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________________________________________________________ • Centralized database with a hierarchy of basic and more detailed information • Single location to add and edit information • Track and report on a whole grow operation without you needing to log into multiple applications • Involves more then just cannabis, track anything you want to • Add as many branches to the same plant as you want with unlimited clones • Backups and a fail safe feature • Drawings as seen from a plants point of view • Export to PDF • Sort and organize to make it easy for you to browse through • Export current status to XML file that can be encrypted • Integrates with Q&A, helping you find answers • Generate monthly or weekly reports and graphs • Speeds up your grow operations by assigning one person to a grow, clones, everything • Import and export between HERB.IQ and Q&A • Store unlock codes for your customers in a separate file so they are only accessible to you Main features: In order to track all aspects of your cannabis related operation, functionality must be added to select components, the following functionality is provided by default. This is a first draft of the screens. If you would like to help me to improve this application then please contact me and i will certainly appreciate your help. THANKS -Jordi HOW TO USE HERB.IQ: First of all you need to download the files from the WordPress. The app will require you to authenticate yourself with a password. After authentication you will have access to an administration panel where you will be able to add and edit the information regarding your grow and clones. If you already have a grow grow then you can directly access the administration panel and start updating your information, or you can access it in the future with your unlock code. Regarding cloning, cloning, the clone can be made only after the plants have been ready. To add clones to a growing plants we have a unique feature called «Plants list», once the clone is ready, you will be able to add it directly to the list of plants, saving all the information to the database. Once you have logged in to the administration panel, you will be able to access to a table of all your growing information, from where you can add a new row of information, or edit one. All information can be managed through the administration panel, including the possibility of editing the username and password of the application

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Features: — Manage all aspects of growing in one place including clones, clones schedule, seeds, vegetation schedule, grow ops schedule, resevoirs, monitorings, pumps, intakes, foggers, fans, systems, harvest and drying, clone analysis, harvest analysis, etc. — Download raw data to a CSV file via a very simple «Add to download list» menu item. — Expenses programmable into the budget screen so you can see when, where and how much you spend on different items. — Auto generate as many preset budgets as you need from simply 3 initial amounts. — Grow systems including light systems, optical systems and temperature/humidity systems all integrated and updated automatically. — Grow operations that can be custom designed via the WPF brush class. — Virtual grow ops for multiple crops. — Clone analysis screens all normal and all clonal. — Color coded the clone data trees to show which clones are doing well and which clones are not at all. — Seed spottiness is calculated and shown. — Lots of other features that I hope to add in the future. License Full License: Click here to find out more about what’s currently available (client licensing price): Click here to license the program for free: More Info Documentation available: Sobel HSL Documentation: Sobel, J and Stigler, J. (2006). Growth-oriented commercial herbal cannabis cultivation: a case study. In *Essential of Production: Cultivation and Genetics. Proceedings of the ninth international conference on production systems and technologies (pp. 229-239). Utrecht, The Netherlands: ISACA*. Download HERB.IQ Cracked Accounts Program Files: C:\Program Files\HERB.IQ Click on the buttons below to download current updates or to contact me 02dac1b922

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All aspects of your grow environment can be tracked. On average the cannabis gardener spends hours a day logging information. Thus, the monitoring and record keeping aspects of marijuana production has grown into a big business. A growing marijuana business must have high quality control over every aspect of their production process, and this includes growing, bud harvesting, bud drying, selling, and storing. The proliferation of growers in the US has lead to the emergence of a self-regulated industry. Today, even though the Cannabis sativa L. plant is the most known, the medical use of marijuana is quite diverse. The purpose of this product is to help the caretaker track and monitor the growth and maturation of the plants being grown in a marijuana grow system. The functions of the application are simple. Growers would perform the steps of taking an entire plant, clone, or seeds, germinate the seeds, seed starter, or cuttings, and begin a grow on any of the ground growing systems including hydroponics, soil, containers, or rockwool. The growth and maturity of the plants produced are tracked using a continuous log of a plant’s growth and maturation. A wide variety of environmental conditions can be entered to track plant growth and maturation. The gardener can track a wide array of environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, light, CO2 levels, fan speed, net DC, fan speed, nitrogen levels, and CO2 levels. All aspects of these environmental conditions are recorded as plant measurements. Once the gardener is finished flowering the plants, buds, and buds are graded and dried. The gardener must track the flowering and dry down of the plants in order to accurately calculate the maximum bud possible as well as calculate its yields. This information is used to calculate profits. All data is stored in XML format. The creation of clones is another activity that is often tracked. Sometimes these clones are used to strengthen the medical marijuana grow. The gardener would enter the clones’ measurements as well. It is possible to track clones using their measurements and results. The gardener can enter pre-purchased seeds into the system for tracking and breeding projects. The data can be stored and used later on, allowing for the addition of measurements and breeding progress. The doctor records the treatment options for the patients use and all records are stored in the growing system in an encrypted document. The doctor is currently working on a fully functional social media system. The application allows the doctor and user to make comments on the patients’

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A simple WPF application written in Visual C# 2010 that will help people with medical conditions, by helping them track their medical marijuana. The software is completely user friendly; no coding is needed to use the application, there are extensive tutorials to explain exactly how everything works. What you get with this: 1. On the main screen of the app you can check the status of your indoor grow, whether it is currently flaring or not, how many plant it has, how many clones it has, the seed count and a notification when it is time to reorder seeds (there are many excellent seed providers on here.org you could use). 2. On the detailed screen you can view all the details of all the clones on your grow. You can choose to view by clones or crops and you can open and browse to any crop, clone, plant, or growing schedule, this list of crops you can view shows whether your plants are currently flaring. Each crop has their own detailed view, which is a a page of your data that can be seen and browsed to your needs. 3. If you reorder seeds you can buy, or compare, which of your clones most closely matches your desired crop. You can then pick which clone you would like to purchase and if you want to preorder seeds you can pay now and add them to the seed list so it is ready to be purchased when the time comes. 4. The software also handles seed reorder functionality, if you have an old crop of seeds that are now past their best use, you can have your clones that match that crop to them, you can view this list to to decide which clone to use, then when you purchase new seeds you can add them to the old crop. 5. You can also add funding sources to your billing. 6. You can also add pictures of your plants and other plants you are in contact with to your directory, this is a simple auto search through 10 different providers. 7. You can browse to seed info, you can access this page by clicking the black button to the far right. 8. And you can view and edit most of your data. 9. You can read a short tutorial on how to use this application. What is already included with this: 1. The Unencrypted seed list which is very basic and that is for viewing only. 2. The Basic billing screen. 3. Optional encryption of your data if you have.NET Framework 4.


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