If you're interested in a simple way to turn plain-looking pictures into drawings, you don't have to learn how to use Photoshop but resort to an easier application instead, like Picture to Painting Converter. It's a Windows program that's wrapped in an intuitive interface and provides predefined profiles for converting images to paintings. The tool has presets and configuration settings available for three painting styles: Oil, Watercolor, and Impressionism. Although you can pick between multiple ready profiles, it's also possible to make further tweaks if you're not completely satisfied with the results. Convert common photos into paintings Installing the utility doesn't take long. Once you reach the main window, you can get started by importing the photo you wish to make adjustments to. As far as filetypes are concerned, Picture to Painting Converter supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICO, TIF, TGA, PSD, PCX and WMF. You can easily explore, select and preview the presets facilitated by the application. Different configuration settings are available for each painting style. For example, when it comes to Oil paintings, you can pick a different brush shape, stroke light type, light strength, intensity, micro details, and curvature. Oil, Watercolor and Impressionism painting profiles For Watercolor drawings, you can set the level of abstraction, detail, saturation, smoothness, sharpening, and canvas. Lastly, when it comes to Impressionism, you can specify the correction strength, abstraction level, radius, and canvas. Multiple photos can be processed in bulk if you want to apply the same effects to all. What's more, you can add watermarks, zoom in and out of the pictures, view file information, undo and redo your actions, as well as adjust the bright, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, and gamma. Taking everything into account, Picture to Painting Converter provides a simple interface and options for helping you give a new look to your pictures by making them look like Oil, Watercolor or Impressionism paintings.







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What’s New in This Release: 1. Tool Bar: Added Save Widget. 2. Uninstall: Added the option to uninstall the executable. 3. Fixed: Crash issues with trial versions of updates. 4. Fixed: Windows 10 Support 5. Fixed: Updated French translation. What’s New in This Release: 1. Toolbar: Added Save Widget, Reset Widget. 2. Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some updates could not be installed due to a system error. Known Issues: Licensing may not be active on computers that have expired, or have never been activated, for a PowerToys license. As soon as PowerToys is properly licensed, it will offer to activate PowerToys at startup. Plain text files in English cannot be verified. What’s New in This Release: 1. Toolbar: Added the Save Widget, Reset Widget, Go to Widget and Restart Widget to the PowerToys Toolbar. 2. Added the option to switch shortcuts in the ‘All’ category. 3. Added the option to bring up the addon manager using a keyboard shortcut. 4. Tweaked the ‘All’ and ‘Quick Search’ categories in the Toolbar. 5. Added the option to sort the updated shortcuts in the ‘All’ category in the Toolbar. 6. Added the option to reset all shortcuts in the ‘All’ category in the Toolbar. Known Issues: Licensing may not be active on computers that have expired, or have never been activated, for a PowerToys license. As soon as PowerToys is properly licensed, it will offer to activate PowerToys at startup. Plain text files in English cannot be verified. What’s New in This Release: 1. Updated the check for required features in PowerToys 2.0 2. Fixed the issue of a “failed to install updates” error that was caused by an unstable internet connection 3. Fixed incorrect working of the Windows OS update when the user has a restricted internet connection 4. Fixed the issue of a system error when installing the updates 5. Fixed an issue when trying to open a save dialog if the program was set to auto-run when Windows started 6. Added an option to have the program run at startup in

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Auto Shutdown Description was written to be free of hacks, malware, and wizards. This is a free version of the 2000’s ASP control used in web applications. Auto Shutdown Description is a «Best of Breed» ASP control that does not require the use of any external DLL’s or components. The HTML elements provided can be used in any ASP «included files» and you have the ability to customize the HTML to meet your needs. Each day of the week is represented with «day» HTML elements with unique attributes set to specific values. For example, to include the «weekday» element that displays as «Monday», specify: The HTML element «day» only sets the day name («Sunday», «Monday», «Tuesday», etc.) and you can also use the optional «DayOfWeek» attribute to define which day you want to be displayed as the first value of the «Monday» element. Auto Shutdown Description enables you to use the HTML elements in any of the included HTML files. To use it in your web pages, simply copy the «Day» HTML element and paste it between the opening and closing head elements of your HTML file. The control works exactly like any other ASP «Included file» element. That means, you can also easily use the element in any of your ASP code. Auto Shutdown Description works in a «read only» mode and is locked on a read only page. Read Only mode is enabled using the «readonly» attribute. This attribute takes two arguments, the first being the asp:HyperLink control to which the attribtue is applied, the second being the action, in this case «AutoShutdownDescription.aspx». The action can also be set to one of the following actions: all All actions are reset on «master page» (default) reload, and must be reset on page refresh. modification_date Events are scheduled to occur on the current date if there are any events on the current date. modification_date_time Events are scheduled to occur on the current date and time if there are any events on the current date. modification_date_time_current_day Events are scheduled to occur on the current date and time and for the entire day (is included in the day of week cycle). There is also an aa67ecbc25

