Roblox is a virtual world that kids and adults are building together. Its educational and creative tools empower kids to build games, animated stories and interactive playgrounds. The best part is that anyone can create their own experiences. Role — the way you handle multiple accounts is important, with the highest role normally being an admin. If you were bad enough to have your admin suspended, there is a good chance you will be banned from the server (depending on the admin). It is a good idea to not attempt to be an admin unless you really are trying to become one, as taking over an account of someone that is a high role, can lead to punishment. All accounts start at role 1, then the maximum role is 10, and again by default, you start out as a watcher. Role 1 accounts are not supposed to be a threat to anyone else, if you get kicked from the server, you should not have been one in the first place. You should get a role as soon as you join the server, and this can be done by posting in the chat, finding a moderator, or even sharing a screenshot of your Robux or login with your steam account and letting the server know you want the role. This process takes a little bit of time, but once you get a role it is best to keep that role until the server closes and avoid the risks and chaos of being a role that is only used for minutes at a time. Part of the reason it is important to keep your role is to make sure you can continue running the server when you decide to go offline. you know what worked for me, created a role for myself, activated it then eventually got kicked, then of course created a second role and this allowed me to keep the server running while i did everything, using my 1st account to look after the first role, and my 2nd one for the 2nd role. You can be anything you like it doesn’t matter. I consider myself a hacker and a rolewhore. Roleplay on the RP server it’s fun and you can make friends. There are all races, genders, and everything so don’t feel limited. Don’t be timid, roleplay. Acctual role definitions are here: You can also make your own role and it won’t count for you to become a role of the server


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