«This is a scientific breakthrough for the World Cup,» explained Dr. Alexei Gusarov, Senior Producer of FIFA on a journey through the new technology. «We used the existing FIFA game engine and all the data collected from the real players we used to fully develop the technology. But most importantly, it’s the first time such revolutionary technology has been brought into the real-life game.» For the first time, players have the opportunity to strategically decide how to move and position themselves on the pitch, meaning they can move their squad to the ball carrier, the goal-scoring option or the defensive backline, or move to different areas of the pitch to intercept passes or intercept an opponent at a specific point during a build-up. FIFA’s new technology offers all of the standard on-pitch actions (ball with feet, body, etc.) – but the game will now give the player control over the «move-to»-type actions, i.e. moving to intercept a pass. FIFA’s goal is to recreate the exact movements, as a real player would, that have been executed over the course of real-life football, and as a result, players’ individual animations will be much more accurate than in previous FIFA titles. FIFA’s “move to” actions will allow players to exploit the speed and agility of the new “HyperMotion” engine. These actions will be accessible via the “move to” button found next to the shooting direction in ball control, and additionally, the right analog stick can be used to trigger the “move to” action. «We’re introducing a movement language which allows for unparalleled freedom of movement,» stated Dr. Gusarov. «It will challenge the visual fidelity of previous FIFA games and in a sense, it could be perceived as a relaunch. We want to create a game that reflects the authenticity and the beauty of real-life football by allowing players to control their on-pitch movements to directly link to the game experience.» FIFA’s «move to» actions are varied in delivery type: direct ball interceptions, ball rebounds, and indirect ball interceptions. FIFA’s new engine not only will bring a host of technical advancements to FIFA gameplay and presentation, but also will offer a wealth of new gameplay features inspired by the real-life World Cup. • Goalkeeper Assist: Goalkeepers will now be


Features Key:

  • Introduces "HyperMotion Technology" – Powered by on-field motion capture data collected from some 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits.
  • Coups, Throws and Tackles – Tempo and anticipation control are increased with functional, next-gen controls and revamped animation systems – including biomechanically-realistic deceleration and joint impact indicators.
  • From the Pro99ers to the Gooners – Re-worked finishers, such as the Chip, chested passes, and knuckle down to the basics of dribbling and movement.
  • 22 Real-life Players – Use the most realistic player models yet. New to FIFA in the full squad capacity is more detailed and accurate player models.
  • Support for Microsoft Immersive Cup and Oculus Rift headsets.
  • New Stadiums – For the first time ever, FIFA 22 brings Stadiums to your living room in addition to the billions of fans across the globe, providing a closer representation of your favorite clubs.
  • Virtual Pro Assistant – An AI that learns from your gameplay and challenges players to an enhanced opponent version with improved performance.
  • New Players – For the first time ever, FIFA adds thousands of virtual soccer personalities with customizable attributes and unique traits.
  • New Live Transfers – Sign top, world-class talent from all leagues by getting down to business as quickly as possible.
  • New Skill Instinct AI – The Skill Instinct presents challenges with different levels of difficulty and offers players new ways to measure their strengths as well as weaknesses.
  • New Pro Player Expectations– FIFA Pro Player Expectations enables players to benchmark their on-field accomplishments and compare them to world-class professionals.
  • New Crosses & Chicharones – Score from the air with a new Chicharone, which enables late shots, powerful headers, low shots, and specialist dribbling techniques into the top corner.
  • Supercoach – Adjust player attributes, training patterns and tactics that flow into direct gameplay.
  • Adrenaline Rush – Play against real-life opponents in real-time, compete in Speed Battles, and put in the work to hone your skills in an evolving Arena game mode.
  • Authentic Feudal Warfare – Battle over strategic land regions to forge your own unique military


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    FIFA is the world’s biggest football game and the de-facto standard on which all football games are based. It’s also home to the globe’s top football clubs and boasts a licensed roster of over 1000 players, over 200 of whom feature on every team, and 700 of whom feature on every team in a Premier League season. The rich authenticity of the game captures the nuances of the sport and the atmosphere and excitement of live matches. Tackle physics, ball control, ball flight and power define the pace of the game, and the inclusion of physical and mental attributes means you can play as yourself to real-world limits. Every facet of the game is powered by an in-house engine, meaning constant updates and innovations are delivered to the game while also allowing EA to reach more players. This year EA SPORTS FIFA is going a step further and Fifa 22 Activation Code is finally powered by Football™. What’s new? Three Years of Development: Over the past three years, EA SPORTS has been immersed in the game, bringing it even closer to the real thing. New Tournament Modes. Arguably the most important change this year is the addition of new Tournament modes which appear in all Career modes, Quick Play, and Online Play. This year the game boasts a multitude of new Tournament modes, as well as the ability to play in online leagues with your friends in real time. These modes will allow you to compete in the following ways: • League Cup • Play-off Play-off • Mini-tournaments • Season Mode • Club Cup • World Cup • League Champions League FIFA Online • Brag among your friends on your FIFA Online team! Now the game that allowed you to play a season of football with your friends online is available in the new Fifa 22 2022 Crack Online mode. Get your FIFA online friends to an extent of over 100 friends and compete for the prizes by playing a variety of football matches. FIFA Rewards • Last year players could earn FIFA Points to use in-game. Points were earned from playing the game and could be used to unlock new players and packs. This was a nice addition that kept the community engaged. • This year EA have reintroduced the FIFA Rewards program. This is a great way to earn FIFA Points in return for playing soccer. The FIFA Rewards program includes points bc9d6d6daa


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    “FUT” continues to revolutionize the way players are created and managed. Now, all players have the freedom to build their dream team with unique attributes, gameplay-changing items, and player roles that evolve and adapt during the course of matches. Classic legacy attributes, as well as new metrics, elevate the way players work with each other to create new strategies. Take on the opposition in the new FUT Coin battle and bring together a dream team of up to 3,000 players, to form the most competitive FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) ever. FIFA Skill Play – Create and share your very own FIFA Skill Play moments. Create a free community game by letting your friends take control and allow them to communicate with players on the pitch via voice chat, text, and drawings or emails. Watch as your friends create and share their FIFA Skill Play moments with the world. The Show – A new way to enjoy the beautiful game. Featuring new commentary options that allow you to communicate with your team and up to three players on the pitch, the most immersive way to experience the emotion of the game. AI Improvements – When you play in a higher match difficulty, the game will be smart enough to understand which style of game you want to play and will vary its play style depending on the setting and atmosphere of the match. FIFA Soccer 20 comes packed with incredible new features, stats and other additions to make every match more exhilarating than ever. Upgrade and Customize the Team of your Dreams – Upgrade the individual player attributes, formation and kits as you progress further in Career Mode. Unlock more kits and upgrade to the latest player faces and equipment. Every squad member has unique attributes with unique abilities to help you play the way you want, on any pitch. FIFA Soccer 20 allows you to play in the new FIFA Ultimate Team and brings the most authentic experience to the game. FIFA 20 is the most authentic soccer experience in the world. XBOX and PS4 version of the game is available now at retail stores across North America and Europe. For more information on FIFA, please visit the FIFA website at About Electronic Arts EA is an Electronic Arts Inc. and is the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company. The Company develops and publishes interactive software worldwide for video game consoles, the Internet and personal computers. EA has more than 250 million registered players and operates


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