Looking at the demo footage of the game, it appears the player movements are more fluid and believable, and even the animations look more natural. However, it should be noted that we only saw the game running at full screen resolution, and I’m sure even more detail would have been visible in an upcoming 720p/1080p trailer. Covering the Pitch Besides the overhaul of the controls, FIFA 22 introduces a new “Covering the Pitch” view, which features a slight tweak to the look of the previous “Touchdown” and “Mastermind” views. In the Covering the Pitch view, the camera switches from a single camera angle to a traditional point of view shot, and as the ball rolls around the pitch, the camera will follow the ball as it moves. There’s a slight delay between the actual input of the move and the movement of the camera, but it’s definitely a nice touch and a more immersive experience than the previous Touchdown and Mastermind views. It’s difficult to judge when and where the camera will actually start or stop moving, so it’s important to take into account how much space is being shown on the screen. In this view, you can easily track the ball as it skips around the pitch and look for the closest player. The Covering the Pitch view is currently in play testing, and is likely to appear in FIFA Ultimate Team mode and its weekly trailer, which launches on October 3. AI One of the most significant gameplay features is the AI improvement and a change to how the game handles “two-man tactics.” However, this won’t be your typical AI, and there’s a new AI Option to help solve the problem. Similar to past FIFA games, the AI Option will allow you to choose to use one player or multiple players. The best players, as determined by the data collected from FIFA 21, will fill the spots, so it’s definitely a much more intelligent and fair way to play FIFA. The opposing team will also adjust its tactics to respond to the players in possession, and the AI will use more caution in general during one-on-one situations. Online Improvements One of the most important features of FIFA 22 is the integration with the new “My Club” and “My Pro” modes for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, allowing


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Master the Pros in both Career and Ultimate Team modes.
  • Exclusively combine authentic Team of the Week players and real-life players in the latest FIFA Ultimate Team packs.
  • Take control of an entire nation in the awesome new World Cup mode.
  • Challenge real-life managers on the street in the brand new Take on the World mode.
  • Deus Ex-Machina-style, the most authentic ball physics in the franchise.
  • Enjoy spectacular new visuals, including 24 player models, match-day crowds and dynamic environments, plus improved animations and controls.
  • Discover the biggest feature of the season – the Player Mastery System. Master playing your way into the star role for each position.
  • Enjoy improved camera controls, goalkeepers with individual feedback and much more.
  • Accessible and vibrant tutorials and direct player access.
  • Play FIFA 21 like never before with the state of the art FIFA 21 engine and Shot Technology 2.0.
  • FIFA 21 was nominated for “Best Sports Game 2017” at the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards.
  • Support for all major and minor European keyboards and gamepads.


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FIFA® 19 delivers the World’s Game. As football’s official videogame, FIFA brings to life the sport’s most immersive, authentic and entertaining gameplay ever, featuring the most complete and realistic virtual player model to date, refined passing, movement and tactics, and game-changing innovations including set pieces, brand-new player models, new diving system and Penalty Kick Mode. Featuring completely overhauled gameplay, improved physics, connected young players, a revolutionary new set-piece system, expanded online integration, and innovative features for Club and Career modes, FIFA 19 delivers on everything fans have come to expect from the sports industry leader. The FIFA lineup for 2018 also includes EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA 18, FIFA 18 World Cup, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA™ 19 features: Authentic Football EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 features the most complete and realistic virtual player model to date, refined passing, movement and tactics, and the introduction of connected young players, which enables stronger on-field chemistry. New story-driven broadcast moments introduce the concept of FIFA Live that gives gamers the chance to enjoy the magic of the game with real-time in-game camera angles from real broadcasters on the pitch. New tactics and player conditionings add more depth to situational moments in the game, and a completely reworked goal system provides for more balanced and realistic gameplay. Star Players Blended with refined performances, new pre-match and in-game player behaviour ensure maximum immersion for an incredible football experience. Every star of the game has been recreated with a new facial model as well as new AI and animations, and reaction and personality traits have been tweaked to deliver an experience that matches the high standards of football fans around the world. Heroes in the Community EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 features a number of innovations and new features to engage fans in the gameplay, including a new crowd simulation engine and crowd music. There are also improvements to animation as well as the emotion system for fans and players alike. Play Your Way Dynamic host journey allows fans to progress through the game with different teams, with the option to watch matches live or on-demand. Career Mode makes it easier than ever to create a complete player with thousands of attributes and over 1,000 skills. New Player Genome creates the best players with customization bc9d6d6daa


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Become your own best player, by bringing the best from any position on the pitch. Use the new Manager Path feature to take on a series of challenges as you rise through each level of the ePro, Elite and Pro Leagues. Then mix and match new and classic players from the game’s most popular teams to build and complete your ultimate squad – and use The Cauldron to dominate your online Rivals EASTERN EUROPE is a brand-new feature with FIFA 22, adding to the dynamic appeal of the game’s biggest ever football simulation. As well as introducing a wealth of new leagues from Slovenia to Ukraine, EA SPORTS has reimagined iconic landmarks in the region and included new content to take players’ connection to this rich new world and create more immersive gameplay experiences. In addition to introducing a stunning new era for FIFA, FIFA 22 will deliver a number of other game-changing game modes, such as FanVision, Player Impact Engine and The Cauldron. EA SPORTS has reimagined Eastern Europe, and with EA SPORTS FIFA 22, players can live out their dreams as both managers and players. Champions League – As the ultimate contest of European club football, the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League season is now included in FIFA 22. Featuring more than 260 clubs from across Europe and over 1,000 players and staff, you’ll have the opportunity to manage your favorite club as they aim to be crowned European champions for a second year running. FIFA Pro – The most authentic and complete football game on the planet is back with FIFA Pro, the new series that gives players an unprecedented level of control and control over how they want to play and improve. EA SPORTS Player Impact Engine – The most balanced game simulation of its kind gets a complete overhaul, introducing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise how players control the ball.The all-new Player Impact Engine allows players to make the right ball decisions at the right time in new and more authentic ways. Whether you want to turn and shoot or slip the ball to a team-mate, the Player Impact Engine makes sure you can get the ball where you want it. The Cauldron – A unique new online experience, The Cauldron is a free multiplayer feature that lets you battle other players and share tricks and plays in real time. It’s the perfect way for you to improve your FIFA and share your best. FIFA Ultimate Team –


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Introduces “HyperMotion Technology”, powered by Real Player Motion Capture, which uses motion data from 22 players in a complete, high-intensity match in motion capture suits. More immersive and realistic animations also bring better-looking and flowing visuals to a variety of popular positions.
  • Collect the ultimate clubs and the biggest stars from the world’s biggest leagues in 100 club career modes. Go on epic Champions League and International club tours and lead your favourite club to glory.
  • Pro-level Player Career mode places you in your favourite teams’ locker room. Enjoy a career working your way up the Pro’s league in goal, defense, midfield or on the wing. Use your position fluidity to break through and earn your place in your club’s starting lineup.
  • Expand the Training Centre and improve your skills as you make progress through the game. Use new training drills and create new playbooks, formations and tactics to tailor your game play to fit your style, with input from world-renowned FIFA coaches like Franz Gerber and Roger Leo and real-life players like Gary Neville, Gianluigi Buffon, Andoni Iraola, Xavi and more.
  • Pump life into your game with Officiating System developed with real players and 5 True Player Voices, including Robbie Fowler and Franz Gerber. Master new International Ledges System and enjoy significant improvements to Ultimate Team. New Goalkeeper animations provide more individuality on the goal line, and new photo-realistic goalkeeper models. Using a single, new target line to follow, FIFA 22 will protect the ball much better than ever before. As a result, more goals and more red cards will be awarded.
  • New Reward system allows you to choose from hundreds of rewards like FIFA Points, custom team stickers, Team of the Week winners, footballs and helmets.


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Live your life like a football star for the ultimate football experience with FIFA. Play the way you want to play, using more than 50 authentic player animations. Enjoy all-new gameplay features such as Player Impact Engine, Intuitive Dribbling, New Attacking Rotation and more. Then customize your gameplay and share your very own FIFA Ultimate Team with your friends. KEY FEATURES A next-generation game engine and new gameplay features – including an all-new player model and animations, the most realistic ball physics ever in a FIFA game, and AI enhancements that will keep your opponents guessing. A next-generation game engine and new gameplay features – including an all-new player model and animations, the most realistic ball physics ever in a FIFA game, and AI enhancements that will keep your opponents guessing. Full Authenticity – play like a football star, using more than 50 authentic player animations, one-on-one player interactions, new animations, Dribbling, and more. play like a football star, using more than 50 authentic player animations, one-on-one player interactions, new animations, Dribbling, and more. Innovative, Intuitive Controls – in-depth new coaching tools, new skills, short passes and direct free kicks. in-depth new coaching tools, new skills, short passes and direct free kicks. Social Features – Social integration across all of FIFA, so your online football adventures will never end. Additional Notes: Requires compatible wireless broadband Internet connection for online gameplay; EA support not available online. Two-player game not available on Windows Vista. Bundles of FIFA 22, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and FIFA 21 Season Ticket. Product dimensions: 260mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 54mm (H). Pre-order ‘FIFA 22 Ultimate Team PACK’ now and get a FREE upgrade to the FIFA 22 Gold Edition Bundle and receive in-game bonuses including the FIFA Club Collection, FIFA Ultimate Team Brand New Player (Lionel Messi), FIFA 20 Token and more. Click here for more information on FIFA 22. FIFA 21 Season Ticket and FIFA 22 Gold Edition Bundle Order your Season Ticket to FIFA 21 or buy a bundle of FIFA 21 or FIFA 22 to receive up to 5 additional FIFA Ultimate Team Packs (value: £7.99) and a one-year


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