A business, big or small needs to keep a well-organized database of items, customers and employees, as well as a record of every activity. Computers help a lot in this regard, with specialized applications like HD-POS Single Cash Register being a suitable example of the benefits of having all business-related data at your fingertips. Quick configuration of your business Before you plunge into the depths and difficulty in keeping a business in good shape, you need to define it. At the first run, you're asked to provide your company's details, which can also be altered later on. From name and address to contact details, TIN number and alternative name, you can add anything you consider important. An abundance of databases and tools There's enough space to work with and the interface is intuitive, with colorful buttons you quickly get acquainted with. You might want to configure your databases first, because the application can quickly insert existing values in corresponding fields to make the overall process more efficient. However, depending on the type and scale of your business, it can take a considerable amount of time to go through all of the four menu pages filled with elements such as items, stock transfer, suppliers. employees, stickers, bank accounts, offers, taxes, delivery details and a lot more. Add data, create reports and export info The creation window of each tool isn't difficult, with a few fields that need to be filled in, and not all of them being mandatory. Although a painfully long process, creating invoices and filling in payment details is done easier, with buttons to insert corresponding details or import external data. There are even a few accessibility tools, such as a built-in text editor with the help of which to quickly take notes. You can also use a scheduler to create reminder for all sorts of events, but with sadly no option to make them recurrent. What's more, export options enable you to save reports or tables under several popular document files for further processing. In conclusion To sum it up, HD-POS Single Cash Register comes equipped with a lot more and manages to fully live up to expectations. The intuitive design with colorful buttons makes it easy to use and map out important tools. With a thorough and abundant set of tools and features, the application is worth a try for any type of business.







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Due to the change in the payment system, the RF Payment option has no longer been able to function. Therefore, we suggest you use the following alternatives: 1) Create a new account via e-mail. 2) Import your payment details from an existing account. 3) Use a different payment option. To create a new account: 1) Click ‘Create a new account’ in the top menu. 2) Enter your account details and click ‘Next’. 3) Click ‘Create account’. To import a payment log from an existing account: 1) Click ‘Import payment log’ on the log page. 2) Select the log file and click ‘Import’. New accounts can be created for other currencies (€, GBP, etc.). For details, please see the euro: Import account details: 1) Use the account number from the log (make sure to save it in a safe place before starting the import). 2) Enter the preferred PIN code. 3) Click ‘Import’ and fill in the remaining fields. 4) Click ‘Continue’. 5) Click ‘Save log’. 6) Click ‘Continue’ again. 7) Download a payment log file and update your account with the new log file. 9) Delete the log file and click ‘Continue’. Important When you open the log file, you will find that all fields have been filled in. However, the account number will not be present in the transaction lists on the following pages. The number is only visible when you create a new account. Payment Options The following is an overview of the available payment options for a given account: 1) Discount codes for the store: 2) Discount codes for the user: 3) Refunds: 4) Check orders 5) Online / Offline / Receive by mail: For more information see How to cash out from HD-POS Single Cash Register Cracked Version: 1) Go to the Main menu. 2) Select ‘Bank’. 3) Select ‘Cash out’. 4) Click on the ID of the bank account

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HD-POS Single Cash Register is a POS software program that makes you able to process debit and credit cards, as well as bill you and much more. Built to perform at the level of one of the top POS software, this program provides a clean, attractive and intuitive user interface so you’re able to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be a small restaurant chain, hotel or spa, independent shop or the CEO of any company, HD-POS Single Cash Register has a set of tools that will be the basis of all your business and employees. Some of the features HD-POS Single Cash Register boast include: — Scan & Checkout: The application lets you scan barcode or UPC code to make purchases — End-of-Order: It allows you to view sales by item — Compete Transactions: Recompense all actions done by the customer — Increase Sales: When the customers order a drink, it allows you to promote discounted drink specials by offering coupons. — Branding: The ability to assign brand logos to each checkout counter for easy visibility of sales statistics — Sales Rates: The application allows you to compute sales rates for each day or employee as well as for specific items — POS Reminder: The application lets you create reminders to help you remember items, sales and payments. — Payment Reminder: Allows you to create reminders to encourage customers to make their payments. — Reminders: Allows you to create reminders for events, sales or checks and set up time. — Reports: Allows you to see sales, tips and tips by employee. — Send Sales: You can directly email this information to your boss HD-POS Single Cash Register is a software program for computer systems that are designed to run POS systems. This application can be used by businesses that accept debit and credit cards as well as items like bananas, bottles of water or even used clothing. It is not a replacement for a cash register of the same type, but is designed to be a supplement, additional to a cash register. HD-POS Single Cash Register is considered a lightweight POS system, with most operations being done via the computer. This software is designed to be very intuitive and easy to learn, and has a sleek, modern look and a fresh user interface. HD-POS Single Cash Register supports all the major types of credit and debit card transactions, as well as network cards. It also has the ability to add barcode scanners for purchases to make things even easier 2f7fe94e24

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HD-POS Single Cash Register is designed to fulfill all your business requirements concerning inventory, customer management, employee management, supplier management and cash register functions. The Quickstart wizard takes you step by step through the set-up process and provides all the information you need for fast and efficient system configuration. HD-POS Single Cash Register | Benefits : ✔ A complete inventory and customer management solution ✔ A wide range of printers with ready-to-use customer configurable layouts ✔ A wide range of POS software solutions ✔ Complete replacement of cash registers ✔ Easily handle regular jobs and/or special tasks ✔ Enhance customer satisfaction thanks to personal cards ✔ Keep an eye on your cash and inventory levels ✔ Manual operation of your POS or an automatic (in-built) algorithm with mathematical formulas ✔ Keep track of your business and financial information ✔ Communicate with customers, suppliers and employees ✔ Quickly view your sales and inventory levels ✔ Generate ready-to-print reports ✔ Fast workflows ✔ Mobile POS solution ✔ More features, more flexibility ✔ Easy to use, easy to learn ✔ Designed to match your business requirements ✔ Perfect for Retail Business, Food & Beverage & Restaurants, Service Industry, Shipping & Logistics, B2B Procurement, Education Business, and many more ✔ Free trial ✔ Local and Global support ✔ Local (English and German) and Global (English and Spanish) regional support ✔ Superb customer support ✔ Licensing and Reseller Program HD-POS Single Cash Register is a complete inventory and customer management solution. From inventory to automated inventory management, over invoice generation, you can count on HD-POS Single Cash Register to drive your business. If you own or operate a business, you know that it’s important to keep a good track of your company’s inventory. This can be easily done with HD-POS Single Cash Register. The inventory management system comes equipped with support for different types of inventory, including factory and warehouse, a wide range of cash register types and a variety of inventory cycles. From receiving the initial order and taking of payment to delivery and invoicing, you can automate these processes and save a lot of time. Whether you are manually tracking inventory or using a paper-based system, you can eliminate any inefficiencies and errors at the click of a button. Plus

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HD-POS Single Cash Register is a powerful inventory, inventory management and point of sale application for the sale and promotion of goods. It also has features such as a very user-friendly and flexible interface. This allows you to get an accurate inventory, product usage statistics, order confirmation, bill-of-materials, label printing, barcode scanning and more. … Rayware Pro 2 Unbelievably fast and efficient! RayWare Pro 2 is a financial management tool for the purpose of per-financial accounting and budget control. With RayWare Pro 2, you can enjoy much more stability and energy savings. Here are some useful features you can avail: Per-financial accounts Automatic entering and output of financial information to your choice of formats Switching between fixed or movable point of sales Listing all your transactions by type and date Viewing transaction detail Budgeting Printing budget report Printing transaction detail Budgeting Support many accounts with different menus Budgets and transactions for different accounts Unlimited accounts Budget display page for different accounts Multiple currencies Advanced sorting and filtering function Viewing transaction detail Printing transaction detail Budgeting Supports passwords to lock data Budgeting Support also for events (dispensation) Budgeting System Requirements Operating System: Win XP, Win 7 or above Processor: 1GHz or above Memory: 1GB or more Hard disk: 250MB or more Display: 1024×768, 1280×1024 Networking: Broadband Internet connection Rayware Pro 2 is a financial accounting and budgeting software and is widely used by small and medium sized enterprises. It has been designed with ease of use in mind. With this, you get a complete readymade solution to keep track of your day-to-day finance. Web platform of Rayware Pro 2:- Rayware Pro 2 is a web-based application. A complete Web platform development package with more than 100 components, it can be used to develop various web-based applications in various industries such as Financial Institutions, Retail, e-Commerce etc. The web platform also gives access to all the features of the Rayware Pro 2 application (with the exception of the accounting modules) and provides flexibility to integrate other modules as well.


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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 (or Vista) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 (2.8 GHz) or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 256 MB ATI Radeon HD 5800 or NVIDIA GeForce 8600 Storage: 4 GB available space Sound: DirectX 9.0 compliant sound card with 24-bit/48 kHz sound output Additional: SSE2-enabled CPU Recommended: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo