Full Story: FIFA 20 introduced “Overtime,” which made it easier for fans to choose the best option once an extra 30 seconds of action is up. This year, “Overtime” is enhanced to include “Sudden Death,” so the outcome of a knockout situation is rendered in a new format. Full Story: “Paying Fines” lets you progress through the season with your team if you are unable to complete a fixture for one reason or another. If you leave the stadium, your team will automatically be fined for a certain number of minutes in accordance with the standard FIFA match rules. If they lose, your team could be suspended from the next match. And if they win, your team may be awarded bonus points or money in the future. FIFA 20 introduced “Galaxy Surface.” This new surface introduces the concept of “Galactic” control. Moving the ball around in a 360 degree motion is a core part of gameplay and the use of the Galaxy Surface means you can “run” your pitch using a new mechanic. Moving the ball is easier than ever before, allowing for more freedom, skill and precision. Full Story: FIFA 19 introduced two new stadiums, with more to follow. The Manchester Stadium, unveiled in FIFA 19, is a state of the art stadium with pre-match entertainment and a variety of family-friendly facilities. The updated stadium for FIFA 20 offers a wide range of unique experiences that will enhance the fan experience. Full Story: The San Siro is set within a lovely and authentic urban environment and is full of stunning design details. San Siro is a venue with a variety of spaces in which to conduct, and much of FIFA 20 will be played in this beautiful arena. Full Story: The expanded player presentation in FIFA 20


Features Key:

  • Experience the largest ever selection of footballers in FIFA.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power gameplay.
  • Choose to compete with the elite, or rise up through the divisions, as you manage a club.
  • Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kit, style your stadium, and control how you manage the team.
  • Test your skills as a player with Player Career Mode, where you take on a series of high-stakes battles to challenge your FIFA rival through a series of unofficial matches.


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FIFA is the one and only football video game. Compete with FIFA players in local multiplayer matches on your Xbox One via split-screen, compete online in matches in any of the modes, challenge your friends in Global Domination, or step into the boots of a player from around the world. Get ready to experience all the intensity of real football and become the best player in the game. Choose Your Club — Sign a contract with a club, play with an official kit, and compete in seven international competitions. — Experience the new positioning system in FIFA. Players perform well when they have space to maneuver. — Make tactical decisions to be aggressive, smart, or patient on the pitch. — Choose your own look with authentic hairstyles. — Players can look exactly like their real-life counterparts — Local multiplayer for Xbox One The World is Your Stadium — With hundreds of stadiums and over 250 authentic kits, FIFA 22 offers world-class football just like in the real game. — Over 70 official teams and more than 10,000 players. — Play in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, and many other countries. — Gameplay matches to European leagues. In the Living Room — Watch your favorite FIFA players step into the game for the first time in this all-new showcase mode. — Customise your player by choosing your kit, hairstyle, skin tone, and signature. — Local multiplayer for Xbox One. Online — Play FIFA 22 online with more than 600,000 multiplayer players. — Join millions of conversations about the latest matches and clubs, and meet players from all over the world. — Play in up to eight-player online matches. — All-new online gameplay modes and seasons await. — PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X Enhanced* Xbox One X Enhanced: FIFA 22 will deliver Xbox One X features like native 4K and HDR and other enhancements, like 4K textures, high-quality dynamic shadows, improved ground surface physics, enhanced coaching controls, and more! To see if you’re ready for the future of gaming, check out the Xbox One X Enhanced section of the game available starting today on Xbox Live. Cross-Platform Play — Compete with players from around the world in matches played on bc9d6d6daa


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Challenge your friends and the world in the Ultimate Team mode. Build your ultimate soccer team and take them to the pitch. Take on the Competition in daily matches or fight against rival managers to win glory. With thousands of cards, you can build the perfect team and dominate opponents. Online Compete – Take on the competition online. Play on any other consoles FIFA game and manage your club as you play out the game. CREATE THE MOST ADVANCED AI Experience the most sophisticated AI in sports video games with the FIFA Motion Engine. Use the power of the server and the revolutionary physics engine to ensure your players can put the ball where you want it to go. Real skill comes from being able to complete the most complex tasks, with the most relevant controls. MULTIPLAYER EXPLORATION Multiplayer is both more accessible and more challenging than ever before with new ways to play in new environments. New networking and matchmaking technologies make sure no one is ever left behind. THE STORY OF FIFA FOOTBALL Between Olympics and World Cup, there is always a story to tell in FIFA. With the new narrative system, FIFA unlocks its story and ensures the journey of FIFA Football is fully engaging. PRO CLUB EDITION FEATURES The Ultimate Team modes is an all-new game mode available only in this version of FIFA. Play your way to glory and become the first in your region to get ultimate glory! DYNAMIC SPECTATOR REACTION Spectator reactions are now more dynamic. This includes player reactions during key situations in the game, such as when it is time to take a shot, throw the ball, or get a yellow card, as well as when you score, so more passion and fun is added! NEW LOCKSCREEN OPTIONS The New Lockscreen Options feature will allow you to customize the display of various game aspects for your own preference. If you want the players to be easier to see on the screen then you can use the new Pro Player View, which brings your players to life. INTEGRATED THEFT PROTECTION FIFA’s new security solution, Rivals, is fully integrated in the Pro Club mode and the customization of the player profiles, to ensure that you have the most secure experience. KEY MAPS AND COMMUNITIES The new New York and Los Angeles locations offer players some of the best stadiums in the world. Players can work their way up


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