As the title of this software suggests, ImageToAvi allows you to convert image files to the AVI video format, but also to GIF animations. ImageToAvi can be installed as a portable software. In this case, there will be no changes made to your Windows registry keys. Plus, you can store the tool on a removable device (like a USB flash drive), plug it into any computer and directly run its executable file. The interface of ImageToAvi is plain and simple to work with. Image files can be imported into the queue by using either the file browser or "drag and drop" method. Batch processing is allowed. So, you can set the repeat time for each frame, including an audio track (in the WAV format), set the border size, pixel format and resize method, as well as preview results and enable ImageToAvi to open the file when the task is done. Furthermore, you can apply various image effects (e.g. noise mono, posterize, saturation, twist, darken), validate the image list, extract images from AVI files and GIF animations, convert images with effects in batch mode, use a video bitrate calculator, and more. The image processing application requires a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time, includes a well-written help file, quickly finishes a task and manages to keep a good image and sound quality. No errors have occurred during our tests. Unfortunately, the interface is outdated. Other than that, we strongly recommend ImageToAvi to all users.









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Improve the presentation of your Web site and make your Web application more user-friendly. ImageToWeb is a Web site/Internet application design tool with a high-quality image presentation mode and tools to help you enhance your site. You will be able to effectively mix images with web pages on your Web site without having to load up Windows or other operating systems. It allows you to optimize and enhance images for improved presentation on the Web site. By distributing photos on your Web site you will save traffic, bandwidth, and time. ImageToWeb is extremely simple to use and is well organized into a dedicated Web site browser. Your Web pages and images will be automatically presented in the proper size and resolution on the Web page with no manual intervention required. The features of ImageToWeb allow for the easy interchange of multiple formats including JPEG, GIF, and PNG to give your images better presentation, easier scaling and image manipulation. ImageToWeb is an effective tool for improving the performance and appearance of your Web site. ImageToWeb has high-quality graphic effects such as: Posterize, Twist, Noise Monochrome, Saturation and much more. For more details see Features. ImageToWeb can convert to and from multiple formats such as: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TGA, PCX and more. You can batch process in an easy way, where you can choose the image set and the order in which you want them processed. Convert Image files to avi with ImageToAVI Free Download and watch the video you created on your desktop. ImageToAVI Free Download is a convenient and powerful tool for converting image files to AVI. ImageToAvi will allow you to save the converted AVI video files to your desktop. The resulting file could be played on your VCD player, DVD recorder, CD-ROM, etc. High Quality Converter The software is very easy to use. You are simply required to select the input and output video files and choose the output format. By selecting the video codec that you prefer for the desired output format, the conversion process will be much faster. Give Your AVI File a Personal Touch You can quickly and easily change the images displayed on the video slideshow or automatically change the background music at any time. ImageToAvi is extremely easy to operate, convenient and extremely safe to use. ImageToAvi is a powerful and easy-to-use tool, designed to convert any number of

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ImageToAVI is a powerful tools for creating avi files from many types of image files. It will allow you to create an animation from any image sequence. This powerful tool is easy to use. Drag and drop an image file to open it for conversion. Then set the image conversion settings to choose what you would like to convert. The image conversion settings include: * Border size * Pixel Format * Resize Method * Output video format * Captions * Save image list * Update image list * Line Color * Apply audio track * Preview * Setting file name * Setting image list * Audio Volume * Background Color * Output Folder * Image Effect * Video Bitrate * Video Frame * Video Duration * Video Quality * Verify image list * Auto Open * Audio Timestamp * Enable GOP * Set startup mode * Output folder * Background image * Audio path * Audio language * Audio sample rate * Audio bitrate * Convert files * Email result * Force convert audio * Image size * Audio length * Audio silence * Audio duration * Update * Enable source * Enable preview * Set Image To X Image * Drag and drop support * Auto order * All Files * All Files With No Extension * Assembled Video Files * All Files Or… * ImageLocked * Concatenated * Auto-Split * UpFolders * Thumbnail Files * Folder Thumbnail * Embedded Thumbnails * Image Size * Compressed image * Maximum Files * Maximum Files With Extension * Single Image Files * No Files * Selected image files * JPG * BMP * PNG * GIF * TIF * TGA * Windows Bitmap * JPEG * JPG * TIFF * GIF * JPEG-2000 * BMP * PNG * JPEG * IPTC image * XML * JPEG * JPG * JPEG * IPTC image * All files * No Files * Selected files * Selected image files * ZIP (compress) * EXE * ISZ (compress) * 7z * Archiv.exe * Windows Active X * Unzip * Winamp Media Player * MS Office Pictures * MS Office 2f7fe94e24

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========= ImageToAVI allows you to quickly convert between various image formats. It’s used to convert images between GIF, AVI, JPG, TIFF and BMP formats. The program also allows you to perform batch conversion. ImageToAVI ImageToAVI, a quick converter that allows you to create image files in any of GIF, BMP, AVI, JPEG, TIFF and PCX formats, has now a strong graphical editor that lets you easily edit your image files. You can reduce the size of the image, add your own border, change the color and transform the image into a monochrome one with a different palette. SharpAsGigasoft ImageToAVI ImageToAVI is a very useful application. It enables to create and edit GIF, BMP and AVI image files. ImageToAVI can also be used to import images and create image files with the size of 5 by 5. Furthermore, the program can be used to browse image files on drives and removable media. ImageToAvi ImageToAvi is a fully featured app to convert images and videos between formats. The interface is easy to use and its helpful tutorial will surely take your converting experience to a different level. ImageToAVI «ImageToAVI is a powerful application that converts images between various formats. It’s used to create images in GIF, BMP, AVI, JPEG, TIFF and PCX formats. Furthermore, the tool can be used to browse, import and create images in a variety of formats, as well as batch image conversion and video editing. ImageToAVI ImageToAVI is a powerful tool which converts images and videos between various formats. It is used to create, import and convert images in GIF, BMP, AVI, JPEG, TIFF and PCX formats. Furthermore, the app can be used to edit images, browse, import and create images and videos, batch conversions and create video… ImageToAVI is a very easy to use application that allows you to convert image and video files between formats. All you have to do is to choose the source file and destination file from the file browser and ImageToAVI will do the rest. ImageToAVI is a powerful application to convert image and videos files between formats. It enables you to create and edit GIF, BMP and AVI image files as well as convert images into animated GIF and BMP files

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What is new in official ImageToAvi 2.5 software version? — We have found 3 bugs. — Version history: Can be a standalone software (without any installation) or it can be a portable program, i.e. can be saved on a USB flash drive, easily installed on any other computer and run from the CD/DVD. ImageToAvi is a Windows application that allows you to convert any image file to the AVI video format without any extra codecs. It includes the following functions: image import, image export, batch processing, set the repeat time for each frame (including an audio track), set the border size, pixel format and resize method, preview the image, enable ImageToAvi to open the file when the conversion task is complete. Additionally, ImageToAvi supports a preset color space, applies various image effects (e.g. noise mono, posterize, saturation, twist, darken), allows to use a video bitrate calculator, implements a video color filter, records the AVI file, allows to create a GIF animation. The image processing software tool requires a minimal amount of system resources, is able to render images in good quality and has an average response time. No errors have been encountered during our tests. This software is a real programming gem, but it’s outdated in terms of the graphical interface. Nevertheless, we would still recommend ImageToAvi to all users. ImageToAVI User reviews: ImageToAVI is the easiest to use image converter. There are many options of ImageToAvi to make you like this app. It imports your photo or image. Now you can make your photo into animation with all the options available. ImageToAVI has a user-friendly interface and can be run on both 32 and 64-bit computers. ImageToAVI is bundled with a set of basic image processing tools. Price: $39.95; License: Shareware (Free to Try); File Size: 5.3 MB; Platform: Windows; It creates the AVI file. Price: $39.95; License: Shareware (Free to Try); File Size: 5.4 MB; Platform: Windows; This software with easy operation. Price: $59.95; License: Shareware (Free to Try); File Size: 5

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