Like so many of today’s hottest apps, Roblox started out as a website. In 2004, game developer David Baszucki and game developer Erik Cassel created a website called to teach their kids to code. What started off as a way to teach kids web design quickly grew into a place where people from all over the world built interactive stories and games. All of this was possible thanks to Roblox’s early programming tool, which enabled users to build games using a drag-and-drop interface. But this wasn’t just any old drag-and-drop tool. Roblox’s programming language was designed so that it would require even kids to develop good habits. The tool was designed to give kids what Roblox calls “creative control.” Only with creative control over their projects could kids be expected to develop their skills. With Roblox, kids could make their own games or use pre-designed templates to build games quickly and easily. The idea behind Roblox’s programming language was that kids would learn to code by building games. Kids would be able to choose the type of game they made and its genre, and would be allowed to create games around their interests. Roblox’s early games were more educational than most, but as time went on the studio began to create games for all ages with a range of genres, including action, strategy, adventure, and comedy. What made Roblox stand out was the studio’s focus on real-world interactivity. Instead of being stuck with simple puzzles or learning about the world through text and pictures, Roblox games were built around interactions between players. One of Roblox’s most popular concepts was roleplay, which required players to actually play the game together through text chat and other forms of input. Players would dress up in costumes and build a special avatar that they would use throughout the game. Every interaction between players could be documented, so that fans could follow the game play in real time. In addition to games, Roblox also hosted an array of other types of activities, including minigames, bots, and in-game events. The studio even built in virtual cameras that users could use to document their own games to share with the world. In 2010, the studio behind Roblox opened the doors to creating games for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. That same year


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