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Forex Tester Features: 1. Currency watch: This powerful currency trading software enables you to chart and monitor your profits and losses. You can also search through a list of predefined currencies and select the one which you would like to trade. 2. Intuitive and user-friendly interface The simple and intuitive interface of the software enables you to perform any type of Forex action that you want easily. From the very beginning, you are given a complete Forex trading tutorial where you can find all the essential information regarding trading as well as complete instructions on how to use the application successfully. 3. Interactive charts Easy to use and versatile in nature, you can configure all kinds of charts on the go by simply choosing between multiple charts you can add into the program with no limitations. Not only that, but you can also zoom in and out, add indicators, apply trend-following technical analysis, adjust the chart height and width and many more. 4. History window and account recording With a Forex Tester account you can create an unlimited number of charts, change the chart type and manage unlimited graphs according to your needs. Furthermore, you can access the history window and search for all your previously performed transactions of a particular currency pair. Also, you can freeze any of the charts you created. 5. Listed pairs The software supports over 20 pairs, including very popular currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, NZD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP and many more. 6. Overview windows The program sports numerous indicators that you can apply to the charts including moving average, Bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, CD, CCI, ADX and so on. 7. Macro view Listed pairs as well as market makers are totally supported. You can also import any of your own graphs. 8. Multiple timers You can set all your own timers to trade according to your schedule and pause and rewind any chart which you want to follow in a specific pair. 9. Support and submission The support team is always willing to answer your queries related to any of the software, so you will never have any difficulties in terms of technical or software issues. You can also contact the support team via the live chat as well as submit a

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• High availability • Turbo Charge Mode – with history length up to 500 bars • Unlimited number of timeframes and data bars • Unlimited number of currencies • The ability to pause and rewind the charts • Undo/redo the entire strategy • Annotations with a virtual marker Key Features: Multi-language interface Excel-like charts Fully interactive charts Over 500 graphs and lines Chart analysis and trading tools Simulation of a real account History and indicator view Professional trading simulation software Excel-like charts Built-in Strategy Builder Microsoft Excel E-book Formula Tester 2.0 Release date: 14/01/2014 Price: $35.00 Developed by C. Ball, C. Eves, B. Gilbert Description: Excel E-book Formula Tester is a powerful and easy to use tool that permits you to quickly turn your compiled formulas into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that you may print, edit, export and make changes to. All formulas of this software are fully tested to ensure they work perfectly, which means you can use it as a tool for practice before trading with live money. In addition, you are also able to generate unlimited sheets and duplicates, and export to Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF format. All formulas are written using the Excel formulas language (XL) or the VBScript language. For those who wish to make use of the spreadsheet editor, you will need Microsoft Excel Version 2003, Excel Version 2007, Excel Version 2010 or Excel Version 2013 installed on your computer. Having a complete spreadsheet with properly formatted formulas, you can quickly practice a formula and obtain accurate results. Microsoft Excel E-book Formula Tester 2.0 Key Features: Excel compatible Fully tested formulas Spreadsheet editor Automatically updates formulas Validate formulas Export to Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF Excel E-book Formula Tester 2.0 Screenshots: Microsoft Excel E-book Formula Tester 2.0 System Requirements: Microsoft Excel Version 2003, Excel Version 2007, Excel Version 2010 or Excel Version 2013 Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8 Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or later User Manual: Excel E-book Formula Tester 1.0 Release date: 31/08/2013 b7e8fdf5c8

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The most intuitive Forex Tester available on the market. Among the features offered, there are indicators that can help you to find the right trading strategies and method. Don’t miss these tools: Indicator: Linear regression channel Indicator: Moving average Indicator: Price channel Indicator: Price daily range Indicator: FATL Indicator: Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) Indicator: Wave patterns The program also includes a technical tool that can calculate Fibonacci ratios in a chart. The program helps you to test the effectiveness of any strategy using this well-established formula: = F(t) + F(t-1) These ratio can be applied when counting: Trend channels and support and resistance zones Precious metals and other commodities Forex Tester Version history Oct 25, 2010 First Release Jun 29, 2013 4.0 Added support for Windows 8 Fixed several bugs If you are interested in the program, visit our website to purchase a license. Visitors are also able to read what our clients have to say about the application: “Forex Tester is an accurate application for testing trading tools and strategies. It is convenient and simple to use, does not need updates and is at the top of its class.” – Luca Sibilla “Forex Tester works extremely well for testing trading tools and strategies, and it has a well-thought design that facilitates use.” – Matt Ruggeri “I believe that Forex Tester is a good product with high usability.” – Xiuyan Zhang “Forex Tester is a good app for testing. I think it is pretty interesting and it is always easy to follow the instructions.” – João Heringer “Forex Tester is the ideal tool to test trading tools and strategies. Simple to use, it doesn’t require any updates and it supports any platform.” – Pedro Pinto “Forex Tester is a good option. It’s simple to use, does not need updates and it’s compatible with any platform.” – Tony Bachman “Forex Tester is really the best tool to test trading strategies. I am using it for a while and I’m really impressed by its features and how easy it

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An intuitive layout offers a remarkable Forex trading user interface. In fact, it is very easy to start utilizing the program as it requires minimum efforts and controls. An instance of the ‘Start Session’ screen allows a trader to create a new account. Moreover, this application lets you create a chart on all the predefined timeframes. In addition, using ‘Export’, you can create an Excel file containing the results of the most commonly used indicators, set the price criteria, start date, stop loss, etc. What’s more, the software enables you to freely preview historical data. Another feature making Forex Tester distinctive and easier to use is ‘Reset to Default’. As soon as you are ready, you can run an actual trading session using ‘Start Simulation’, watch each transaction in real time and export the results at any time. Forex Tester Bonuses & Free Trial Forex Tester Platform: User Interface:5/5 User Experience:5/5 Features:5/5 Support:5/5 Publisher’s Comments: Forex Tester is one of the most useful applications that create price charts and simulate trading sessions in different ways. It is designed for everyone and supports a wide variety of charts. Moreover, Forex Tester is an inexpensive Forex trading application that allows you to see your trading sessions in real time. Forex Tester Overview: Forex Tester is an automated trading software application that simulates real-life Forex trade sessions in real time. Forex Tester review will not take long to read because it’s simple and it contains only a few points. As many other applications, this application is ideal for novice traders. Forex Tester is an easy-to-use application that offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily place your trades. The application features eight charts and various Forex trading instruments. For this reason, you can monitor price movements in real time, conduct Forex scalping, and conduct technical analysis and CFD trading. Forex Tester Platform: Host: Operating system: Interface: Language: Web design and development cPanel Windows Portfolio Manager with Exchange 3.5 It should come as no surprise that Fore

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PlayStation®4 Internet connection PlayStation®VR PlayStation®Camera The PlayStation®Network disc is not included. Language: English PlayStation®VR Required PlayStation®Camera Required Not compatible with PlayStation®Vita © 2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. All rights reserved. Ninja Theory Limited and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited. ©2016 HELLBLADE: SENUA’S SECRET LIMITED. All