Roblox is a virtual world platform where you can create your own games or just hang out and play other people’s games. You can create all kinds of games: card games, sports games, fighting games, action games, roleplaying games, adventure games, racing games, driving games, shooting games, and dancing games. As a platform, Roblox also lets you create multiplayer games. On Roblox, players can design and play games, chat with other players, create their own profiles, watch videos, and browse a catalog of game content created by other players and developers. The platform also features a robust social network where users can interact with each other through their games. On Roblox, user games are hosted on “developers” accounts, and a single Roblox username is required to play on all accounts. Each account has a set of friends (which are available to all users), who can communicate with other users (whether the players are on the same Roblox account or not). When a game is started, a player can decide to invite up to five friends to play the game. Like most online platforms, Roblox has a virtual currency for purchasing game content and in-game items (such as weapons, tools, or costumes), or can be acquired for free by playing games. Robux is Roblox’s virtual currency, and it’s the primary currency in Roblox’s “in-game store”. The store offers a variety of items, including materials needed to create new games, customizable avatar items, virtual items, premium avatar items, in-game currency, Robux, Roblox cash (which pays for certain transactions within the game or has other uses), premium currency, and premium items. A user can create as many games as he or she would like, can play other games for free, can join game servers (which are private by default), and can play as a guest (in which case a user will not have any of his or her own resources). Mon, 16 Aug 2018 11:07:02 (Message)


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