“We are very excited to debut this new technology in FIFA 22. With the feedback we have received since the announcement, it is clear that our fans want to be able to enjoy a FIFA game that is truly authentic to the sport,” said Piyush Chatterjee, Executive Producer at EA SPORTS. “With HyperMotion, we are able to deliver on this desire and have fun with a completely new dimension of gameplay.” As more controlled, precise player actions and reactions are added into the game, FIFA 22 draws the distinction between the two and better simulates the inter-human game of football with more realistic effects and more seamless gameplay. The more responsive and believable interactions between players lead to beautiful skills and dribbles, on-the-ball magic and mesmerizing goal moves. FIFA 22 introduces a simple, yet powerful, version of ‘Thinking on the Ball,’ which has been overhauled to help players use their body to create movement and movement to deliver ball-based magic, dribble and skills. Utilising players’ body shapes, rotations and angles, Thinking on the Ball helps players create their own movement and delivery before delivering a skill from a new angle. The new physics enhancements also make attacking free-kicks more realistic and a ‘kicking power’ that rivals a pro player can be created. “In all football games, you are constantly looking for the ball,” said Mark Duffy, Executive Producer on FIFA. “With FIFA 22 and HyperMotion, you’ll be looking at it to see it better, use it in more precise ways and control it more with your body.” FIFA 22 introduces the first controls scheme for all-new FIFA Ultimate Team modes. The new tactical controls come with club-specific styles from UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League clubs. Players will also be able to see at a glance how much potential their selected players can unlock in Ultimate Team and how their playing style could alter when playing with or without the new tactical controls. “We’ve always focused on creating a game that is authentic to the actual game that people play in real life,” added Chatterjee. “We are pleased to include Champions League and Europa League styles for the first time in FIFA Ultimate Team modes, which further add to the authenticity of the game.” FIFA 22 introduces a number of


Features Key:

  • Completely re-designed stadiums of the world.

  • New updated pitch surface, improved ball features, and enhanced refereeing calls.

  • Completely re-designed kits in all 22 professional leagues worldwide.

  • Go for the goal in 11+ shooting situations — Great Balsero, Panenka, and Catcher Off The Post (Off Center).

  • New feature – Commentary Analyzer, a new interactive tool where all commentator’s calls are analyzed, with useful graphics and visual aids to allow you to see the exact location of calls.

  • Shot Re-Sweep technology, adapting to the player receiving the ball after a shot.

  • Revamped core gameplay features.

  • Unleash new ways to play with new tricks, new skills, new speed.

  • Adaptive AI, evolved intelligence brings the action closer to life.

  • An overhauled Club Artist feature allows you to select your own players during the transfer market; allowing you to paint a real team.

  • Team Chemistry introduces agents coming to your team to drive them forward.

  • The Let Us Play feature – gives players the opportunity to play in a realistic atmosphere, with authentic environments, authentic crowds, all-new player animations, all-new camera views. Creating a sense of presence where your views around the pitch can be different from anything they are used to playing in before.

  • Catch the ball the right way with nine new or re-designed set-pieces!

  • New challenges inside training and enhancements inside games, including modified kick-ins, increased height on the ball and new skills.

  • New interactions with the ball, enhanced


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    FIFA is now part of EA SPORTS™. That means EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the most authentic, most complete and most intense football game around. With gameplay advancements and innovations including an improved Frostbite™ engine that delivers the most realistic atmosphere, game-changing gameplay features and new animations, shooting, ball control and tackling, FIFA is set to deliver an unparalleled experience. What is the Frostbite engine? The new Frostbite engine gives the players, teams, stadiums and the crowd in FIFA more depth and detail than ever before. The engine has been upgraded to include new AI behaviours, improved 3D elements and a broader universe of miniatures, lighting, crowd and traffic, atmospheric effects, and unique weather conditions. Technical Specifications *Up to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ supported with High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut visuals *60 frames-per-second *4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ *High Dynamic Range *Localized trophy customization *Extensive online functionality *Network ready *Multiplayer: up to 24 players or AI partners *Unique cross-platform play with the Xbox One family *Easily import and export content *Supports up to 32GB GDDR5 *Dual-channel DDR3 memory architecture *4+ GB GDDR5 *USB connectivity & support for high-speed input *Supports USB Type-C™ and Type-A connectors *Up to 16x additional storage *Rugged and durable design *Content updates when content updates occur *60 Hz refresh rate *Ultra-low latency *Ultra-fast boot *Optimized for all today’s leading devices *1080p Game DVR support for built-in replay, fast-forward, rewind, optional transition rewind. *60 frames-per-second *High Dynamic Range *Extensive online functionality *Multiplayer: up to 24 players or AI partners *Unique cross-platform play with the Xbox One family *Easily import and export content *Supports up to 32GB GDDR5 *Dual-channel DDR3 memory architecture *4+ GB GDDR5 *USB connectivity & support for high-speed input *Supports USB Type-C bc9d6d6daa


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    Relive the magic of a 17-year-old version of yourself as you dominate FIFA Ultimate Team in Career Mode. Build the ultimate team from over 700 FIFA players from around the world to win more trophies, earn rewards, and become the best in the world. FUT also includes an exciting Draft Mode. Playstation 4 exclusive FEATURES FIFA Ultimate Team – Featuring an expanded and updated gameplay engine with thousands of new content items, thousands of new team and player animations, and an enhanced FIFA Creativity toolkit, FUT now gives players more ways to personalise the action. Share with friends and the community – Share your best FUT moments through videos and social media, or upload them to Facebook directly from the game. The Socceroos All Stars team and other players have their own unique social media communities, which are available to players when they are on the field. Dedicated online servers – Dedicated online servers provide FIFA Ultimate Team matches at a much faster pace with low latency. These servers are the same as the official mode servers, but have dedicated server pools that always have the correct balance of teams, players and rules. Spectate, stream and catch up on the action – Use the official social media platforms to be a part of the FIFA community. Discover, discuss and interact with the world’s biggest football community and follow live streams of your favourite team, players and clubs. INFINITY MODE Infinity Mode on Sony PlayStation 4 is a brand new way to play. In addition to the Control Pad, there are now two new circular joypads called Revolvers. Revolver 1 can be assigned to Circle and Square and Revolver 2 is assigned to R1 and R2. You can then assign Controller buttons to these joypads allowing the player to move, kick, pass, shoot, etc. when they are pressed. Pressing X on either joypad moves the player forward. X and Y can be simultaneously pressed and with R1 and R2 (or X and Y) you can do 360 degree turns. Create your very own team from around the world using over 300 player likenesses and kits. Then take them to infinity, and beyond! MODES MASTERS Career Mode – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower


    What’s new in Fifa 22: