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More informationQ: Laravel 5.5 dynamic routing with many-to-many I’d like to create a dynamic routing in Laravel with a many-to-many relationship. I have two models: User: id | name Role: id | title User hasMany Role, and Role belongsTo User. Now, I’d like to create a dynamic routing like that: page-role.php?role=1&user=2 I did try to implement some solutions, but none of them worked, like that: routes.php Route::get(‘/user/{user}/role/{role}’, function($user, $role) { return ‘user’. $user->id. ‘-role’. $role->id; }); index.php {{ Route::get(‘user/{user}/role/{role}’, function($user, $role) { // dd($user, $role); return «user». $user->id. ‘-role’. $role->id; }) }} This is not working because I can’t create a route with optional parameters. So, is there a way to create a dynamic route with optional parameters with many-to-many relationships? A: I believe the next solution will work for you. I suggest you to create a method inside the ModelRole.php or RouteRole.php and return it. RouteRole.php public function getRole(Request $request) { $this->whereIn(‘id’, $request->route(‘role’)); $this->where(‘title’, $request->route(‘title’)); } And then you can invoke it from the controller like: Route::get(‘user/{user}/role/{role}’, function($user, $role) { return RouteRole::getRole($role, $user); }); Different osmoprotectants in plants and mammals. Plants can accumulate organic solutes, often referred to as osmoprotectants, which, when present in the extracellular fluid, protect the cells from dehydration stress. On the contrary, in mammals these molecules show an opposite behaviour. In

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This article will show you how to download and install the software, get familiar with all its tools and learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to create new images, make adjustments and optimize your photos. First, let’s take a look at what is included in Adobe Photoshop Elements. What’s Included? 1. Find Stuff 2. Connect and Upload Photos 3. Crop, Rotate, Enhance and Optimize 4. Add Special Effects 5. Spots & Blotches 6. Adjust Colors 7. Adjust Exif Data 8. Fix Problems 9. Page Layout and Print 10. Print 11. Create Web Graphics 12. Retouch 13. Clone 14. Rasterize 15. Add Text 16. Resize 17. Apply Tonal Variations In addition, the program comes with Themes & Presets, which can be used to save different setups that you can change later to suit your needs. Where Can I Download Adobe Photoshop Elements? You can download the application from this official page if you want to install it offline. After that, you will also need the following prerequisites: Mac OS X Yosemite Mac OS X El Capitan Mac OS X Mountain Lion The latest version of Xcode 6.2. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the link below: How to Install Adobe Photoshop Elements? The first thing you need to do is go to the official Adobe Photoshop website and click on the Get it link to download the program. After that, you should download the software offline by downloading the file and then double-clicking on it. After that, you need to extract the archive to your Mac’s Applications folder. You can do that with a file manager like Finder. After that, a window will appear and you need to open an administrator’s account in order to start the installation process. If that doesn’t happen, you can try the following way: Open a Finder window, and go to the Applications folder. Double-click on Adobe Photoshop Elements. The installation window will open up in the Finder. How to Use Photoshop Elements Once you open the application, you will 05a79cecff

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Paint allows you to smoothly paint colors or black and white on an image. The Paint Bucket is used to copy and paste colors from one image to another. Effects allow you to add special and complicated textures to an image. The Bevel and Emboss is a good example. Brushes and pens are two more popular tools. The Pen tool allows you to draw any kind of shape. The Brush tool allows you to add or remove color from an image. The Eraser tool is used for removing unwanted parts from an image. The Gradient tool makes it easy to add transitions between colors or shades.B.C.’s NDP government is well aware of the possibility that big-time drug dealers could be buying pot in Canada from China and other international markets. A high-ranking official with the province’s public-safety ministry told a Vancouver-based legislative committee Thursday that the concern about where cannabis is grown is part of the reason British Columbia’s government has put restrictions on the industry. B.C. Attorney General David Eby told the committee in Vancouver that he could not say for sure whether violent and dangerous drug traffickers are obtaining weed from overseas. But he said the government is concerned that could happen. «We’re very concerned that the importation of illegal drugs to B.C. could be coming from overseas,» Eby said, noting that cannabis from Colombia, Mexico and Morocco has been seized along the B.C. border and on Canadian soil. «So we take very seriously the risks that cross-border drug trafficking poses to our communities.» The challenge for B.C. is to balance Ottawa’s needs and the question of where the legal marijuana is being produced, Eby told the committee. The government has said one of its priorities is protecting the illegal drug market from the legitimate cannabis industry, which the government believes is expanding too rapidly, with stocks for recreational users threatening to disrupt the black market. The committee, which is holding hearings on B.C.’s legal marijuana business, allowed private companies to submit written questions. The province announced in February that it would require Health Canada to approve any pot producer that wanted to sell cannabis in the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch system, through its existing 47 stores. The B.C. NDP government is proposing a new model for pot distribution similar to that of wine, beer and spirits. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press) Health Canada approved

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This post isn’t a post on the eCommerce theme because it’s dead, far from it. I’m just taking the chance to post some screen captures of it. The eCommerce part of the theme was broken in some recent versions of Magento (1.9-1.9.x I believe) and was quite a pain to fix. I found one way to make it work again: In my magento root folder (not the /app/local directory) create a new file called «blog/blog_newsletter.php» and enter the following code: ‘.$_GET[‘subject’].’ ‘; $content.= $text_content; $content.= ‘ ‘; //attach a plaintext version of the email as an attachment if(isset($_GET[‘attachment’])){ header(‘Content-Type: text/plain’); $message = file_get_contents($_GET[‘attachment’]); file_put_contents($_GET[‘attachment’],’newsletter.txt’,FILE_APPEND); $message.= $content; file_put_contents($_GET[‘attachment’],’newsletter.txt’); } //send the email mail($_GET[‘send_to’], $_GET[‘subject’], $message); ?> Turning off debug messages and error reporting

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OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo RAM: 2 GB HDD: 200 MB Videocard: 3 GB GeForce 8800 Emulation: Not tested Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox or Google Chrome On PC Version 1.3.0 of Super NES Entertainment System there is a compatibility issue with Windows 7 and Firefox. When opening website pages such as a Super Nintendo Entertainment System forums, message boards or a popular GameFAQ