HyperMotion delivers the ability to lock players into an animation that accurately reflects their true movement and athleticism on the pitch, allowing gamers to easily control them and play the role of superstar with unprecedented control. The result is authentic game play that allows you to perform the most skilled moves with authenticity and precision. The system also allows players to feel like they are naturally moving inside the game. Players can move more fluidly than ever before, with the finest details of their game-changing moves being brought to life with more realistic physics. FIFA is the ultimate football gaming experience. Features: Powered by the technology and high-end engine called «Project Titan,» FIFA remains the most powerful and realistic sports game, bringing players an enhanced, more immersive football experience with unrivaled visuals, audio and gameplay. Large game world seamlessly built to accommodate massive stadiums and packed with crowds, tactics and more. FIFA’s most-comprehensive feature set with all-new dynamic manager controls, coaching and tactics, player AI, personalized touchlines, dynamic weather and more. New Scouting and Transfer system. Packed with more than 700 official clubs, leagues and national teams. More than 30 leagues and 10,000 players to manage. More than 25 million pre-made players to choose from. Fan-favorite features: Two-player co-op to join a friend on their journey through FIFA’s career mode or compete as a team in matchmaking Pace of play and stamina system. FIFA Ultimate Team: Build a dream squad from more than 25 million players, collect new players as you climb the FIFA rankings, and compete in live matches with players from all around the world. Take over 30 leagues and more than 10,000 teams. Create the most complete and authentic soccer experience with thousands of official players. Powerful Player Creator: Create players from scratch and use the FIFA Player Creator tool to create and customize your own player. In-depth Gameplay Controls: The most comprehensive gameplay controls of any soccer game, along with an evolved passing system and new dribbling controls. Fan-favorite game modes: FIFA’s innovative, social leaderboards and global challenges will take you to the next level. Become the best by learning from the


Features Key:

  • Enhanced interactions with the ball using Player Impact Engine (PIE).
  • FIFA 22 introduces ‘HyperMotion Technology’ to the World game, combining physical and perceptual data to create an increased sense of realism. Talk to your friends and find out how many players hit the ball using PIE in FIFA 22.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team now lets you play in Daily Challenges and Seasons for extra rewards and the chance to access more cards. The new FUT Squads format, which allows you to customize your team before you start a play test, lets you assemble a dream side from scratch.
  • Over 150 new cards.
  • Sudden Death Mode lets you play a single game how FIFA Ultimate Team should be played.
  • FIFA 22 introduces a new entity AI technology called A.I. Vision, which makes players more sophisticated in their opponents’ thinking, making them better at reading an opponent’s strategy. You will be less likely to be suckered by the art of feinting moves around your opponent.
  • Retro Realism makes the ball feel and behave more like a traditional, old-school football.
  • Key Features of the game :
  • Integration of physics and sound — the physical performance and the way players interact with the ball and other players on the pitch is based on the latest understanding of foot-ball physics and player behavior. A.I. players perform realistic actions when physically interacting with the ball. Players now use a combination of physical and perceptual data to simulate the physical performance a human player can produce. Over 150 new player models and the creation of thousands of animations including new animations for running, tackling, and diving to ensure every action is recreated with precision, fidelity, and nuance.
  • Player meaning created by Elite AI — FIFA developed Elite is a massive technological advancement in the way the intelligence component of FIFA Ultimate Team is applied to each of the 20,000-plus players the EA SPORTSTM FUT Club Series contains. In addition to the new examples and cues Elite looks to use in each of these players, Elite AI now looks at the player’s actions and body language, as well as their on and off the ball behavior to create detailed face animations that express emotion. After gaining that understanding of the player, Elite can then apply specific behaviors


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    FIFA is one of the best-selling sports franchises of all time, and the most globally popular sports videogame franchise. FIFA is the only sports videogame with official licenses for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Fair Play Award, FIFA Club World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup. FIFA 19 Cover FIFA 20 Cover FIFA 19 Cover FIFA 19 Cover FIFA 19 Cover FIFA 19 Cover FIFA 19 — VIDEO GAMES FIFA 19 has received critical acclaim around the world and has been awarded the gong for ‘Best Sports Game’ at The Game Awards 2019. Read more about FIFA 19… Now we’re ready for the most beautiful game of the season. The gameplay of FIFA 19 has evolved, and your skills will be challenged with a brand new Commentary Experience. Dynamic weather, the return of Pro-Effort Game-Changers, improved AI, and the Frostbite engine have made improvements to the game. We have improved the way we simulate player intelligence and behaviour, in order to provide a significantly better matchday experience. This includes better awareness of fouls and the ability to consistently make the right decisions in the heat of the moment. More FIFA 19 News Watch FIFA 19 gameplay As the most played sports videogame franchise in the world, FIFA is built on delivering comprehensive and authentic football experiences. FIFA is now even more authentic thanks to its new Frostbite engine, which brings the ball to life in more lifelike ways. The Frostbite engine has many improvements compared to FIFA 18, including a new Ball Physics system, a new User Experience, adjustments to the player’s virtual likeness, a new animation system, and new dribble and shooting controls. Read more about FIFA 19… Bringing the ball to life has never been easier in FIFA. The Ball Physics system has been improved, delivering greater ball control and a bigger range of motion for the player. The new animation system includes improved player movement and improved responsiveness. FIFA 19 controls have been further refined, and the flight of the ball is now even more realistic. Fouls and body position are now more clearly defined on the pitch for players to read, making every game more enjoyable. More FIFA 19 News Watch FIFA 19 gameplay bc9d6d6daa


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    Take your FIFA Ultimate Team to the next level and enjoy the thrill of trading, collecting, unlocking new players, and battling with friends on live games. Play your favorite football matches alone or with a friend in a series of new innovative live game modes. Challenge for unique FUT Points in a brand-new Player Duel mode. Be the ultimate head of the household. Enter the single-player Career mode and take on role of the manager. Choose your tactics, create your team and prepare for LIVE FIFA Ultimate Team Challenges. Use your Uplay account to access your saved teams, players, and manager progress. Player and Manager faces are now personalized to your looks, and you can choose your favorite player faces as the way to play your favorite manager. Online Co-op – Play with your friends in a variety of Play modes. Co-op game modes include ‘Survival’, ‘Head-to-Head’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Party’, ‘Domination’ and ‘Tournaments’. Co-op gameplay continues where online gameplay ends. Live 24/7 – Play from any game console to play the biggest games with millions of players around the world. Play single or multiplayer, anytime, anywhere, on all platforms. Enjoy FIFA, NHL, NBA and NFL online. Additional features: New media, social and gameplay innovations give fans more ways to interact. Watch live matches, share with friends, create your own content and move, shake, and dance with players in spectacular celebrations or celebrate goals with lifelike player animations. New player likeness improvements give fans a more accurate portrayal of the player. Offering more in-game options and improvements to the player engine, this version provides more authentic player appearances while improving the player model. The Player Motion System and Player Carcass Wrap system are new technologies that improves player movements, facial expressions and authentic goal celebrations. Delve deeper into the gameplay and watch more close-up camera angles than ever before. New game face interaction options allow you to quickly move the camera up and down and side to side. You can also slow down the game to a crawl and observe the details even better. New commentary options, editing and enhancements. New commentary options allow you to customize how you hear the action, including a new configurable game/home language selector. You can also assign different commentary to different league matches and create your own commentary


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • New internet
    • Custom Branding [Xbox One Only]
    • Highlights (Complete Edition)
    • Real Player Motion Data
    • Initial Brash Mode
    • New player chemistry and talents
    • Football Manager [Xbox One Only]
    • Pro pack
    • Football Park [Xbox One Only]
    • Training Facilities [Xbox One Only]
    • Player Creator [Xbox One Only]
    • FIFA Ultimate Team
    • New Control Scheme

    Customise the look of your FIFA 22 squad, team & stadium with over 350 upgrades:

    • Manager Shortcuts
    • Player Kits
    • Player Faces
    • Stadiums
    • New Commentary Commentary
    • New Player Tilt
    • New Commentary Influence
    • Commentary in Match (Goal Att., Pass Com, Assist Com)
    • New Commentary in Match
    • New Scout Camera
    • New PK system
    • New Offside system
    • New tackling animations
    • New movements during tackles
    • V2Pass Com — new camera handling of passes for better shots
    • New Passing animations
    • Better AI
    • Enhanced dribbling touches
    • Enhanced runs
    • Enhanced sprinting
    • Near Keeper
    • Curved LORR
    • Walk-behind animations
    • Increased jumps


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    Discover the difference of FIFA the world’s premier football simulation. Developed by the creators of the hit franchise, FIFA offers an authentic player experience, immersive gameplay and innovation across every mode. Features Career Mode Choosing your path as a pro starts now. Start your journey in any one of the official UEFA member associations or create a custom club to become the next footballing legend. Your career is shaped based on the decisions you make throughout your journey. Master your attributes, choose a formation or a club, sign players and manage your finances. Maximise your success in the right way and you can reach the highest levels. Prove yourself in FIFA Ultimate Team™ Create a unique squad of real players from the most legendary teams, players and stadiums. Battle against your friends and create epic stories by winning FUT Seasons. Be a global brand with your own official kits, licensed replica balls and more. Discover your true potential when you get deeper into FIFA Ultimate Team™. Revisit the annals of the world’s greatest football competition with the FIFA Bowl™. Featuring more than 10,000 real players, over 1,000 licensed stadiums and over 600 authentic clubs from across the globe, FIFA Bowl™ is ready for head-to-head action. Real Player Motion Move naturally in the third-person view with the best-in-class animation and physics-based controls. Experience the game the way the pros do in one of the biggest changes to the control system since the launch of the series. FIFA 22 introduces a new camera that is designed to enhance the player’s experience with more player details and realistic goal scenes, improved zooming, and player controls made more intuitive to control while in fast-paced team sports matches. Full Controller Support The all-new FIFA Controller offers a wide array of buttons and analog sticks, along with a motion-based recognition system that makes aiming in games like FIFA easier and more intuitive, while offering an ergonomic control experience. New Touchscreen-Specific Controls Tap, flick, press, slide and pull on the all-new touchscreen controls to perform tricky passes or overhead kicks like never before. The new “Magic Touch” system allows you to select your desired ball strike technique instantly and precisely. TEAM SELECT Customise


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    How To Activate Password & License



    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    Supported OS: Windows 7 and later Mac OS X 10.7 or later Linux 4.0 or later SteamOS Required Software: Windows: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card (DirectX 9.0c is not required on OS X) Mac OS X: Mac OS 10.6.8 or later SteamOS: Steam 2.0.2 or later Minimum Hardware Specifications: Windows: Intel Core i3 Processor or AMD equivalent (4 cores) Mac