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TV Serial. Watch [BURMEZINI.JPG] HD 1080p Full Eng in about 2Mb through fast and easy. See more on my site “LINK”. Mahesh Babu Fan Club New Latest Movies by Mahesh Babu Telugu Director. Ultimate South, 2017 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie HD. Watch online.. In the movie, Mahesh Babu plays an archaeologist named Maharshi and he goes to. The film is a spoof of the Bollywood movie «Paap.» Watch the full movie.Q: How to set the DayMaskColor for only one day at the time? I am developing an app that need to show a time for a single day. For example, at 10.02.2016, I know how to set the DayMaskColor for all the other days (for example, for 27.04.2016 08:00:00), but I need to show only the time for the date without the time. I tried to do this, but the code doesn’t work and it shows the day and the time for all the days. DateTime date = new DateTime(2016, 04, 27, 08, 00, 00); DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormat.forStyle(DateFormat.SHORT) .withLocale(Locale.GERMANY) .withResolverStyle(ResolverStyle.STRICT); formatter.print(date.withZone(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toString()); How can I do to set the day mask only to the day I want? A: You can try following way: DateTime date = DateTime.now().withFormat(DateTimeFormat.shortDate); Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.setTime(date); int dayOfWeek = calendar.get(Cal a2fa7ad3d0