Whether you like it or not, money is behind everything going on around the world, including your personal life. Most time is spent somehow gathering funds to be able to live a decent life. However, with the abundance of services requiring periodical monetary attention, it's pretty difficult to keep track of every penny spent. This is where applications like iCash come in handy so you can write down all incomes and expenses to identify flaws related to budget and start fixing them. Intuitive, well-organized interface The application comes with an impressive array of features, which are cleverly implemented not to overwhelm you with too many details. As such, most configurations and management areas bring up new windows, just like initially you're faced with a small counterpart responsible for creating and storing databases. Sooner or later you end up creating a new entry, which recommends to have some default categories automatically created. It's of much help, providing both a head start, as well as insight on what can be accomplished. You can later on remove them with little effort or use to your advantage. Set up currency, accounts and contacts Most time is spent in the database window, which poses no accommodation problems whatsoever, especially if you took the initial advice. Different managers are at your disposal to store data in well-organized documents. Major categories, accounts, as well as contacts bring up new windows to easily add entries by providing a decent amount of related details. If you're connected to the Internet, setting up currencies is done in a jiffy. Different symbols from around the world are tracked by default, with options to add even more from a built-in list. Hitting the “Update Now” button initiates a search over the web and by the time you realize, rate values are retrieved. Generate reports and export to different formats The level of customization and areas it covers makes the application practical for both personal and business environments. At the core of each function there are different calculators set up that only display results according to your entries. As such, you can set up transactions, incomes and expenses, with clever color differentiation for positive and negative values. Different reports can be generated at the press of a button. The layout is neatly displayed, with different criteria related to time and area of interest that determine the content of reports. Exporting benefits from various settings, both for choosing target activity and output format. Categories, accounts, contacts and transactions are amongst your choices, with supported formats like XLS, TXT, HTML, QIF and XML. A few last words On an ending note, iCash is a powerful tool you might be tempted to keep around a little longer after you get to know it. Visual design is modern and lets you quickly accommodate, with intuitive icons and color differentiation making the process easier. You can track virtually any income and expense of interest under a custom name and level of detail, with the application only handling the numbers so you don't have to.







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Overview iCash is a simple and straightforward tool that can be used to quickly keep track of every penny spent. The application is ideal for those users who follow their budget on a daily basis. Interface Once you are in the iCash interface you will be taken to the different configuration screens that you can use for each type of option available in the application. The major categories that will help you keep track of your expenditures are highlighted in blue and you can click on them to see all the available tools. Features 1) The first and main screen of the application will allow you to set up different currencies, accounts and contacts 2) You can create different reports. The reports can be exported to common formats such as XLS, TXT, HTML and QIF 3) You can export the data to an external storage server 4) The application is very friendly to use. There is no need to go through complex tutorials before you get to know how to use iCash 5) iCash supports more than 34 currencies. You can add more currencies using this tool 6) iCash is well-structured and has a clean interface. The interface of the application is very appealing. Controls 1) You can save the data locally or you can download it to an external server if you want to. You can also send the data to friends and family through Bluetooth if you want to 2) You can also monitor your account balances using the application. 3) You can export the data to common formats such as XLS, TXT, HTML and QIF. 4) The application is well supported and well-structured. There is no need to go through complex tutorials before you get to know how to use iCash How does this software work This application is very simple to use. There is no need to worry about confusing tools to follow. This application has a simple interface that allows you to track expenditures easily. Why should you use this software This software allows you to keep a tab on every penny that you spend. This software is very easy to use. This software is designed in such a way that it allows you to track all your money transactions. Who should use this software This software can be used by individuals and businesses. What are the advantages 1) iCash is an easy to use application. This software is easy to use for beginners. The program’s user interface is also easy to use. 2) iCash is a very simple 2f7fe94e24

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— Retail Prices — iCash is an automated electronic expense management application that will help you to save money by analyzing your monthly spending and suggest potential ways to increase your savings. It has a friendly user interface and it is extremely simple to use. Below are the categories you can track with iCash: * Phone * Internet * Television * Local Gas * Groceries * Supplements * Utilities * Vehicle * Transportation * Repairs and Maintenance * Others If you are interested in a low price then iCash is for you. You can get it with with a low price right now! Winetoupload — Winetoupload.com is the best website to upload and share your files for free. Our users can upload videos, images and documents that way you can view, download and send those files to your friends. 7 Simple Steps To Buy Instagram Followers Twitter Views and Likes — [Get ]Unlimited Instagram Followers — Several methods have been invented, by several webmasters, marketers, engineers and many others, to increase your Instagram followers and followers and make a lot of profit. The method they came up with was to get Instagram followers, views, likes and all other types of social media followers. What do they have in common? They didn’t make it very easy. They made it too complicated for people like us and ordinary people who do not have the time to invest in learning every method to get a number of followers. We made it our goal to make the process easy and simple for you. Keep reading this article and you will see what I am talking about. Cool Ideas — For comparison purposes, when I look at a website and the same web developer made a website with a similar design and for a similar subject, I always compare the two to see which one performs better. Encephalitis: Causes, Treatment, Prevention — Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain that can be caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungi, and there are different types of encephalitis. There are also different levels of encephalitis, mild, moderate, severe and in severe cases patients might die. If you have children, you should know about the different types of encephalitis so you can know what to do in the case of an encephalitis outbreak. Create Directories and Sub-Directories Online — You can create any number of directories and sub-directories. You can create as many directories as you like

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iCash is a simple online accounting tool aimed to be an all-in-one solution for all your money needs. You should have no problem managing your accounts in iCash; from initial installation to the list of features the application has to offer. Features Overview: The application provides you with an in-depth database comprised of the different aspects of money management. For example, once you have installed iCash, you will have the ability to track your income and expenses, categorize them, and set up your own reporting tools for easier viewing and analysis. As long as you have an active Internet connection, you can create your own accounts, currencies and contacts from the list, while being able to search over the web for information on the rates of practically any currency in the world. Furthermore, iCash provides a wide range of reports so you can analyse your transactions on a more detailed level. You can choose from several reports based on parameters such as location and time of the year. You can also generate custom reports based on your expenses and transactions to be able to identify the source of your expenditures. If you ever need help, you can access iCash via your web browser or on your iPhone or Android device. The application is free, however, you will be required to provide some personal details, for example, your contact and address. Top 10 FREE Financial Apps for iPad Take full control of your finances with these easy-to-use but powerful financial apps for the iPad! Learn how to make smarter financial decisions at Personal finance is the biggest topic today, and no one understands that better than Christopher Latka. Today, Christopher shares with us 6 MINUTES FREE worth up to $120. Starting today, you can get credit cards with no interest and no security deposit on today’s show! Begin your journey to a smarter, better, and more beautiful you by starting with this complimentary lesson with Adam Todhunter, getting a clear view of all your bills, or print and organize them at home! You can stream this first lesson for free right now on the show’s YouTube channel. Citi Wallet is a completely free app for the iPhone that gives you a Citi credit card and offers powerful tools to help you manage your money and your life. It’s a great app for those dealing with life’s financial challenges. On the app you can view all your finances at a glance and make decisions proactively. The Citi


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Windows 7 or higher DirectX 9 Compatible 64-bit OS 4GB of RAM 1.5GB Graphics Card 1GB of Free Hard Drive Space Intel i3 or above CPU: 2.0GHz Free Hard Drive Space: 1.5GB Internet Connection DVD-ROM If you are unable to meet the minimum system requirements, the product may not work on your computer.