The technology also makes improvements to FIFA Ultimate Team and the Off-the-Ball Skill Stick. New Transfers The most successful clubs now have the potential to secure the best players in the world, with a new “World Top 100” list that ranks the best footballers in the world. Players are rated using the same FIFA (FIFA 22 and FIFA 21) Metacritic Metascore used to benchmark other games. On the heels of the Bundesliga, clubs can now negotiate player salaries, wage packages and other contract details. Improved Matchday Experience Players now react to the ball in more natural ways, including when they are sprinting, challenging for the ball, making a tackle, and their opponents are reaching for the ball. Fans will now be able to follow players and team, as well as their favorite club. This will be expanded on in the next few updates as we will be adding more team and player teams (such as the Germany national team or Juventus), so that fans can follow them as an individual. The Defenders are more flexible on the pitch, with more tactical awareness, and will be able to step up to the challenge when needed. Plus, improved camera work will provide the most authentic view possible. Improved Atmospheres Weather effects will be fully integrated, giving a more realistic experience. Football matches will be played in the rain, as well as snow, as weather conditions shift in real-time. The soundtrack has also been updated in many of the stadiums, including the new UEFA Champions League venues. Improved Free Kicks Free kicks will now be more realistic when taken from an optimum angle, and players will naturally react when free kicks are taken within their area or the area they can see is in close proximity. They will also naturally react to a whipped cross or cross from the wings, and when they are in a defenseless position. A new Injury System has been implemented, allowing managers and players to see the effects of injuries through new animations and a new “Teardown” button (as seen in the trailer). Improved Player Intros Over-the-shoulder camera views are now more than just a way to showcase players on the pitch, as they will offer a more authentic experience for your club. Dynamic Goalkeeper Physics (GK) All goalkeepers will now react properly when the ball is


Fifa 22 Features Key: