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**Bottom line:** Photoshop is the best, most versatile image-editing software on the market.

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This guide will help you to edit your digital images using Photoshop Elements. Note: this tutorial assumes that you are running Photoshop Elements 12. Mac OS X Open an image with Photoshop Elements Open Photoshop Elements from the OS X Applications folder. To open an image, highlight the image file, click Open, and the image will open. The image will open in the document view. In a document, Photoshop Elements displays a toolbar at the bottom of the page, and image-editing controls in the top area. If Photoshop Elements won’t open the image, click the File menu and choose Open from the menu. How to resize an image in Photoshop Elements To resize an image in Photoshop Elements, use the Shrink or Reduce Size tool, located next to the View menu in the top toolbar. Click and drag the tool to resize the image. For more information, see Resize an image in Photoshop Elements. Insert an image To insert an image into a Photoshop Elements document, right-click the image file on the File menu, and then select Insert from the menu. You can also press Command+I. Note: Pressing Command+I is the same as clicking the Insert button. Select an existing document or blank document and click OK. Photoshop Elements displays the Insert dialog box. For more information, see Insert an image in Photoshop Elements. Create a new document To create a new document in Photoshop Elements, click Create, and then click Blank Document from the menu. Close an image To close an image in Photoshop Elements, press Command+Q to close the image. This closes the image without erasing the original image. To cancel a command in Photoshop Elements, press Shift and click Command+Z. Save an image You can save a Photoshop Elements document directly to your computer’s hard disk by pressing Command+S. For more information, see Save a Photoshop Elements document. How to duplicate an image To duplicate an image, select the image on the Layers panel, and then press Control+J to duplicate the image. You can then delete the original image. Layers panel The Layers panel displays a document’s layers. If you need to add more than one layer, click the plus (+) button to add the new layer. If you need to delete 05a79cecff

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