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Telecharger Autocad 2009 Fr Gratuit En Francais Emulparadise Track V

How to get it? The present invention relates to a method of processing solder-plated electronic parts such as lead frames and to an apparatus for carrying out the method. Recently, many electronic parts have been required to be highly integrated. To meet the requirement, it is necessary to form wirings and terminals on a single substrate. Thus, each of the electronic parts is carried to a final step after being mounted on an individual thin plate such as a lead frame, and then each of the thin plates is further processed to be mounted on a wafer. The electronic parts are firstly carried to a solder-plating step. Solders of different kinds are applied to the electronic parts. The electronic parts then have their coatings of the solders melted by heating so as to be separated into each other. This heating step is called a roasting process. The solder plated on the electronic parts undergoes a post-processing which includes a crystal-streak breaking step using a crystal-streak breaking tool, a plating-removal step which removes the plated films of the solders, a polish-removal step and a washing step. The roasting process is conducted at a temperature of approximately C., and is performed so that it lasts for approximately one hour. Thus, the roasting process is unavoidable. The roasting process is performed using a so-called roasting machine which is equipped with a rotary table. The rotary table is mounted on a furnace heated in air, and is rotated at a given speed. The rotary table is generally divided into 20 to 30 areas, and a workpiece is transported from one area to another. The workpieces thus transported are placed on a platform of the rotary table. The workpieces are positioned on the rotary table so as to be in contact with a heating block. The heating block is heated by an induction heater using electromagnetic force, and the workpieces are heated by heat from the heating block. The workpieces are processed by a certain kind of device. The rate at which the wirings are to be formed depends upon the quantity of the solders to be removed. For instance, if the quantity of the solders to be removed is small, the wirings can be formed by heating the workpieces in a relatively short time. Therefore, wirings can be formed with high efficiency. However, in order to form wirings with high precision, a plurality of the workpieces are

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