If you have run out of ideas when it comes to birthday gifts for your loved ones or your best friends, here is a new one for you: you can create a cartoon version of your favorite picture together. You can use Image Cartoonizer Premium then simply print or email your artsy picture and wait for the reaction — you are bound to make a good impression. The application comes with an intuitive and user-friendly software solution so that even computer novices can quickly learn its ropes and create great results. Basically, you need to load an image (be it JPEG, PNG or GIF) and apply one of the numerous effects and frames provided within Image Cartoonizer Premium. Additionally, if you want to have some fun, you can stamp your pic with amusing cliparts, like sunglasses, headphones, bowties, beards, moustaches, smoking pipes or varied types of hats. If you want to enhance the photograph of a person, you can also modify their eyes, the mouth and the haircut so as to obtain an amusing look. If you want to go for a more elegant look, you can try one of the many frames that can make your picture really stand out — the same result can be achieved with some of the included effects, so make sure you experiment with them as well. Image Cartoonizer Premium can also be used for cropping the source picture so as to keep only the most important or interesting part of the image. You can also modify the brightness and contrast of the graphic file, along with adjusting the colors. All in all, Image Cartoonizer Premium can help you create funny or artistic versions of your pictures without too much hassle. You can purchase a license whenever you want to unlock all the effects and get to enjoy the full functions of the application.







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The application uses hundreds of cool and funny clipart effects to create fun and creative cartoons. You can modify the actions, positions, size and position of objects and people in a picture to create funny results. FotoPaint Pro 2 [Full] — Make your pictures&nbsphotoshop or corel paint the new pro version of this professional image editor. Your images can look like a photo shoot. FotoPaint Pro has a full screen editor with unlimited undo/redo, draw tools, magic wand and eraser, advanced selection tools, a built-in RAW converter and layers that can be arranged and edited very easily. And that’s not all! There is also an extensive collection of over 500 new effects and tools to enhance your image editing. You can make your own tools and effects! Features: ◆ Intuitive user interface ◆ Unlimited Undo and Redo ◆ Selective or Generic Layers ◆ Built-In RAW Converter ◆ NeL Photo Retouching Features, including: ∙ Color Picker ∙ Auto Fix ∙ RGB Curves ∙ Picture Dictionary ∙ Auto Trim ∙ Color Balance, Auto levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Whiten ∙ Fast Contrast, Curves, Sharpness, Bleed Control, ∙ Partial Color Control ∙ Auto Color Balance ∙ Auto Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue ∙ Automatic Image Auto Fix ◆ Noise Removal Tools ∙ Gamma Shifting ∙ Noise Reduction ◆ Blur, Sharpen, Clone ∙ Vignette Control ∙ Photo Merge ∙ Perfect Layers ◆ Diverse Tools, Effects and Patterns ∙ Pencil Brush ∙ Paint Bucket ∙ Undo/Redo ∙ Burn ∙ Fade ∙ Gradient ∙ Radial Gradient ∙ Pattern Brush ∙ Stroke ∙ Color Remover ∙ Blur ∙ Sketch ∙ Mirror ∙ Mirror on Screen ∙ Array Brush ∙ Stamp ∙ Texture ∙ Cartoon ∙ Mosaic ∙ Scissors ∙ Stich ∙ Vinyl ∙ Magic Wand ∙ Eraser ∙ Paint ∙ Adjustment ∙ Gradient Warp ∙ Brush Set ∙

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A user-friendly application that lets you transform your pictures into fun cartoon images. It lets you apply many effects, including glossy frames, patches, stickers, cartoons, enlarged and white parts. So, you can turn your photos into fun picture art. Features: Design cartoon frames and stickers Create different types of cartoon photos 3 editing modes: Edit, Crop and Resize/Zoom Create more visual effects with presets: enhance colors, brightness and contrast Create different types of cutouts, like: white-parts, cutted parts, patches, lenses, stickers, shadows, light and eyes Select the target area: Cut out a mask on the picture Get high resolution, which can be saved in several formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF and EPS Unfortunatly I don’t see Cartoonizer in this one. I was disappointed because I have also used it, but sadly I do not remember the name of the software. I can’t find any reviews on it, so I do not know if it is still up to date or not. But if anyone remembers what the software was called, that would be greatly appreciated. Looking for a way to create cartoon art on your photos, and NOT spend a fortune on graphic design software? I found you can create some very nice results with the built-in Image Cartoonizer functions of the Previewer. It is quite easy to use, and very quick. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create a lot of other artwork on their photos. The filters/effects include some really great ones. There are literally hundreds of options. One thing that you should know about this tool, though, is that it will «bend» and distort your photo if you try to apply the «Shapes» effect. I was looking at the «Shapes» options, when suddenly the photo distorted, and all I could do to save it was save the entire mess as something else. I use this program every day. Sometimes my photos come out looking great, other times I edit and change them. I have found that by using the Pixlr.com image editor you can «clean up» your pictures too. If you do a lot of stock photography, it’s definitely worth using. I have used all the basic editing tools in the Image Editor to create the fine art in the examples shown in this freebie. Plus there’s a number of design options which can 2f7fe94e24

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Make creative images using functions such as Magic Pens, Text stamps, 10 Frames, Eyes, Lips, Numbers and a variety of other Cartoonize Designs in just a few clicks! And the best part is that not only can you design a photo just by yourself, you can also record your voice and in this way surprise your friends with a personalized birthday card! Cat & Dog Cartoon Generator is a relatively new idea which creates amusing cartoons for your personal use. With it you can arrange or combine image segments into funny frames of cats and dogs and you can mix them into texts in a few mouse clicks. It is possible to play with the formats so as to achieve the perfect result. The usage of special effects such as soft pastels, watercolors, oil paintings, drawing and photography will surely inspire you. Moreover, it is a good idea to make your creations available for your friends to enjoy or even post them on social media sites. Cat & Dog Cartoon Generator is an ideal tool for this purpose: you can save your created images for later use, share them via email, Twitter or Facebook and directly upload them on image sharing websites. The software also allows you to create comics, storyboards and animations. Features of Cat & Dog Cartoon Generator: — Mix the images of your choice in several frames. — The included images are: cats, dogs, body parts, hats, ties, sunglasses and a variety of more. — You can work with the format to design a good cartoon. — The program allows you to share your creation on social networks. JellyMark Animator 1.35.3320 is the best way to mark your photos and videos as funny content. This program makes cartoons for personal and business use with the help of the versatile frame/subframe mechanism. With JellyMark Animator you can create funny cartoons in just a few clicks and play your new creation — you can add some funny sound effects to really finish it off. This program has a vast collection of frames, texts, stickers and effects that can be freely combined so that you can create any cartoon you want. Moreover, with JellyMark Animator you can personalize your work even further with the ability to record your voice and create a funny greeting card. JellyMark Animator 1.35.3320 Features: — Combine different parts of images with the help of several frames. — Use special effects like: Polaroids, Oil Paintings, Watercolor, Photography and


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Minimum: OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 Processor: 2.4 GHz Processor RAM: 6 GB (Minimum) Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550, AMD Radeon HD 6770 or better Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card and device DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Minimum Recommended: Processor: 4 GHz Processor RAM: 8 GB (Recommended) Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070,