Roblox is an online computer game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows players to program games and play a wide variety of pre-made games created by other players. It was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, who are known for their previous work on SpaceChem and The Caligari Effect, which they produced in 2003 and 2001, respectively. Their aim in developing Roblox was to provide a streamlined process to create both web games and traditional console games. Roblox is based on a programming language called Lua and includes a game development toolkit called Bloxels. History Components Coding platform Coded in Lua, Roblox allows users to easily program games and add content for their own enjoyment. It can include music, graphics, game mechanics, and even the programming and running of the game or game engine itself. Programmers can apply for and be granted access to Roblox’s restricted area, where they can develop and upload their games. Roblox includes a game development platform that users can use to create their own games. This platform, Bloxels, includes a set of tools for animating objects in a game, writing and compiling Lua scripts, generating sprite sheets and the ability to add sounds. In addition to this, the Roblox Studio is also available and includes features such as its own scripting language and integrated Lua interpreter, as well as a feature for generating games and platforms based on templates. Server The Roblox server hosts a game for each user. Upon logging in, players can chat with other players, contribute their own content, view their friends’ games, and have a forum that allows them to browse and create games. Game types Roblox games are classified into four categories. Subsequent to the release of Roblox, new forms of game genres were introduced. For example, when Skylanders and Spyro: A Treasure Map were introduced, platformers were updated to use a different type of physics. Action Action games are similar to platform games in the sense that they deal with the player moving across a surface in order to make progress in the game. One classic example of this type of game is Mario Bros. While the games using this type of genre are frequently more difficult in terms of challenge, they are considered to be the most common form of casual games on Roblox, and also provide a good potential for


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