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Free Auto Shutdown Description: Airfoil is a multi-platform application that allows you to stream your music collection wirelessly to your home audio system or portable device. Airfoil is a lightweight and easy-to-use music streaming application, that lets you stream music from one PC to another, directly to your player. You don’t need to have to do anything special, or even know the details of your network. Airfoil is a smart music manager designed to make your life as simple as possible. Airfoil will automatically detect any changes to your music library, and will make sure your music is streaming. You can then access all of your music on any PC, Mac or portable media player. Even when you’re not connected, your music is still available for listening. No complicated setup or difficult configuration is required. Send music direct to you portable device or wireless speakers. Built-in media streamer with cloud streaming and a queue system. Stream music from your PC to AirPlay or Bluetooth speakers directly from your iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Google Music and more. Automatically detect changes to your library and handle any updates in real time. Browse and preview your entire music collection, with a very fast, simple interface. Cloud streaming to any Bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA, or Chromecast device or wireless speaker. Playlists, smart playlists, smart static playlists and more. Airfoil also works with any application that can output audio, such as iTunes, VLC, Spotify, YouTube, VVVVVV or any other audio or video player. Airfoil is not a media player application, it’s simply a network bridge, an interface between your computer and the rest of your media. You can browse your entire music collection, search for your favourite artists, buy new music or download it to your computer. Create a smart playlist based on your music, such as «My Morning List». The ability to sort and filter music by album or artist. Advanced search capabilities. Control playback of music from your entire music collection on any device. Control playback of music from your entire music collection on any device. Works on your entire music collection including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Music and more. List and delete music from your library. *Airfoil only listens to music on your home network and doesn’t work over the internet. *Airfoil works with

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is a simple utility that comes bundled with various predefined shutdown and restart schedules. One of its many interesting features is the possibility to create and save schedules for specific times, types of operation, and specific environment (such as Windows System, Network, Wireless Device, Application, or Secondary Hard Drive). The utility can also be extended with new schedules using binary file (BIN file) as a schedule file. Also, the program can be extended with additional features using the AHK scripting language. During our testing we have found that the program is simple to use. It delivers high performance and offers numerous predefined shutdown schedules for different purposes, and can also be enhanced with advanced features using AHK scripting. Top Features: — Allows you to create and save your own predefined shutdown schedules, as well as create, edit, and delete them. — Can be extended with additional features using the AutoHotkey scripting language. — Creates BIN files as schedule files. — Configures the new schedule as soon as it is created. — Displays the current schedule on startup. — Display the remaining time and total amount of time when a schedule is running. — Protects the computer from system interrupts if the program is running. — Automatically identifies and processes the scheduled shutdown or restart. — Can be extended with a few additional features using AutoHotKey scripting. — Easily accesses a variety of files, folders, and drives. — Cleans unnecessary files and folders from the System folder. — Lists Windows Programs to delete on shutdown. — Displays date and time information. — Displays the system information. — Displays the operating system version. — Displays the current time and time zone. — Opens the calendar from the Windows Control Panel. — Maps network drives to simplify starting and accessing files from network locations. — Opens the file explorer on shutdown. — Removes applications from the Windows startup menu. — Sets the background screen saver to stop at shutdown. — Sets sleep mode to computer at shut down or restart. — Sets the order of shutdown screens. — Sets sleep mode on system power loss. — Synchronizes network time with a central PC server or Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. — Windows Shutdown dialog shows when a scheduled shutdown is needed. — Windows Startup dialog shows when a scheduled restart is needed. — Displays all computer and physical drives

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* XBox 360 and PC * Broadband internet connection * VR headset compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (available at select retailers) * Minimum PC specifications: CPU: AMD A8-3850K Quad-Core @ 4.7 GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270X or equivalent NVIDIA GPU with 12GB VRAM RAM: 8GB HDD: 160 GB * Recommended PC specifications: CPU: AMD A10-7850K Quad-Core @ 4.2 GHz GPU