Tired of old-maidish word processor of Windows ? Why not to try a new write fashion ? Use iDoc throb your edit ! iDoc — individuate document. iDoc is a tool that allows you to edit and process text documents. A larruping word processor, idiographic design of operation and control. You can make always on top and change diaphaneity of the document. Move it at the screen top then come true flex view.







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iDoc Full Crack is not a new tool designed to be more friendly. iDoc Product Key is a edit document view that is designed to be at once lighter than common doc editors and as efficient as the most powerful ones. If you prefer to make thin individuate text documents, write with cells or frames and do not want to download add-ons or set the codes of the program : your choice of iDoc. If you prefer a «pure» design of the document, write only on sheet and embellish it with draw or edit text attributes : your choice of iDoc. If you want to work on text documents with a basic word processor like Word, Power Point, OpenOffice Impress… your choice of iDoc. IDoc The individuate Document is very light and easy, faster than Word! To launch iDoc : you just need to go to your toolbar. A menu of panes is available in 2 or 3 windows. To edit for your documents on a sheet, you move a sheet top of any of them. With the most selected sheet a text will be diapasonated. iDoc The fantastic iDoc : iDoc is a clone of Word when you want to edit a document a little bit. You are free to chose between 2 modes : — A LARRUPING word processor : frames editing by lines and cells, and at the same time you can «hide» the parts you do not want to see. — A word processor for personal documents and files that is design to be only on top. You can make individuate a multi-sheet document. For this, you need to choose a pane and then you will have the possibility to choose (simultaneously) the top sheet, the second sheet and so on. iDoc will automatically do the rest. Before starting : As iDoc is a widener of Word, you must have it installed. I’ve tried to respect the spirit of Word, but I’ve tried to do more compact. iDoc is an easy tool, but not for a beginner. A few tips : 1) You must have an English version of Word installed 2) You must remember to select «Ligne claire» and «Lien orienté» for your document 3) It is better to put the first cell of the sheet on the left and not on the right. 4) The free memory space for the

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* Type any text, A sample text (27 lines). * You can save and re-save a file. * View and Read in accurate mode. * Edit, View, read and print a document. * Create, delete and move documents. * If you want to move a document to another editor, you can include it in existing. * You can create a folder in the document. * Document preview mode that you can customize font, colors, page, margins. * Page example: A sample text of large font, A less of font, display sample and a sample text! * If you want you can add image file. * You can simple paste a part of the document. * Select color of the document and text. * Use formula for complex expression. * You can export documents to pdf / eps / djvu / html. * Use image pdf importing. * You can use a document as a table for data. * It have a ‘CATIA’ example, you can click a button of a sheet and place a cell in any sheet. * You can use a customize color for text, image and table. * You can copy and paste content of any document. * You can save the documents or the documents in the folder. * You can read the database that you imported to PDF. * You can search a line in a document. * You can view the word count and line count for the document. * It have a Stylist works that give you the possibility to apply Word style in the document * You can have multiple documents in a selected folder and process them simultaneously. * You can add in a document the mark of the paragraph you have selected. * You can get the current page number of a document. * You can print a document (page by page) with date and time and order of the document. * You can comment a document. * You can save the documents or the documents in the folder. * You can read the database that you imported to PDF. * You can search a word in a document. * You can manage permissions of documents. * You can create a shortcut on your desktop of a documents with date and time. * You can process documents into a file. * You can use a selection to process the document into a file. * You can embed media into your documents. * You 7ef3115324


The program is divided into several «windows» : top window (containing your document and menus), middle window (your work), bottom window (scrollable to display your last changes). Top Window: · Document All your text is in a single document displayed on the screen. A single document can be read and edited simultaneously from two terminals. · Open/Save A document can be opened with a logical directory. This is useful if many documents are to be used at the same time (for example, on a server). · Move/Zoom/View Slides Redo/Undo A new algorithm to be used for undo/redo lets you have a graphic undo line. Run an external editor (such as vi) to edit the document. Middle Window: Redo/Undo You can also edit the document directly from the middle window. Use the text undo/redo to move up or down the document. · Edit Edit the document at your leisure, using the familiar standard DOS functions (beggin, insert, replace, etc.). · View Displays information on the document, as well as (optionally) a preview (a HTML version of the document with an image). Views · Text Displays the text of the document. · Tags Displays the text with all the tags. · Languages Displays the text for which the language is set. · Tables Displays the tabular documents. Tables can be organized as easily as in Microsoft Word. · Preview Displays the document in HTML. Preview Option: You can store a copy of the document in an external file. Right click -> preview… Bottom Window: · Scroll You can move backward and forward by scrolling. · View You can see and open a document in full screen. · Print You can easily print in your usual terminal. · Help Contains the manual. Press F1 to access the manual. iDoc Workflow: The top window can contain up to 20 documents, each with different characteristics (: geometry, character encoding, language, etc.). iDoc Documents may contain hundreds of pages. Each document is associated with a logical path in a folder. Move documents: By clicking on the document, you can drag it to another directory. You can also transfer documents one-by-one with the mouse (dr

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iDoc is a write tool, which is a word processor, a text writting lingual editor. It has TAB key, the Cut key, select and the Paste key for execution of easyly. You can work in a two ways on a document: — On the top, you can see all the content of a document, — In a low, you can do swith of management at section of the document (you can see a sort of foldwah of the document). iDoc is a writing tools, with multipleware and multipliable options. You can create your format, you can define a structure of the document and you can be always on top of the window: you can always see the document, you can work where you want… You can do all the things you want with your document, with your editor. Key Features of iDoc: Multipliable options : you can define your document, you can define a structure of the document. You can choose what you want in your document, you can get more options and you can defapt it. Work on your window: you can work always on top, you can work with a low option and you can change the window order. You can create your document whatever you want, you can choose the typography for your document, you can define the text with colour, you can have the option of always on top, always low… You can do the stuff you want with your document and you can be always on top of the window, follow your document to make it a fun document. Tables : you can add a table in your document and you can do your remplacement of parametres of the table, with a key, the Cells, the layout, you can render your table… Corrections : you can make corrections by selecting the words in the text by the mouse or keystrokes. You can correct your typos… Text : You can cut or copy a part of your text, you can paste it. you can do a letter or a paragraph. you can have a paragraph in a line or a paragraph in several line… Forward and Backward : You can move words in your document and your views. you can move a part of text in your document, at or a copy of it. You can make a forward a backward. You can a word in your document or even move yourself a word. Insert : You can insert a quoted or a link and a multimedia at


System Requirements For IDoc:

— 4GB RAM — GTX 950 — 5GB RAM — GTX 1050 — 1GB RAM — 2GB VRAM — SLI MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6G 3,5″ Graphics Card — AORUS Gaming 7 Ultra 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz Graphics Memory — AORUS Dual-X RGB 8-Pin Power Connector — USB 3.0 Type-A Connector — HDMI 2.0 Output — HDMI 2.0 Input —