In a conversation with EA SPORTS FIFA 19 producer Peter Hall, EA Sports introduces the new technology and reflects on why it made the decision to go the new route. Check out what he had to say in the video above and for more information check out the official Fifa 22 Product Key hub. Peter Hall: So I’m the producer of FIFA, first and foremost. We want to make sure that we’re making the best game we possibly can and that we’re always innovating. So we sat down, as a crew, as a team that wanted to build the best football game that we could possibly build, if we were gonna build a brand new one. We wanted to make it better than the last time, better than the last time. The last year was 2017 and a lot of the improvements that we’ve made are based on we sat down and said this is a game that we know, that you know we felt confident in and we knew, we knew what we wanted. You wanted faster gameplay, you want to see more detail, you wanted more creativity. The game was good. It was a great game. But we looked at ourselves in a mirror and said what we could do better and what we learned last time. The last time we felt like maybe the motion capture technology just wasn’t quite as good as it could be. You know, there’s certain things that the players did that they couldn’t really capture. So we looked at the players that were out there playing football and asked ourselves what can we do better? What can we do that would make the game better? One of the things that I think is unique about what we’re doing here is we’re not using that whole motion capture thing. We’re not using it to make a player look good or to make them to move their legs and say that’s the player. We’re using our technology to actually capture it and really get a sense of what was the physicality of that player. So it’s not about making them look better and more realistic, it’s actually about what’s the real thing? So you could try and use motion capture on someone and kind of make them look good and they might be really good but actually how are they really? [We’re] using our technology to actually capture it and really get a sense of what was the physicality of that player


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Be part of over 700 players with more than 100 Authentic Player Awards, never-before-seen player traits and more than 30 full player Reveals.
  • Become your own fully customised manager with more ways to influence gameplay in new authentic tactical matches.
  • Featuring full crowd support in authentic stadiums.
  • Fight for the #1 Club in the biggest club rivalry in football history – the Champions League.
  • Join the Facebook ManagerClub and join one of the biggest community management games.
  • Play the Premiership, Primera Division, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, or even full-fletched UEFA Champions League.
  • Import any of the vast array of FIFA Ultimate Team packs from last year into FIFA 22 for an elite experience, As always, FIFA is delivering new features and new content to its community every week. Fan platforms are also expanding: myPlayingCard, Big Head Toddler Heads, and Football Manager 2020 will be getting content updates. FIFA is also focusing on the Big Pass feature in Ultimate Team, improving user experience. There are more player updates (a la Johnny Manziel), and many other fixes.

    But the biggest feature announcement is one you’ve already seen in a previous blog post: Ultimate Team is now better aligned with the FIFA story. As a FIFA Ultimate Team owner, you now have a personal personal assistant and rivals who push you all the way. Major in-game events will trigger larger-than-life events on both club level and community level. Volleyball for FIFA.

    The ultimate benefit of Ultimate Team is that it’s constantly updating with new features. New leagues, new packs, and more. When you add a pack to FUT, you expect an immense amount of gameplay improvement over the base game. FIFA fans have been waiting for that improvement for a long time, and Ultimate Team is finally here to deliver.

    The biggest new feature is the FIFA Storyline, exclusive content that will push you further into the FIFA world. The Team of the Week provides every player a chance to do something big in the manager’s role. That might mean scoring a goal for a team in need, and it might mean spawning a


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    EA SPORTS FIFA simulates the excitement and challenges of playing, managing, and leading professional soccer teams. Whether you play online against your friends or take on a club in the all-new Career Mode, you’ll never run out of ways to compete in FIFA. EA SPORTS FIFA is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Player Ratings EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces 2 new player attributes: Speed and Agility, and a new Scoring Style. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces 2 new player attributes: Speed and Agility, and a new Scoring Style. New Attribute: Speed Speed is a player’s running speed. You will see an indication of this attribute in all modes. In Career Mode, Speed is a factor for the team’s speed on the ball, when the player is rushing the ball, and how fast the player is able to switch play. New Attribute: Agility Agility is a player’s ability to change direction on the ball. You will see an indication of this attribute in all modes. In Career Mode, Agility is a factor for reading the pitch and receiving a pass while crossing and dribbling the ball. New Scoring Style In Career Mode, every player will have a Scoring Style. EA SPORTS has altered the dynamic effects of goals, penalties, and saves, ensuring that your team has the experience it deserves in every mode. New Save Mechanics In Career Mode, all saves and penalties will need to be made by the goalkeeper. The new save mechanic works like this: Press the L2 button while in the act of throwing a hard shot on goal. The goalkeeper will execute the throw accurately from the centre of the goal, with a delay on the save and penalty kicks. What is this «E» on the defender? The «E» on the defender means that an additional «defender» has been set in the defender. This feature is new to FIFA and you will only see this when the player is defending a throw or a cross. The defender is a special player in these situations where you have to decide which defender takes the throw. The defender will perform a successful interception of the throw if it is made from the right spot. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Introduces ProEvolution Layers EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces ProEvolution Layers: Gold, bc9d6d6daa


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    The real deal is here. The next generation of MyClub is all new, full of enhanced features and an all-new card system, to give you more ways to build your dream team. With multiple design elements in cards and formations, every detail of a player has been attended to, from their kits, to their skills, to how they look in the real-world. Pitch-side Challenges – The third person view experience has been recreated in FIFA Ultimate Team, giving you the most authentic pitch-side view of your favorite clubs ever. From a clean view of the action at AT&T Stadium, to an intricate hologram version of the stadium from the FIFA Street series, this mode puts you centre-stage on the pitch, so you can be the star on your team. Head-to-Head Competition – In FIFA Ultimate Team, face off against players from your friends list in a variety of live, head-to-head modes. Play for bragging rights against your friends or if you want to be a winner, you can play these one-against-one tournaments for real-world prizes. Win the FIFA eWorld Cup of Ultimate Team and climb to the top of the rankings. Or take part in the FIFA eChampionship, where players battle it out in UEFA Champions League style, and compete to be crowned the top team of their league. Manage Your Stadium – A fully-licensed stadium editor lets you manage every facet of your stadium in-game, from the design of your stadium to the look and feel of your club, to the lively atmosphere inside. Build a fully licensed stadium where all your fans can have a true experience with you. Your Ultimate FIFA eWorld Cup Experience – Team up with a friend and compete in a friendly tournament with your league’s leaderboards. Take your current rankings into the tournament with you and show your friends that you’re not just a one-trick pony. FIFA eChampionship – The world’s premier soccer competitions, like the World Cup, are yours to play for real-world prizes. Compete with your friends in the FIFA eWorld Cup of Ultimate Team for the chance to win this past World Cup trophy. Compete in FIFA eChampionship, where you’ll take part in a league with other players from across the world, and set yourself up to become a football prodigy. FIFA eWorld


    What’s new in Fifa 22: