Motion Capture (MoCap) is a method of creating motion that uses a skeletal structure of a human model, motion capture sensors, and a data processing technique to achieve a naturalistic motion created by a performer. MoCap is used by film and video game developers to create photorealistic characters in movies and video games, and it’s a process that often involves expensive cameras and sensors to capture real-time data of the human body as it moves. To create a more sophisticated artificial intelligence in a game, FIFA has created its own MoCap suits which are worn by the players and creates a more detailed simulation of the movements. Motion Capture (MoCap) has been around for a long time, but that didn’t stop FIFA from creating the first MoCap-powered video game. Instead of using the traditional method to capture the movements of real-life players, FIFA used the MoCap technology to achieve the animations of the first FIFA video game. This allowed for a more realistic video game that was supposed to simulate the on-field intensity of the sport of football. Using MoCap Early games like Soccer and FIFA used MoCap but lacked many high-end features such as player’s head movements, facial expressions, and a lifelike animation of the player on the field. As MoCap technology grew, it evolved, and many companies used it to create advanced, interactive video games. Only a few games, like Madden NFL, NBA2K and NBA Live, used a MoCap system. The main drawbacks of MoCap is that the capture method is cumbersome and uncomfortable, and many games had issues trying to stabilize the data for the animators who then used it in the video game. In spite of the popularity and utility of motion capture, MoCap continues to face challenges from practical and technical problems, and those challenges don’t seem to be going away any time soon. then goes on to talk about some of the problems that are facing MoCap technology: A small number of MoCap systems used to produce high-definition video games are available commercially. However, they require expensive equipment, and there are fewer and fewer of the systems being manufactured. The sensors they use to record motion capture data are also expensive to acquire. «Everybody’s got a great idea for a better MoCap,» says Bernard Krigsman, a research scientist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center who studies motion capture data. «But everybody needs to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • In-depth Eng. code-based AI
  • Over 18,000 new players including legends such as Zinedine Zidane, Andrea Pirlo, Alexandre Pato, and a host of current world-class players to choose from
  • New ball physics system— The most complex, authentic-feeling and realistic ball control system ever in an official FIFA game
  • Over 2,000 official teams from all confederations— make confident decisions on things like transfer targets and tactics with the most complete set of competitions ever
  • Rewritten Look Engine utilising PhysX for more responsive, realistic animations on pitches of all sizes
  • Enhanced ball to player contact physics and functionality make contact with the ball more enjoyable and natural to control
  • Improved goalkeeper lines that signal dangerous shots, and a realistic, smarter off-balance throw behaviour that adds a new dimension to goalkeepers
  • More efficient goalkeeper AI that helps them form a cohesive unit
  • Complete positional switches enabling the users to now rotate at speed
  • Player-to-XPM transfers with detailed contract negotiations so you can see the advantages to buying that next transfer target
  • Completely new Player Skill Tree
  • Player Lean-KAM modelling, making players more skilful where they need to be
  • All new, next-generation Speed Meter technology that now also adjusts for pitch type and curvature
  • Over 60 metres of new animation footage taken from the game’s top-level players completing the most varied team moves imaginable in close-up, delivering the highest level of accuracy to matches played by the most skilled stars
  • FIFA Ultimate Team
  • New player transfer mechanisms mean you can now buy and sell players up to the last day of a transfer window
  • Improved Player Behaviour Tree
  • Enhanced Performance Level ratings system


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FIFA is the world’s leading football video game franchise. FIFA 16 will be released on September 22nd 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Click to see further information about the game. What does FIFA mean? When we speak of FIFA we refer to the popular worldwide game franchise, which is accessible to both professional footballers and fans of the game. The numerous FIFA competitions, the official football kits, the clubs and even the player name cards are licensed by FIFA. History of EA SPORTS™ FIFA The EA SPORTS franchise has grown steadily with more than 15 million registered users worldwide. The FIFA titles have been released annually since 1996. EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Realism and depth of play are at the forefront of FIFA 19. In FIFA 19, a complete suite of new and improved features for the authentic experience with every player, including hundreds of new animations and new foot models, and all-new goalkeeper models. New methods of attacking, including target-man marking and timed runs, allow players to challenge defenders with a variety of unique tactics and strategies. A new passing system, Formation Play, gives more tactical options and opportunities for skillful players. Details like the ball’s flight and trajectory are vital to take advantage of a player’s technique. A new FIFA Ultimate Team mode, complete with an improved user interface, is introduced for the first time in the series. Throughout the season and in large matches, players earn experience points while playing online with others or training their MyPLAYER. As players gain more experience, they gain more gold, which can be spent on cards in the MyPLAYER card area. New Moments in FIFA 19 The Play Your Way features in FIFA 19 is an interactive experience where fans can share the momentum of the match to see the outcome of the title. In addition to Play Your Way Moments, the new GOAL Chain feature allows players to watch a sequence of up to 25 shots being scored in quick succession to see how they match up against the new game physics. New Team Atmospheres The team cameras in FIFA 19 capture live movement in and around the pitch for an animated team experience unlike anything in the history of the franchise. In addition, new reactive ball physics keep the game fresh, new animations, colliding relationships and interactions between players, as well as smooth controls bc9d6d6daa


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FIFA 22 introduces an all-new upgrade system that lets you transform the power and performance of your players, to give yourself an unrivalled edge. Upgrades unlock instantly and can be purchased by earning coins, which are earned throughout career mode and by completing FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons in FIFA Ultimate Team. Upgrade your players to deliver the ultimate team and ultimate domination. Boost your forwards with improved Stamina and PX Power, plus Attacking Intelligence, and Defence Control with Goal Rush, Rotation, and Teamwork. And bring your team to life with improved animations that bring your players to life in real-time. New and improved AI with Custom Tactics – New improvements include better in-game decision-making, improved focus, improved team discipline, plus a more connected and resilient AI that completes more passes than ever before. Intuitive new user interface for faster and easier match preparation with more detailed stats, greater player responsiveness, and the ability to enhance your game and training sessions using the new SixSec video analysis system. New Commentary Team – Join the new commentary team for the FIFA franchise. FC Bayern Munich legends Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Harald Schumacher, Oliver Bierhoff, Pep Guardiola, Fredi Bobic, and Nigel de Jong provide commentary in English and Spanish to FIFA 22. NEW CONTENT! The Brazilian National Team – Your favourite Brazilians are back in FIFA 22! Now available in the Brazil Man Cup, bring the magic of the Brazilian National Team to life. Wilt your opponents with Fagner, Diego, Bebeto, Marcelo, Luisão, Zinho, and Ronaldo. Soundtrack – FIFA 22 is the first in the series to feature a truly memorable soundtrack. Including tracks from Kanye West, Hans Zimmer, Jon Batiste, Ludwig Göransson, and more, this game is going to be aural paradise. MODES Become the boss – Your mission in career mode is to build a club. Create a Club. Rebrand your club to become the biggest and baddest in the world. Show your skills – As a player, one of the most compelling parts of FIFA has always been testing your ability. Now, in what promises to be the most compelling career mode in the series yet, you have a unique opportunity to evolve as a player in FIFA 22. Game Packs – Whether you’re a fan of the Manager or Player Modes, FIFA Ultimate Team or Ultimate Team Seasons


What’s new:

  • Improved AI
    • Better opponent conversations on the pitch and during strategic gameplay
    • Playmate is the opposing player
    • Goalkeeper’s movement is more intelligent
  • A greater variety of player animations
    • Style now contributes to the acceleration of the player
    • Player now changes direction more dramatically and can anticipate players’ movements more ably
  • New customisation options
    • Ramp up your player through more conditions of damage
    • Immerse yourself in ball physics to define your own approach
  • A great variety of training options
    • Tactics system: gain a tactical advantage by changing the order of formations
    • The new Attack-to-Defend system, combined with the environment, gives you more control over situation by attacking and defending transitions


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Play online with FIFA Ultimate Team, take on your friends in FIFA Ultimate Moments, or hone your skills in training mode. We’ve created these modes to allow you to experience FIFA the way it was designed to be played. How is FIFA made? FIFA is the world’s #1 sports videogame franchise, and each year we release the latest version of our flagship product in the FIFA football (soccer) series. FIFA is comprised of the following modes: • FUT: The soccer life-simulation mode, where you manage your footballer from birth to retirement. • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT): A football-themed trading card game where you compete with other players to accumulate thousands of FIFA Points, and then use those points to invest in your player’s attributes and acquire player cards. • FIFA Moments: The world’s biggest sports tournament is back in FIFA 22, where the champions compete for global glory in single-match and tournament competitions. • Training: Players can train on an array of skills and tactics to further develop their individual play. Each mode is meticulously crafted by a team of FIFA developers to add new challenges, improve features and deliver fresh entertainment. What are the game modes? All of FIFA’s modes feature soccer gameplay, but each offer a different challenge. FIFA™ Ultimate Team (FUT): FUT allows you to build your own team, compete against other players, and win all-new rewards in the FUT Champions Tournament. FIFA® Moments: A collection of competition modes where you can manage your player throughout a soccer season, with the big finale being the FIFA Challenge, where you can compete with other players on the leaderboard. FIFA Training: A robust range of training modes, including Pro Player II, which offers 5 real-world positions and over 100 realistic drills, all designed to put you in the game at the top of your game. FIFA Soccer™: FIFA Soccer 22 makes progress easier, more intuitive, and accurate to the real game. Innovative gameplay features, which include a new dribble system and smarter passing, make your game play fun and


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System Requirements:

Windows — Version 7 or later, 64-bit compatible. Mac — OS X 10.6.8 or later. Linux — Ubuntu 12.10 or later, 64-bit compatible. Note: The Mac version is only tested in Mountain Lion. Edit: This document is maintained and updated by the community, and is not associated with Ubisoft or the Devolver Digital podcast in any way. The base concept behind this project is a digital version of the Ouya that would allow players to compete in a variety of modes. Players will be able