically clean all captures. — You can set ISpy Keystroke Spy to be a system process and hide it in Windows Task Manager. — You can clean all captured screenshots. — You can set keys not to be captured. — You can monitor all activity of the keylogger application. — You can view all captured screenshots

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* CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66 GHz * RAM: 8 GB * Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 1 GB * DirectX: DirectX 9.0c * Hard Drive Space: 2 GB * OS: Windows 7 64-Bit * Internet Connection: Broadband *In-game Purchases available from the Software section. *There are also two additional PC game demo available for Windows 7 users for FREE on Steam * Please register to enable the